Accepted articles

Articles accepted for publication in refereed journals and edited volumes 2009

Gautier, Pieter, and Yvez Zenou, "Car Ownership and the Labor Market of Ethnic Minorities", Journal of Urban Economics. Accepted December 2009.

Patacchini, Eleonora, and Yves Zenou, "Juvenile Delinquency and Conformism", Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization. Accepted November 2009.

Berggren, Niclas, Henrik Jordahl and Panu Poutvaara, "The Looks of a Winner: Beauty and Electoral Success", Journal of Public Economics. Accepted November 2009.

Zenou, Yves, "Search, Wage Posting, and Urban Spatial Structure", Journal of Economic Geography. Accepted November 2009.

Cesarini, David, Magnus Johannesson, Paul Lichtenstein, Örjan Sandewall and Björn Wallace, "Genetic Variation in Financial Decision-Making", Journal of Finance. Accepted October 2009.

Delmar, Frédéric, and Alan Johnson, "The Psychology of Entrepreneurs: A Self-Regulation Perspective", in Franz Lohrke and Hans Landström (eds.), The Historical Foundations of Entrepreneurship Research. Aldershot, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing. Accepted October 2009.

Delmar, Frédéric, Timothy B. Folta and Karl Wennberg, "Hybrid Entrepreneurship". Management Science. Accepted October 2009.

Berggren, Niclas, Henrik Jordahl and Charlotta Stern, "The Political Opinions of Swedish Social Scientists", Finnish Economic Papers. Accepted October 2009.

Henrekson, Magnus, and Tino Sanandaji, "Entrepreneurship and the Theory of Taxation", Small Business Economics. Accepted October 2009.

Henrekson, Magnus, and Mikael Stenkula, "Entrepreneurship and Public Policy", in Zoltan J. Acs and David B. Audretsch (eds.), Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research, New York: Springer. Accepted October 2009.

Norbäck, Pehr-Johan, "Subsidizing Away Exports? A Note on R&D-policy towards Multinational Firms", Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade. Accepted September 2009.

Battu, Harminder, and Yves Zenou, "Oppositional Identities and Employment for Ethnic Minorities: Evidence from England", Economic Journal. Accepted September 2009.

Nilsson Hakkala, Katariina,  Fredrik Heyman and Fredrik Sjöholm, "Multinationals, Skills, and Wage Elesticities", Review of World Economics. Accepted September 2009.

Zenou, Yves, "Rural-Urban Migration and Unemployment: Theory and Policy Implications", Journal of Regional Science. Accepted September 2009.

Jordahl, Henrik, and Che-Yuan Liang, "Merged Municipalities, Higher Debt: On Free-Riding and the Common Pool Problem in Politics", Public Choice. Accepted August 2009.

Åslund, Olof, John Östh and Yves Zenou, "How Crucial is Distance to Jobs for Ethnic Minorities? Old Question – Improved Answer", Journal of Economic Geography. Accepted July 2009.

Skedinger, Per, "Sweden: A Minimum Wage Model in Need of Modification" in Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead (ed.), The Minimum Wage Revisited in the Enlarged EU, Edward Elgar Publishing. Accepted June 2009. 

Waldenström, Daniel, "Why Does Sovereign Risk Differ for Domestic and External Debt? Evidence from Scandinavia, 1938–1948", Journal of International Money and Finance, Accepted June 2009.

Poutvaara, Panu, Henrik Jordahl and Niclas Berggren, "Faces of Politicians: Babyfacedness Predicts Inferred Competence but Not Electoral Success", Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Accepted June 2009.

Svensson, Roger, "New Start-Up Firms among Swedish Patent Holders” in Carin Holmquist and Johan Wiklund (eds.), Entrepreneurship and the Creation of Small Firms, Edward Elgar Publishing. Accepted June 2009.

Tåg, Joacim, "Competing Platforms and Third Party Application Developers", Communication & Strategies. Accepted May 2009.

Ostrup, Finn, Lars Oxelheim and Clas Wihlborg, "Origins and Resolution of Financial Crises; Lessons from the Current and Northern European Crises", Asian Economic Papers. Accepted May 2009.

Oxelheim, Lars, "Globalization, Transparency and Economic Growth: The Vulnerability of Chinese Firms to Macroeconomic Shocks", Journal of Asian Economics. Accepted May 2009.

Fridolfsson, Sven-Olof, and Thomas Tangerås, "Market Power in the Nordic Electricity Wholesale Market: A Survey of the Empirical Evidence", Energy Policy. Accepted April 2009.

Roine, Jesper, Jonas Vlachos and Daniel Waldenström, "The Long-run Determinants of Inequality: What Can We Learn from Top Income Data?",  Journal of Public Economics. Accepted April 2009.

Ballester, Coratio, Antoni Calvó-Armengol and Yves Zenou, "Delinquent Networks", Journal of the European Economic Association. Accepted April 2009.

Jordahl, Henrik, Panu Poutvaara and Juha Tuomala, "Education Returns of Wage Earners and Self-employed Workers: Rejoinder", Economics of Education Review. Accepted March 2009.

Sjöholm, Fredrik, and Nannan Lundin, "The Role of Small Firms in the Technology Development of China", The World Economy. Accepted March 2009.

Lundahl, Mats, and Fredrik Sjöholm, "Entrepreneurship in Timor-Leste", in Leo Dana, Mary Han, Vanessa Ratten and Isabell Welpe (eds), The Handbook on Asian Entrepreneurship. Aldershot: Edward Elgar. Accepted March 2009.

Braunerhjelm, Pontus, and Magnus Henrekson, "Awarding Entrepreneurship Research: A Presentation of the Global Award", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. Accepted March 2009. 

Roine, Jesper, and Daniel Waldenström, "Top Incomes in Sweden over the Twentieth Century", in Anthony B. Atkinson and Thomas Piketty (eds.), Top Incomes over the Twentieth Century: Volume II, A Global Perspective, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Accepted March 2009.

Norbäck, Pehr-Johan, Lars Persson and Jonas Vlachos, "Cross-Border Acquisitions and Corporate Taxes: Efficiency and Tax Revenues", Canadian Journal of Economics. Accepted March 2009.

Davis, Steven J., and Magnus Henrekson, "Economic Performance and Work Activity in Sweden after the Crisis of the early 1990s”, in Richard M. Freeman, Birgitta Swedenborg and Robert Topel (eds.), Reforming the Welfare State – Recovery and Beyond, Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Accepted February 2009.

Tåg, Joacim, "Paying to Remove Advertisements", Information Economics and Policy. Accepted February 2009.

Holmberg, Pär, "Supply Function Equilibria of Pay-as-Bid Auctions", Journal of Regulatory Economics. Accepted February 2009. 

Henrekson, Magnus, and Mikael Stenkula, "Why Are There So Few Female Top Executives in Egalitarian Welfare States?", The Independent Review. Accepted February 2009.

Zenou, Yves, "High-relocation Costs in Search-matching Models. Theory and Application to Spatial Mismatch", Labour Economics. Accepted February 2009.

Cesarini, David, Erik Lindqvist and Björn Wallace, "Is There an Adverse Effect of Sons on Maternal Longevity?", Proceedings of the Royal Society B. Accepted February 2009. 

Zenou, Yves, "Endogenous Job Destruction and Job Matching in Cities", Journal of Urban Economics. Accepted February 2009.

Zenou, Yves, "Search in Cities", European Economic Review. Accepted February 2009.

von Greiff, Jenny, "Displacement and Self-employment Entry", Labour Economics. Accepted January 2009.

Zenou, Yves, "How Common is Integration Policy in Europe?" in Sverker Gustavsson, Lars Oxelheim and Lars Pehrson (eds.), How Unified Is the European Union, Heidelberg: Springer Verlag. Accepted January 2009.

Horn, Henrik, Giovanni Maggi and Robert Staiger, "Trade Agreements as Endogenously Incomplete Contracts", American Economic Review. Accepted January 2009.

Fridolfsson, Sven-Olof, and Johan Stennek, "Industry Concentration and Welfare – On the Use of Stock Market Evidence from Horizontal Mergers", Economica. Accepted January 2009.

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