Accepted articles

Articles accepted for publication in refereed journals and edited volumes 2012

This is a listing of articles accepted for publication in scientific journals or collective volumes. In many cases, it takes one to two years for review before an article is published. Following publication all items listed are also listed as Reprints in English.

Elinder, Mikael, Oscar Erixson and Henry Ohlsson, "The Impact of Inheritances on Heirs’ Labor and Capital Income", B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy. Accepted December 2012.

Braunerhjelm, Pontus and Magnus Henrekson, "Entrepreneurship, Institutions and Economic Dynamism: Lessons from a Comparison of the United States and Sweden", Industrial and Corporate Change. Accepted November 2012.

Hansson, Åsa and Karin Olofsdotter, "FDI, Taxes and Agglomeration Economies in the EU15". Applied Economics. Accepted November 2012.

Maican, Florin and Richard J. Sweeney, "Real Exchange Rate Adjustment in European Transition Countries", Journal of Banking and Finance. Accepted November 2012.

Zenou, Yves, "Spatial versus Social Mismatch", Journal of Urban Economics. Accepted November 2012.

Ferguson, Shon and Sara Formai, "Institution-Driven Comparative Advantage and Organizational Choice", Journal of International Economics. Accepted November 2012.

Dequiedt, Vianney and Yves Zenou, "International Migration, Imperfect Information, and Brain Drain", Journal of Development Economics. Accepted November 2012.

Mauritzen, Johannes, "Dead Battery? Wind Power, the Spot Market, and Hydro Power Interaction in the Nordic Electricity Market", Energy Journal. Accepted October 2012.

Elinder, Mikael and Henrik Jordahl, "Political Preferences and Public Sector Outsourcing", European Journal of Political Economy. Accepted October 2012.

Edmark, Karin and Robert J. Gordon, "The Choice of Organizational Form by Closely-Held Firms in Sweden: Tax vs. Non-Tax Determinants", Industrial and Corporate Change. Accepted October 2012.

Färnstrand Damsgaard, Erika and Marie Thursby, "University Entrepreneurship and Professor Privilege", Industrial and Corporate Change. Accepted October 2012.

Sanandaji, Tino and Peter T. Leeson, "Billionaires", Industrial and Corporate Change. Accepted October 2012.

Lerner, Josh and Joacim Tåg, "Institutions and Venture Capital", Industrial and Corporate Change. Accepted October 2012.

Gans, Joshua S. and Lars Persson, "Entrepreneurial Commercialization Choices and the Interaction between IPR and Competition Policy", Industrial and Corporate Change. Accepted October 2012.

Berggren, Niclas and Mikael Elinder, "Tolerance and Growth: Modeling the Empirical Relationship", Public Choice. Accepted October 2012.

Hjertstrand, Per and Joakim Westerlund, "Indirect Estimation of Semiparametric Binary Chocie Model",  Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics. Accepted September 2012. 

Lindbeck, Assar and Mats Persson, "A Continuous Model of Income Insurance", International Tax and Public Finance. Accepted September 2012.

Andersson, Edward, Pär Holmberg and Andrew Philpott, "Mixed Strategies in Discriminatory Divisible-good Auctions", RAND Journal of Economics. Accepted September 2012.

Jackson, Matthew O. and Yves Zenou, "Games on Networks", in Peyton Young and Shmuel Zamir, eds., Handbook of Game Theory, Amsterdam: Elsevier Science. Accepted August 2012.

Zenou, Yves, "Housing Policies in China: Issues and Options", Regional Science, Policy and Practice. Accepted August 2012.

Patacchini, Eleonora and Yves Zenou, "Urban Crime and Ethnicity", Review of Network Economics. Accepted August 2012.

Bengtsson, Ola and John R. M. Hand, "Employee Compensation in Entrepreneurial Companies", Journal of Economics and Management Strategy. Accepted July 2012.

Folke, Olle, Shigeo Hirano, James M. Snyder and Michael M. Ting, "Elections and Reform: The Adoption of Civil Service Systems in the U.S. States", Journal of Theoretical Politics. Accepted June 2012.

Elinder, Mikael och Oscar Erixson, "Gender, Social Norms and Survival in Maritime Disasters", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Accepted June 2012.

Andersson, Christer, Ola Andersson and Tommy Andersson, "Sealed Bid Auctions vs. Ascending Bid Auctions: An Experimental Study", Review of Economic Design. Accepted June 2012. 

Persson, Maria, "From Trade Preferences to Trade Facilitation: Taking Stock of the Issues", Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal. Accepted May 2012.

Wahba, Jackline and Yves Zenou, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Migration, Entrepreneurship and Social Capital", Regional Science and Urban Economics. Accepted May 2012.

Berggren, Niclas, "The Calculus of Consent: Some Swedish Connections", Public Choice. Accepted May 2012.

Saez-Marti, Maria and Yves Zenou, "Cultural Transmission and Discrimination", Journal of Urban Economics. Accepted April 2012.

Friberg, Richard, Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson, "Ex Post Merger Evaluations and Strategic Premerger Investments", Journal of Competition Law and Economics. Accepted April 2012.

Folke, Olle and James M. Snyder, "Gubernatorial Midterm Slumps", American Journal of Political Science. Accepted March 2012.

Dahlberg, Matz, Karin Edmark and Heléne Lundqvist, "Ethnic Diversity and Preferences for Redistribution", Journal of Political Economy. Accepted March 2012. 

Davidson, Carl, Fredrik Heyman, Steven Matusz, Fredrik Sjöholm and Susan Zhu, "Liberalized Trade and Worker-Firm Matching", American Economic Review, Papers & Proceedings. Accepted March 2012.

Sanandaji, Tino, "Poverty and Causality", Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society. Accepted January 2012.

Björklund, Anders, Jesper Roine and Daniel Waldenström, "Intergenerational Top Income Mobility in Sweden: Capitalist Dynasties in the Land of Equal Opportunity?”, Journal of Public Economics. Accepted January 2012.

Bjuggren, Carl Magnus, Dan Johansson and Mikael Stenkula, "Using Self-employment as Proxy for Entrepreneurship: Some Empirical Caveats", International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business. Accepted January 2012.

Tangerås, Thomas, "Optimal Transmission Regulation of an Integrated Energy Market", Energy Economics. Accepted January 2012.

Berliant, Marcus and Yves Zenou, "Labor Differentiation and Agglomeration in General Equilibrium", International Regional Science Review. Accepted January 2012.

Patacchini, Eleonora and Yves Zenou, "Ethnic Networks and Employment Outcomes", Regional Science and Urban Economics. Accepted January 2012.

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