Accepted articles

Articles accepted for publication in refereed journals and edited volumes 2018

A listing of articles accepted for publication in scientific journals or collective volumes. In many cases, it takes one to two years of review before an article is published. Following publication, all items are listed as Published Articles in English.

Åstebro, Thomas, Serguey Braguinsky, Pontus Braunerhjelm and Anders Broström, "Academic Entrepreneurship: The Bayh-Dole Act versus the Professor’s Privilege". ILR Review. Accepted December 2018

Persson, Petra, "Social Insurance and the Marriage Market". Journal of Political Economy. Accepted November 2018

Hjertstrand, Per and James Swofford, "Revealed Preference Tests of Indirect and Homothetic Weak Separability of Financial Assets, Consumption and Leisure". Journal of Financial Stability. Accepted November 2018

Hjertstrand, Per, James Swofford and Gerald Whitney, "Index Numbers and Revealed Preference Rankings". Macroeconomic Dynamics. Accepted November 2018

Elert, Niklas and Magnus Henrekson, "The Collaborative Innovation Bloc: A New Mission for Austrian Economics". Review of Austrian Economics. Accepted November 2018

Ek, Simon and Magnus Henrekson, "The Geography and Concentration of Authorship in the Top Five: Implications for European Economics". Scottish Journal of Political Economy. Accepted November 2018

Ohlsson, Henry, Jesper Roine and Daniel Waldenström, "Inherited Wealth over the Path of Development: Sweden, 1810–2016". Journal of the European Economic Association. Accepted November 2018

Abreu, Maria, Özge Öner, Aleid Brouwer and Eveline van Leeuwen, "Well-being Effects of Self-employment: A Spatial Inquiry". Journal of Business Venturing. Accepted November

Angelis, Jannis and Elias Ribeiro da Silva, "Blockchain Adoption: A Value Driver Perspective". Business Horizons. Accepted November 2018

Heufer, Jan and Per Hjertstrand, "Homothetic Preferences Revealed". Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. Accepted October 2018

Rubolino, Enrico and Daniel Waldenström, "Trends and Gradients in Top Tax Elasticities: Cross-country Evidence, 1900–2014". International Tax and Public Finance. Accepted October

Saez, Emmanuel, Benjamin Schoefer and David Seim, "Payroll Taxes, Firm Behavior, and Rent Sharing: Evidence from a Young Workers' Tax Cut in Sweden". American Economic Review. Accepted October 2018

Berggren, Niclas and Christian Bjørnskov, "Regulation and Government Debt". Public Choice. Accepted October 2018

Bjørnskov, Christian and Martin Rode, "Crisis, Ideology, and Interventionist Policy Ratchets". Political Studies. Accepted September 2018

Egebark, Johan and Niklas Kaunitz, "Payroll Taxes and Youth Labor Demand". Labour Economics. Accepted September 2018

Foss, Nicolai J., Peter G. Klein and Christian Bjørnskov, "The Context of Entrepreneurial Judgment: Organizations, Markets, and Institutions". Journal of Management Studies. Accepted September 2018

Angelis, Jannis, Anna Häger Glenngård and Henrik Jordahl, "Management Practices and the Quality of Primary Care". Public Money & Management. Accepted September 2018

Bergh, Andreas, Gissur Erlingsson, Anders Gustafsson and Emanuel Wittberg, "Municipally Owned Enterprises as Danger Zones for Corruption? How Politicians Having Feet in Two Camps May Undermine Conditions for Accountability". Public Integrity. Accepted September 2018

Carter, Colin A. and Shon Ferguson, "Deregulation and Regional Specialization: Evidence from Canadian Agriculture". Canadian Journal of Economics. Accepted September 2018

Hooghiemstra, Reggy, Niels Hermes, Lars Oxelheim and Trond Randøy, "Strangers on the Board: The Impact of Board Internationalization on Earnings Management of Nordic Firms". International Business Review. Accepted August 2018

Demiral, Elif E. and Johanna Möllerström, "The Entitlement Effect in the Ultimatum Game - Does it Even Exist?". Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. Accepted August 2018

Olsson, Martin and Joacim Tåg, "Are Foreign Private Equity Buyouts Bad for Workers?". Economics Letters. Accepted August 2018

Andersson, Martin, Johan P. Larsson and Joakim Wernberg, "Urban Preferences, Amenities and Age: Exploring the Spatial Distribution of Age in Stockholm from 1991 to 2011". Regional Science Policy & Practice. Accepted August 2018

Tangerås, Thomas and Johannes Mauritzen, "Real-time versus Day-ahead Market Power in a Hydro-based Electricity Market". Journal of Industrial Economics. Accepted July 2018

Bollman, Ray D. and Shon Ferguson, "The Local Impacts of Agricultural Subsidies: Evidence from the Canadian Prairies". Journal of Agricultural Economics. Accepted July 2018

Blázquez de Paz, Mario, "Electricity Auctions in the Presence of Transmission Constraints and Transmission Costs". Energy Economics. Accepted July 2018

Ekström, Mathias, "Seasonal Altruism: How Christmas Shapes Unsolicited Charitable Giving". Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization. Accepted July 2018

Lindholm-Dahlstrand, Åsa, Martin Andersson and Bo Carlsson, "Entrepreneurial Experimentation: A Key Function in Systems of Innovation". Small Business Economics. Accepted July 2018

Elinder, Mikael, Oscar Erixson and Daniel Waldenström, "Inheritance and Wealth Inequality: Evidence from Population Registers". Journal of Public Economics. Accepted July 2018

Bergh, Andreas and Richard Öhrvall, "A Sticky Trait: Social Trust Among Swedish Expatriates in Countries with Varying Institutional Quality". Journal of Comparative Economics. Accepted June 2018

Henrekson, Magnus and Tino Sanandaji, "Schumpeterian Entrepreneurship in Europe Compared to Other Industrialized Regions". International Review of Entrepreneurship. Accepted June 2018

Andersson, Ola, Håkan J. Holm, Jean-Robert Tyran and Erik Wengström, "Risking Other People’s Money: Experimental Evidence on the Role of Incentives and Personality Traits". Scandinavian Journal of Economics. Accepted June 2018

Holmberg, Pär and Andrew Philpott, "On Supply-Function Equilibria in Radial Transmission Networks". European Journal of Operational Research. Accepted May 2018

Okwir, Simon, Sai Nudurupati , Matías Ginieis and Jannis Angelis, "Performance Measurement and Management Systems: A Perspective from Complexity Theory". International Journal of Management Reviews. Accepted May 2018

Heyman, Fredrik, Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson, "The Turnaround of the Swedish Economy: Lessons from Large Business Sector Reforms". World Bank Research Observer. Accepted May 2018

Vlachos, Jonas, "Trust-Based Evaluation in a Market-Oriented School System". in Magnus Dahlstedt and Andreas Fejes, eds., Neoliberalism and Market Forces in Education: Lessons from Sweden. London and New York: Routledge. Accepted May 2018

Holmberg, Pär and Frank A. Wolak, "Comparing Auction Designs Where Suppliers Have Uncertain Costs and Uncertain Pivotal Status". RAND Journal of Economics. Accepted May 2018

Ferguson, Shon and Mark Sanctuary, "Why is Carbon Leakage for Energy-Intensive Industry Hard to Find?". Environmental Economics and Policy Studies. Accepted May 2018

Ushchev, Philip and Yves Zenou, "Price Competition in Product Variety Networks". Games and Economic Behavior. Accepted April 2018

Karadja, Mounir and Erik Prawitz, "Exit, Voice and Political Change: Evidence from Swedish Mass Migration to the United States". Journal of Political Economy. Accepted April 2018

Tangerås, Thomas, "Equilibrium Supply Security in a Multinational Electricity Market with Renewable Production". Energy Economics. Accepted April 2018

Skedinger, Per, "Non-standard Employment in Sweden". De Economist. Accepted March 2018

Colonnelli, Emanuele, Joacim Tåg, Michael Webb and Stefanie Wolter, "A Cross-Country Comparison of Dynamics in the Large Firm Wage Premium". AEA Papers and Proceedings. Accepted February 2018

Ruddell, Keith, Anthony Downward and Andy Philpott, "Market Power and Forward Prices". Economics Letters. Accepted February 2018

Verdier, Thierry and Yves Zenou, "Cultural Leader and the Dynamics of Assimilation". Journal of Economic Theory. Accepted January 2018

Bjørnskov, Christian and Stefan Voigt, "Why Do Governments Call a State of Emergency? On the Determinants of Using Emergency Constitutions". European Journal of Political Economy. Accepted January 2018

Economidou, Claire, Luca Grilli, Magnus Henrekson and Mark Sanders, "Financial and Institutional Reforms for an Entrepreneurial Society". Small Business Economics. Accepted January 2018

Baldursson, Fridrik M., Ewa Lazarczyk, Marten Ovaere and Stef Proost, "Cross-Border Exchange and Sharing of Generation Reserve Capacity". Energy Journal. Accepted January 2018

Picard, Pierre M. and Yves Zenou, "Urban Spatial Structure, Employment and Social Ties". Journal of Urban Economics. Accepted January 2018

Anderson, Edward and Pär Holmberg, "Price Instability in Multi-Unit Auctions". Journal of Economic Theory. Accepted January 2018

Andersson, Martin, Niclas Lavesson and Thomas Niedomysl, "Rural to Urban Long-Distance Commuting in Sweden: Trends, Characteristics and Pathways". Journal of Rural Studies. Accepted January 2018

Xiao, Jing, Ron Boschma and Martin Andersson, "Industrial Diversification in Europe: The Differentiated Role of Relatedness". Economic Geography. Accepted January 2018

Back, Kerry, Pierre Collin‐Dufresne, Vyacheslav Fos, Tao Li and Alexander Ljungqvist, "Activism, Strategic Trading, and Liquidity". Econometrica. Accepted January 2018

Henrekson, Magnus and Tino Sanandaji, "Stock Option Taxation: A Missing Piece in European Innovation Policy?". Small Business Economics. Accepted January 2018

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