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Henrik Horn


Among the questions that Henrik Horn tries to answer with his research:

  • How should the core provisions in the WTO Agreement be interpreted?
  • How should EU environmental policies be designed?
  • What drives international economic integration at regional and global levels?
  • How should competition policies and other regulations be designed in open economies?


New research

A Non-Technical Introduction to Economic Aspects of International Investment Agreements Henrik Horn and Pehr-Johan Norbäck

Horn's research mainly focuses on issues at the intersection of Economics and Law, and in particular economic and legal aspects of international integration agreements, such as the WTO and the EU, and competition and regulation issues. He is also participating in a long-term project on the relation between nationally and multilaterally defined environmental policies and the WTO Agreement. He has also done research in various other areas, including trade theory and trade policy, industrial organization, and labor economics.

Horn has taught courses from introductory level to advanced graduate level at e.g Stockholm University, Stockholm School of Economics, the University of Michigan, Princeton University, the World Trade Institute (Bern), and the Graduate Institute of International Studies (Geneva). He has served as a Judge in the Swedish supreme court for antitrust cases, and worked for 4 years in the Economic Research and Analysis Division of the WTO.



Henrik Horn has jointly with Petros C. Mavroidis, been Co-Chief Reporters for the American Law Institute project Legal and Economic Principles of World Trade Law. In this long-run project, economists and lawyers have jointly analyzed the WTO Agreement and the case law from the WTO Dispute Settlement system. To date, approximately 70 WTO disputes have been analyzed by pairs of economists and lawyers.


Henrik Horn and Petros C. Mavroidis have compiled an extensive data set on the Dispute Settlement system of the WTO. The data set comprises approximately 67 000 observations on various legal and administrative aspects, of all WTO disputes initiated since the inception of the WTO 1 January 1995, up to the end of July 2011. The data set tracks each dispute from the initial Request for Consultations, through adjudication, and implementation.

The paper “The WTO Dispute Settlement System 1995-2010: Some Descriptive Statistics” (joint with Louise Johannesson and Petros C. Mavroidis), provides some basic observations from the data.

Henrik Horn also participates in the long-term project Environment and Trade in a World of Interdependence – ENTWINED – supported by The Foundation of Strategic Environmental Research (Mistra, Sweden). The project brings together researchers and policy analysts from several countries. The project focuses on the interplay between environmental policies, and the global trade regime (in particular the WTO).


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Henrik Horn


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Henrik Horn became Doctor of Economics at Stockholm School of Economics 1983. He spent about 25 years at the Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University (SU), he worked for four years at WTO in Geneva, and has served as a judge in Marknadsdomstolen (the Swedish supreme court for e.g. competition law). Henrik Horn is Non-Resident Senior Fellow at Bruegel, a Brussels-based think tank, former Co-Chief Reporter for the American Law Institute project Legal and Economic Legal and Economic Principles of World Trade Law. He is Research Fellow in the International Trade and Industrial Organization Programmes of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, London, and an Editorial Board member of the World Trade Review and Journal of World Trade.

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