Accepted articles

Articles accepted for publication in refereed journals and edited volumes 2016

A listing of articles accepted for publication in scientific journals or collective volumes. In many cases, it takes one to two years of review before an article is published. Following publication, all items are listed as Published Articles in English.

Seim, David, "Behavioral Responses to an Annual Wealth Tax: Evidence from Sweden", American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. Accepted December 2016.

Fogelberg, Sara and Ewa Lazarczyk. "Wind Power Volatility and its Impact on Production Failures in the Nordic Electricity Market". Renewable Energy. Accepted December 2016. IFN WP1065.

Henrekson, Magnus ​and Mikael Stenkula, "The Entrepreneurial Rent: The Value of and Compensation for Entrepreneurship", Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy. Accepted December 2016.​ IFN WP 1128.

Berggren, Niclas, Henrik Jordahl and Panu Poutvaara, "The Right Look: Conservative Politicians Look Better and Voters Reward It”, Journal of Public Economics. Accepted December 2016. IFN WP 855.

Maican, Florin and Matilda Orth, "Entry Regulations, Welfare and Determinants of Market Structure", International Economic Review. Accepted December 2016. IFN WP 1102.


Edquist, Harald och Magnus Henrekson, "Do R&D and ICT Affect Total Factor Productivity Growth Differently?, Telecommunications Policy. Accepted November 2016. IFN WP 1108.

Okwir, Simon, Pernilla Ulfvengren, Jannis Angelis, Felipe Ruiz and Yilsy Maria Nuñez Guerrero, "Managing Turnaround Performance through Collaborative Decision Making", Journal of Air Transport Management. Accepted November 2016.

Bervoets, Sebastian and Yves Zenou, “The Role of Social Networks and Peer Effects in Education Transmission", European Economic Review. Accepted November 2016.

Verdier, Thierry and Yves Zenou, ”The Role of Social Networks in Cultural Assimilation”, Journal of Urban Economics. Accepted November 2016.

Öner, Özge, "Retail City: The Relationship between Place Attractiveness and Accessibility to Shops", Spatial Economic Analysis. Accepted November 2016. IFN WP 1055.

Bergh, Andreas, “Explaining Cross-Country Differences in Labor Market Gaps between Immigrants and Natives in the OECD”, Migration Letters. Accepted November 2016. IFN WP 1036.

Buser, Thomas, Anna Dreber and Johanna Möllerström, "The Impact of Stress on Tournament Entry", Experimental Economics. Accepted November 2016.

Patacchini, Eleonora, Edoardo Rainone and Yves Zenou, “Heterogeneous Peer Effects in Education”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Accepted October 2016.

Andersson, Ola, Topi Miettinen, Kaisa Hytönen, Magnus Johannesson and Ute Stephan, "Subliminal Influence on Generosity". Experimental Economics. Accepted September 2016. IFN WP 1084.


Klaesson, Johan and Özge Öner, "Location of Leisure – The New Economic Geography of Leisure Services". Leisure Studies. Accepted September 2016.

Bergh, Andreas, Margareta Dackehag and Martin Rode, "Are OECD Policy Recommendations for Public Sector Reform Biased against Welfare States? Evidence from a New Database", European Journal of Political Economy. Accepted September 2016.

Waldenström, Daniel, "Wealth-Income Ratios in a Small, Developing Economy: Sweden, 1810–2014", Journal of Economic History. Accepted September 2016. IFN WP 1134.

Huse, Christian and Nikita Koptyug, "Bailing on the Car That Wasn´t Bailed out: Bounding Consumer Reactions to Financial Distress", Journal of Economics & Management Strategy. Accepted Augusti 2016. IFN WP 1093.

Grönqvist, Erik and Jonas Vlachos, "The Effects of Teacher’s Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Abilities on Student Achievement", Labour Economics. Accepted August 2016. IFN WP 779.

Öner, Özge, "Retail Productivity: The Effects of Market Size and Regional Hierarchy", Papers in Regional Science. Accepted August 2016. IFN WP 1047.

Wennström, Johan, "A Left/Right Convergence on the New Public Management? The Unintended Power of Diverse Ideas", Critical Review. Accepted August 2016. IFN WP 1087.

Bjørnskov, Christian, "Growth, Inequality and Economic Freedom: Evidence from the US States". Contemporary Economic Policy. Accepted July 2016.

Bjørnskov, Christian, ​"Economic Freedom and Economic Crises". European Journal of Political Economy. Accepted July 2016. IFN WP 1056.

Tåg, Joacim, Thomas Åstebro and Peter Thompson, "Hierarchies and Entrepreneurship", European Economic Review. Accepted July 2016. IFN WP 954.

Edmark, Karin, Che-Yuan Liang, Eva Mörk and Håkan Selin, "The Swedish Earned Income Tax Credit: Did It Increase Employment?”, Finanzarchiv. Accepted June 2016. IFN WP 901.

Grönqvist, Erik, Björn Öckert and Jonas Vlachos, “The Intergenerational Transmission of Cognitive and Non-cognitive Skills”, Journal of Human Resources. Accepted June 2016. IFN WP 884.

Heyman, Fredrik, "Job Polarization, Job Tasks and the Role of Firms”, Economics Letters. Accepted June 2016. IFN WP 1123.

Olsson, Martin (2016) "Direct and Cross Effects of Employment Protection – The Case of Parental Childcare", Scandinavian Journal of Economics. Accepted June 2016.

Berggren, Niclas and Therese Nilsson, "Tolerance in the United States: Does Economic Freedom Transform Racial, Religious, Political and Sexual Attitudes?”, European Journal of Political Economy. Accepted June 2016. IFN WP 1080.

Bhalotra, Sonia, Martin Karlsson och Therese Nilsson (2016). Infant Health and Longevity: Evidence from A Historical Intervention in Sweden. Journal of the European Economic Association. Accepted May 2016.

de Marti, Joan and Yves Zenou, "Segregation in Friendship Networks", Scandinavian Journal of Economics. Accepted May 2016.

Karadja, Mounir, Johanna Möllerström and David Seim, "Richer (and Holier) than Thou? The Effect of Relative Income Improvements on Demand for Redistribution”, Review of Economics and Statistics. Accepted May 2016. IFN WP 1042.

Tangerås, Thomas and Joacim Tåg, "International Network Competition", International Journal of Industrial Organization. Accepted April 2016. IFN WP 1005.

Elert, Niklas, Magnus Henrekson and Joakim Wernberg, "Two Sides to the Evasion: The Pirate Bay and the Interdependencies of Evasive Entrepreneurship", Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy. Accepted April 2016. IFN WP 1103.

Olsson, Martin and Joacim Tåg, "Private Equity, Layoffs, and Job Polarization", Journal of Labor Economics. Accepted April 2016. IFN WP 1068.

Berggren, Niclas, Christian Bjørnskov and Therese Nilsson, "What Aspects of Society Matter for the Quality of Life of a Minority? Global Evidence from the New Gay Happiness Index”, Social Indicators Research. Accepted April 2016. IFN WP 1101.

Davidson, Carl, Fredrik Heyman, Steven Matusz, Fredrik Sjöholm och Susan Chun Zhu, "Global Engagement, Complex Tasks, and the Distribution of Occupational Employment”, Review of International Economics. Accepted April 2016. IFN WP 1089.

Norbäck, Pehr-Johan, Lars Persson and Roger Svensson, "Creative Destruction and Productive Preemptive Acquisitions", Journal of Business Venturing. Accepted March 2016. IFN WP 799.

Maican, Florin and Matilda Orth, "Productivity Dynamics and the Role of "Big-Box" Entrants in Retailing", Journal of Industrial Economics. Accepted March 2016. IFN WP 898.

Patacchini, Eleonora and Yves Zenou, “Social Networks and Parental Behavior in the Intergenerational Transmission of Religion", Quantitative Economics. Accepted March 2016.

Elert, Niklas and Magnus Henrekson, "Evasive Entrepreneurship", Small Business Economics. Accepted March 2016. IFN WP 1044.

Ljunge, Martin, "Migrants, Health, and Happiness: Evidence that Health Assessments Travel with Migrants and Predict Well-Being", Economics & Human Biology. Accepted March 2016. IFN WP 1112.

Jackson, Matthew O., Brian Rogers and Yves Zenou, “The Economic Consequences of Social Network Structure", Journal of Economic Literature. Accepted March 2016. IFN WP 1116.

Hjertstrand, Per, James Swofford and Gerald Whitney, "Mixed Integer Programming Revealed Preference Tests of Utility Maximization and Weak Separability of Consumption, Leisure and Money", Journal of Money, Credit and Banking​. Accepted February 2016. IFN WP 971.

Hearn, Bruce, Lars Oxelheim and Trond Randøy, "The Institutional Determinants of Private Equity Involvement in Business Groups - The Case of Africa", Journal of World Business. Accepted February 2016. IFN WP 1082.

Lindbeck, Assar and Mats Persson, "Social Norms in Social Insurance", Journal of Political Economy. Accepted January 2016.

Lazarczyk, Ewa, "Market-Specific News and Its Impact on Forward Premia on Electricity Markets", Energy Economics. Accepted January 2016. IFN WP 953

Holmberg, Pär, "Pro-Competitive Rationing in Multi-Unit Auctions", Economic Journal. Accepted January 2016. IFN WP 1037.

Lundborg, Per and Per Skedinger. "Employer Attitudes towards Refugee Immigrants". International Labour Review. Accepted January 2016. IFN WP 1025.

Bisin, Alberto, Eleonora Patacchini, Thierry Verdier and Yves Zenou. "Bend it Like Beckham: Ethnic Identity and Integration". European Economic Review. Accepted January 2016.

Bergh, Andreas, “The Future of Welfare Services: How Worried Should We Be about Baumol, Wagner and Ageing?”, Nordic Economic Policy Review. Accepted January 2016. IFN WP 1109.

Soroka, Stuart, Peter Loewen, Patrick Fournier and Daniel Rubenson, "The Impact of News Photos on Support for Military Action", Political Communication. Accepted January 2016.

Möllerström, Johanna, “Ethnic Fractionalization and the Demand for Redistribution – Potential Implications for the Nordic Model”, Nordic Economic Policy Review. Accepted January 2016.

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