Accepted articles

Articles accepted for publication in refereed journals and edited volumes 2015

A listing of articles accepted for publication in scientific journals or collective volumes. In many cases, it takes one to two years of review before an article is published. Following publication, all items are listed as Published Articles in English.

Folke, Olle and Johanna Rickne, "The Glass Ceiling in Politics: Formalization and Empirical Tests", Comparative Political Studies. Accepted December 2015.

Waldenström, Daniel, "The National Wealth of Sweden, 1810–2014", Scandinavian Economic History Review. Accepted December 2015.

De Marti, Joan and Yves Zenou, “Segregation in Friendship Networks”, Scandinavian Journal of Economics. Accepted December 2015.

Zhou, Wen, Nikita Koptyug, Shutao Ye, Yifan Jia and Xiaolong Lu, "An Extended N-player Network Game and Simulation of Four Investment Strategies on a Complex Innovation Network”, PLOS One. Accepted December 2015.

Jankensgård, Håkan, Alf Alviniusen and Lars  Oxelheim, "Why FX Risk Management Is Broken – And What Boards Need to Know to Fix It", Journal of Applied Corporate Finance. Accepted November 2015.

Campbell, Cynthia J., Rosita P. Chang, Jack C. De Jong, Jr., Robert Doktor, Lars Oxelheim and Trond Randøy, ”The Impact of CEO Long-term Equity-based Compensation Incentives on Economic Growth in Collectivist versus Individualist Countries”, Asian Economic Papers. Accepted November 2015.

Bertoli, Simone,Vianney Dequiedt and Yves Zenou, "Can Selective Immigration Policies Reduce Migrants' Quality?” Journal of Development Economics. Accepted November 2015.

Egebark, Johan and Mathias Ekström, "Can Indifference Make the World Greener?”, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. Accepted November 2015,

Amani, Makan, Mathias Ekström, Tore Ellingsen, Magnus Johannesson and Fredrik Strömsten, "Does Gender Diversity Promote Non-conformity?”, Management Science. Accepted October 2015.

Glenngård, Anna Häger, "Experiences from Introducing a Quasi-Market in Swedish Primary Care: Fulfilment of Objectives and Assessment of Provider Activities. Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration. Accepted October 2015.

Gao, Qin and Johanna Rickne, "Inequality in Social Insurance Participation and Generosity: Do Firm Characteristics Matter?", Social Policy & Administration. Accepted October 2015.

Henrekson, Magnus and Tino Sanandaji, "Owner-Level Taxes and Business Activity", Foundations and Trends in Entrepreneurship. Accepted October 2015.

Cesarini, David, Erik Lindqvist, Robert Östling and Björn Wallace, "Wealth, Health, and Child Development: Evidence from Administrative Data on Swedish Lottery Players", Quarterly Journal of Economics. Accepted October 2015.

De Martí, Joan and Yves Zenou, "Network Games with Incomplete Information", Journal of Mathematical Economics". Accepted October 2015.

Bergh, Andreas, Irina Mirkina and Therese Nilsson, ”Do the Poor Benefit from Globalization Regardless of Institutional Quality?”. Applied Economic Letters. Accepted October 2015.

Verdier, Thierry and Yves Zenou, "The Role of Cultural Leaders in the Transmission of Preferences", Economics Letters. Accepted September 2015,

Svensson, Roger, "Periodic Re-Coinage as a Monetary Tax: Conditions for the Rise and Fall of the Bracteate Economy", Economic History Review. Accepted September 2015.

Folke, Olle, Torsten Persson and Johanna Rickne, "The Primary Effect: Preference Votes and Political Promotions", American Political Science Review. Accepted September 2015.

Böhlmark, Anders, Erik Grönqvist and Jonas Vlachos, "The Headmaster Ritual: The Importance of Management for School Outcomes", Scandinavian Journal of Economics. Accepted August 2015.

Möllerstrom, Johanna, Bjørn-Atle Reme and Erik Ø. Sørensen, "Luck, Choice and Responsibility – An Experimental Study of Fairness Views", Journal of Public Economics. Accepted August 2015.

Andersson, Ola, Marieke Huysentruyt, Topi Miettinen and Ute Stephan, "Person-Organization Fit and Incentives: A Causal Test", Management Science. Accepted August 2015.

Persson, Maria and Fredrik Wilhelmsson, ”EU Trade Preferences and Export Diversification”, World Economy. Accepted August 2015.

Henrekson, Magnus and Daniel Waldenström, "Inheritance Taxation in Sweden, 1885–2004: The Role of Ideology, Family Firms and Tax Avoidance", Economic History Review. Accepted August 2015.

Gaigné, Carl and Yves Zenou, "Agglomeration, City Size and Crime", European Economic Review. Accepted August 2015.

Norbäck, Pehr-Johan, Ayça Tekin-Koru and Andreas Waldkirch, "Multinational Firms and Plant Divestiture", Review of International Economics. Accepted August 2015.

Martin, Adam G. and Wolf von Laer, "Regime Uncertainty and the Great Recession: A Market Process Approach", Independent Review. Accepted July 2015.

Andersson, Ola, Håkan J. Holm, Jean Robert Tyran and Erik Wengström, "Risk Aversion Relates to Cognitive Ability: Preferences or Noise?”, Journal of the European Economic Association. Accepted July 2015.

Braunerhjelm, Pontus and Magnus Henrekson, ”An Innovation Policy Framework: Bridging the Gap between Industrial Dynamics and Growth”, in David B. Audretsch and Albert N. Link, eds., Essays in Public Sector Entrepreneurship. New York: Springer. Accepted July 2015.

Bjuggren, Carl Magnus, "Sensitivity to Shocks and Implicit Employment Protection in Family Firms”, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. Accepted July 2015.

Mauritzen, Johannes, "How Price Spikes Can Help Overcome the Energy Efficiency Gap", Economics Letters. Accepted July 2015.

Persson, Petra and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya, "The Limits of Career Concerns in Federalism: Evidence from China", Journal of the European Economic Association. Accepted June 2016.

Berggren, Niclas, Sven-Olov Daunfeldt and Jörgen Hellström, "Does Social Trust Speed Up Reforms? The Case of Central-Bank Independence”, Journal of Institutional Economics. Accepted June 2015.

Holmberg, Pär and Bert Willems, "Relaxing Competition through Speculation: Committing to a Negative Supply Slope", Journal of Economic Theory. Accepted June 2015.

Berggren, Niclas, "Does Belief in Objective Morality Lead to Coercion? An Analysis of the Arguments of Kelsen and Buchanan”, Review of Austrian Economics. Accepted June 2015.

Larch, Mario, Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Steffen Sirries, "Heterogeneous Firms, Globalization and the Distance Puzzle", World Economy. Accepted June 2015.

Patacchini, Eleonora and Yvez Zenou, “Racial Identity and Education in Social Networks,” Social Networks. Accepted June 2015.

Bjørnskov, Christian and Ming-Chang Tsai, “How Do Institutions Affect Happiness and Misery? A Tale of Two Tails”, Comparative Sociology. Accepted May 2015.

Gregorič, Alexandra, Lars Oxelheim, Trond Randøy and Steen Thomsen: "Resistance to Change in the Corporate Elite: Female Directors' Appointments onto Nordic Boards", Journal of Business Ethics. Accepted May 2015.

Folke, Olle and Johanna Rickne, "Electoral Competition and Gender Differences in Political Careers", Quarterly Journal of Political Science. Accepted May 2015.

Edmark, Karin and Kajsa Hanspers, ”Is Welfare Dependency Inherited? Estimating the Causal Welfare Transmission Effects Using Swedish Sibling Data", European Journal of Social Security. Accepted May 2015.

Heyman, Fredrik and Patrik Gustavsson Tingvall, "The Dynamics of Offshoring and Institutions", B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy. Accepted May 2015.

Daunfeldt. Sven-Olof, Niklas Elert and Dan Johansson, "Are High-Growth Firms Overrepresented in High-Tech Industries?", Industrial and Corporate Change. Acceped May 2015.

Grönqvist, Erik and Erik Lindqvist, "The Making of a Manager: Evidence from Military Officer Training", Journal of Labor Economics. Accepted April 2015.

Heyman, Fredrik and Per Skedinger, "Employment Protection Reform, Enforcement in Collective Agreements and Worker Flows", Industrial Relations. Accepted April 2015.

Welander, Anna, Carl Hampus Lyttkens and Therese Nilsson, "Globalization, Democracy, and Child Health in Developing Countries", Social Science & Medicine. Accepted April 2015.

Rickne, Johanna and Diana O'Brien, "Gender Quotas and Women's Political Leadership", American Political Science Review. Accepted April 2015.

Bengtsson, Niklas, Bertil Holmlund and Daniel Waldenström, "Lifetime versus Annual Tax and Transfer Progressivity: Sweden, 1968–2009", Scandinavian Journal of Economics. Accepted April 2015.

Johannesson, Louise and Petros C. Mavroidis, "Black Cat, White Cat: The Identity of the WTO Judges", Journal of World Trade. Accepted March 2015.

Klaesson, Johan and Özge Öner, "Market Reach for Retail Services", Review of Regional Studies. Accepted March 2015.

Bjørnskov,Christian and Jacob Mchangama, "Do Social Right Affect Social Outcomes?", American Journal of Political Science. Accepted March 2015.

Maican, Florin and Matilda Orth, "A Dynamic Analysis of Entry Regulations and Productivity in Retail Trade", International Journal of Industrial Organization. Accepted March 2015.

Bjørnskov, Christian, "Constitutional Property Rights Protection and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Post-Communist Transition", Constitutional Political Economy. Accepted March 2015.

Folke, Olle, Lenita Freidenvall and Johanna Rickne, "Gender Quotas and Ethnic Minority Representation: Swedish Evidence from a Longitudinal Mixed Methods Study", Politics & Gender. Accepted March 2015.

Erixon, Lennart and Louise Johannesson, "Is the Psychology of High Profits Detrimental to Industrial Renewal? Experimental Evidence for the Theory of Transformation Pressure", Journal of Evolutionary Economics. Accepted February 2015.

Olsson, Martin and Peter Skogman Thoursie, “Sickness Insurance and Spousal Labour Supply”, Labour Economics. Accepted February 2015.

Berggren, Niclas och Therese Nilsson, ”Globalization and the Transmission of Social Values: The Case of Tolerance”, Journal of Comparative Economics. Accepted February 2015.

Ferguson, Shon and M. Rose Olfert, "Competitive Pressure and Technology Adoption: Evidence from a Policy Reform in Western Canada", American Journal of Agricultural Economics. Accepted January 2015.

Heufer, Jan and Per Hjertstrand, "Consistent Subsets: Computationally Feasible Methods to Compute the Houtman-Maks-Index”. Economics Letters. Accepted January 2015.

Cohen-Cole, Ethan, Eleonora Patacchini and Yves Zenou, "Static and Dynamic Networks in Interbank Markets", Network Science. Accepted January 2015.

Sato, Yasuhiro and Yves Zenou, "How Urbanization Affects Employment and Social Interactions", European Economic Review. Accepted January 2015.

Topa, Giorgio and Yves Zenou, “Neighborhood and Network Effects”, in Gilles Duranton, J. Vernon Henderson and Wiliam C. Strange, eds., Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, Vol. 5. Amsterdam: Elsevier. Accepted January 2015.

Zenou, Yves, “Key Players”, in Yann Bramoullé, Brian W. Rogers and Andrea Galeotti, eds., Oxford Handbook on the Economics of Networks. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Accepted January 2015.

Lindbeck, Assar, Mårten Palme and Mats Persson, "Sickness Absence and Local Benefit Cultures", Scandinavian Journal of Economics. Accepted January 2015. 

Lagerås, Andreas and David Seim, “Strategic Complementarities, Network Games and Endogenous Network Formation", International Journal of Game Theory. Accepted January 2015.

Elinder, Mikael, Henrik Jordahl and Panu Poutvaara, "Promises, Policies and Pocketbook Voting", European Economic Review. Accepted January 2015.

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