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Mahir Sarfati

Ph.D. Student

Subject areas:


Some questions that Mahir Sarfati tries to answer in his research:

  • How is competition in electricity markets influenced by congestion in the network?
  • What is the optimal design for electricity markets with zonal pricing?
  • How do producers compete in two-settlement markets?

New research

Simulation and Evaluation of Zonal Electricity Market Designs Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh, Pär Holmberg and Mahir Sarfati

Mahir Sarfati



Mahir Sarfati received his M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. In 2012, he started his PhD studies in Electric Power Systems. The objective of his PhD project is to analyze various aspects of electricity markets with zonal pricing, which are used in Sweden, most of Europe and Australia.

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The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research is the foremost global award for research on entrepreneurship.This Prize is awarded annually with a prize sum of EUR 100,000.

IFN in cooperation with Entreprenörskapsforum and Vinnova are the principals of the award, in cooperation with the donor, Stockholms Köpmansklubb.

Professor Olav Sorenson, Yale, is the winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2018. 

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