Publikationer 2013-02-14

IFN produces a number of publication series. The series Working Papers, Policy Papers, and Research Surveys contain research first published by IFN and subsequently printed in further appropriate research forums. All of these publications are available for download on our home page. All other series, aside from a few books, were originally published externally. These can often be downloaded from their respective publisher/source.

  • Working Papers

    All new research is first presented in a Working Paper (WP) where the target audience is primarily other researchers. All WP’s from recent years are written in English. Since 2006, a Swedish summary has also been included. A WP usually contains research that has progressed enough to be ready…

  • Published articles in English

    A copy for personal use of the following reprints are available on paper and/or as PDF files (if permitted by the applicable copyright agreement). They can be ordered by sending an e-mail to Please include postal address in the request.

  • Forthcoming articles

    Forthcoming articles in scientific journals or collective volumes. Many of them with links to early view or preliminary versions. It can take one to two years after acceptence until an article is published. Following publication, all items are listed as Published articles in English.

  • Published articles in Swedish

    Externally published articles of a scientific nature can be found in the Swedish reprint series. These articles are  externally peer-reviewed. Most Swedish reprints can be downloaded on this webpage.

  • Books in English

    Numerous books authored by IFN researchers are in English, as this is the working language at the Institute for written material. All books authored by employees are available in digital form. When ownership and copyright permits, the books can be downloaded from this website. Books can also be…

  • Books in Swedish

    Book publishing by IFN/IUI began in 1941. All books authored by employees are available in digital form. When ownership and copyright permits, other books can also be downloaded from this website. In addition, books can be ordered from the respective publisher or borrowed from IFN.

  • Dissertations

    All academic, doctoral, and licentiate theses presented by Institute staff are included in the list below. Most theses can be downloaded on this website. Publications can be ordered by contacting Marie Tilert at 

  • Newsletter

  • Policy Papers

    This IFN series includes business-related and policy-relevant papers. The papers are not peer-reviewed nor written for later publication in scientific journals or anthologies. Policy Papers can be written in collaboration with organizations that have contacted individual researchers to see if they…

  • Popular science and Book reviews

    In this publication series you will find book reviews and popular scientific articles, including opinion pieces. The majority of the articles are available for download. Only papers in English (and occasionally in other foreign languages) are listed on this page. The complete list of book…

  • Research surveys

    Research surveys consist of overviews of the state of research in a specific IFN key research area. The reports are written by IFN researchers and in many cases have also been published in IFN's newsletter (News & Economics). Some surveys are the result of individual researchers'…

  • Other publications

    This section includes discontinued publication series and publications that cannot be classified under other headings. The discontinued series include IUI Research Reports and Stencils from IUI, all of which contain older internally published research at the Institute. Most of the essays under…

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