Accepted articles

Articles accepted for publication in refereed journals


Patacchini, Eleonora, and Yves Zenou, "Urban Sprawl in Europe", Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs. Accepted December 2008.

Song, Yan, and Yves Zenou, "How Differences in Property Taxes within Cities Affect Urban Sprawl", Journal of Regional Science. Accepted December 2008.

Svaleryd, Helena, "Women's Representation and Public Spending", European Journal of Political Economy. Accepted December 2008.

Henrekson, Magnus, and Dan Johansson, "Gazelles as Job Contributors – A Survey and Interpretation of the Evidence", Small Business Economics. Accepted December 2008.

Calvó-Armengol, Antoni, Eleonora Patacchini and Yves Zenou, "Peer Effects and Social Networks in Education", Review of Economic Studies. Accepted November 2008.

Patacchini, Eleonora, and Yves Zenou, "On the Sources of the Black-white Test Score Gap in Europe", Economics Letters. Accepted November 2008.

Holmberg, Pär, "Numerical Calculation of an Asymmetric Supply Function Equilibrium with Capacity Constraints", European Journal of Operational Research. Accepted October 2008.

Svaleryd, Helena, and Jonas Vlachos, "Rents in a Non-Corrupt Democracy", Journal of Public Economics. Accepted October 2008.

Roine, Jesper, and Daniel Waldenström, "Wealth Concentration over the Path of Development: Sweden, 1873–2006", Scandinavian Journal of Economics. Accepted September 2008.

Lundahl, Mats, and Fredrik Sjöholm, "Population Growth and Job Creation in Timor-Leste", Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy. Accepted September 2008.

Forssbaeck, Jens, and Lars Oxelheim, "Finance-specific Factors as Drivers of Cross-border Investment – An Empirical Investigation", International Business Review. Accepted September 2008.

Norbäck, Pehr-Johan, and Lars Persson, "Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions Policy in Service Markets", Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade. Accepted September 2008. 

Tangerås, Thomas, "Yardstick Competition and Quality", Journal of Economics & Management Strategy. Accepted August 2008. 

Braunerhjelm, Pontus, and Roger Svensson, "The Inventor’s Role: Was Schumpeter Right?", Journal of Evolutionary Economics. Accepted August 2008.

Horn, Henrik, and Petros C. Mavroidis, "European Communities – Measures Affecting the Approval and Marketing of Biotech Products", World Trade Review. Accepted July 2008.

Olsson, Martin, "Employment Protection and Sickness Absence", Labour Economics. Accepted August 2008.

Jordahl, Henrik, Panu Poutvaara and Juha Tuomala, "Comment on Education Returns of Wage Earners and Self-employed Workers", Economics of Education Review. Accepted July 2008.

Lagerlöf, Nils-Petter, and Thomas Tangerås, "Ethnic Diversity, Civil War and Redistribution", Scandinavian Journal of Economics. Accepted July 2008.

Sjöholm, Fredrik, and Sadayuki Takii, "Foreign Networks and Exports: Results from Indonesian Panel Data", Developing Economies. Accepted July 2008. 

Tangerås, Thomas, "Democracy, Autocracy and the Likelihood of International Conflict", Economics of Governance. Accepted July 2008.

Horn, Henrik, and Petros C. Mavroidis, "The Permissible Reach of National Environmental Policies", Journal of World Trade. Accepted June 2008.

Fumagalli, Chiara, Massimo Motta and Lars Persson, "On the Anticompetitive Effect of Exclusive Dealing when Entry by Merger is Possible", Journal of Industrial Economics. Accepted June 2008. 

Norbäck, Pehr-Johan, and Lars Persson, "The Organization of the Innovation Industry: Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, and Oligopolists",  Journal of the European Economic Association. Accepted June 2008.

Davies, Ronald B., Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Ayça Tekin-Koru, "The Effect of Tax Treaties on Multinational Firms: New Evidence from Microdata", World Economy. Accepted June 2008.

Henrekson, Magnus, and Anders Lundström, "The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research", Small Business Economics. Accepted June 2008.

Almenberg, Johan and Anna Dreber, "Lady and the Trump: Status and Wealth in the Marriage Market", Kyklos. Accepted May 2008.

Johansson, Per, and Per Skedinger, "Misreporting in Register Data on Disability Status: Evidence from the Swedish Public Employment Service", Empirical Economics. Accepted May 2008.

Henrekson, Magnus, and Dan Johansson, "Competencies and Institutions Fostering High-growth Firms", Foundations and Trends in Entrepreneurship. Accepted May 2008.

Karlssson, Sune, Nannan Lundin, Fredrik Sjöholm and He Ping, "Foreign Firms and Chinese Employment", The World Economy. Accepted May 2008.

Oxelheim, Lars, and Pervez Ghauri, "EU – China and the Non-transparent Race for Inward FDI",  Journal of Asian Economics. Accepted April 2008. 

Edquist, Harald, "Does Hedonic Price Indexing Change our Interpretation of Economic History? Evidence from Swedish Electrification", Economic History Review. Accepted March 2008. 

Engvall, Anders, Örjan Sjöberg and Fredrik Sjöholm, "Poverty in Rural Cambodia: The Differentiated Impact of Linkages, Inputs and Access to Land", Asian Economic Papers. Accepted March 2008.

Asoni, Andrea, "Protection of Property Rights and Growth as Political Equilibria", Journal of Economic Surveys. Accepted March 2008.

Saéz-Martí, María, and Anna Sjögren, "Deadlines and Distractions", Journal of Economic Theory. Accepted February 2008.

Lagerlöf, Nils-Petter, and Thomas Tangerås, "From Rent Seeking to Human Capital: A Model where Resource Shocks Cause Transitions from Stagnation to Growth", Canadian Journal of Economics. Accepted January 2008.


Horn, Henrik, and Robert L. Howse, "European Communities – Customs Classification of Frozen Boneless Chicken Cuts", World Trade Review. Accepted December 2007.

Lundahl, Mats, and Fredrik Sjöholm, "The Oil Resources of Timor-Leste: Curse of Blessing?", The Pacific Review. Accepted November 2007.

Friberg, Richard, and Mattias Ganslandt, "Reciprocal Dumping with Product Differentiation", Review of International Economics. Accepted November 2007.

Cronqvist, Henrik, Fredrik Heyman, Mattias Nilsson, Helena Svaleryd and Jonas Vlachos, "Do Entrenched Managers Pay Their Workers More?", Journal of Finance. Accepted November 2007.

Bisin, Alberto, Eleonora Patacchini, Thierry Verdier and Yves Zenou, "Are Muslim Immigrants Different in Terms of Cultural Integration?", Journal of the European Economic Association. Accepted November 2007.

Ross, Stephen L., and Yves Zenou, "Are Shirking and Leisure Substitutable? An Empirical Test of Efficiency Wages Based on Urban Economic Theory", Regional Science and Urban Economics. Accepted November 2007.

Lindqvist, Erik, David Cesarini and Björn Wallace, "Does Parental Age Difference Affect Offspring Count in Humans? Comment on Fieder and Huber", Biology Letters. Accepted November 2007.

Arai, Mahmood, and Fredrik Heyman, "Microdata Evidence on Rent-Sharing", Applied Economics. Accepted September 2007.

Lindbeck, Assar, "Economic-Social Interaction in China", Economics of Transition. Accepted September 2007. (A modified version of the article was accepted for publication in Journal of Comparative Studies. Accepted November 2007.)

Ding, Chengri, Yan Song and Yves Zenou, "Let’s Not Throw the Baby Out with the Bath Water: The Role of Urban Villages in Housing Rural Migrants in China", Urban Studies. Accepted September 2007.

Frey, Bruno S., and Daniel Waldenström, "Using Financial Markets to Analyze History: The Case of the Second World War", Historical Social Research. Accepted September 2007.

Sáez-Martí, María, and Anna Sjögren, "Peers and Culture", Scandinavian Journal of Economics. Accepted September 2007.

Waldenström, Daniel, and Bruno S. Frey, "Did Nordic Countries Recognize the Gathering Storm of World War II? Evidence from the Bond Markets", Explorations in Economic History. Accepted September 2007.

Cesarini, David, Erik Lindqvist and Björn Wallace, "Maternal Longevity and the Sex of Offspring in Pre-Industrial Sweden", Annals of Human Biology. Accepted August 2007. 

Hakkala, Katariina, Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Helena Svaleryd, "Asymmetric Effects of Corruption on FDI: Evidence from Swedish Multinational Firms", Review of Economics and Statistics. Accepted July 2007.

Zenou, Yves, "Job Search and Mobility in Developing Countries. Theory and Policy Implications", Journal of Development Economics. Accepted June 2007.

Patacchini, Eleonora, and Yves Zenou, "The Strength of Weak Ties in Crime", European Economic Review. Accepted June 2007.

Gustavsson, Magnus and Henrik Jordahl, "Inequality and Trust in Sweden: Some Inequalities are More Harmful than Others", Journal of Public Economics. Accepted June 2007.

Henrekson, Magnus, "Entrepreneurship and Institutions", Comparative Labor Law & Policy Journal. Accepted June 2007.

Björnerstedt, Jonas, and Johan Stennek, "Bilateral Oligopoly – The Efficiency of Intermediate Goods Markets", International Journal of Industrial Organization. Accepted June 2007. 

Berggren, Niclas, Mikael Elinder and Henrik Jordahl, "Trust and Growth: A Shaky Relationship", Empirical Economics. Accepted May 2007.

Ortega, Javier, and Thomas Tangerås, "Unilingual versus Bilingual Education: A Political Economy Analysis", Journal of the European Economic Association. Accepted May 2007.

Roine, Jesper and Daniel Waldenström, "The Evolution of Top Incomes in an Egalitarian Society: Sweden, 1903–2004", Journal of Public Economics. Accepted April 2007.

Håkansson, Peter, and Fredrik Sjöholm, "Who Do You Trust? Ethnicity and Trust in Bosnia and Herzegovina", Europe-Asia Studies. Accepted April 2007.

Modén, Karl-Markus, Pehr-Johan Norbäck and Lars Persson, "Efficiency and Ownership Structure – The Case of Poland", The World Economy. Accepted March, 2007.

Svensson, Roger, "Commercialization of Patents and External Financing during the R&D-Phase", Research Policy. Accepted March 2007. 

Norbäck, Pehr-Johan, and Lars Persson, "Globalization and Profitability of Cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions", Economic Theory. Accepted March 2007.

Lindbeck, Assar, "China's Reformed Economy", CESifo Forum. Accepted March 2007.

Stenkula, Mikael, "The European Size Distribution of Firms and Employment", The ICFAI Journal of Industrial Economics. Accepted February 2007.

Heyman, Fredrik, Fredrik Sjöholm and Patrik Gustavsson-Tingvall, "Is there Really a Foreign Ownership Wage Premium? Evidence from Matched Employer-Employee Data", Journal of International Economics. Accepted February 2007.

Heyman, Fredrik, "Firm Size or Firm Age? The Effect on Wages Using Matched Employer-Employee Data", LABOUR: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations. Accepted February 2007. 

Gobillon, H. Selod, and Yves Zenou, "The Mechanisms of Spatial Mismatch", Urban Studies. Accepted February 2007.

Svensson, Roger, "Innovation Performance and Government Financing" Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Accepted February 2007.

Forsbæck, Jens, and Lars Oxelheim, "The Transition to Market-based Monetary Policy: What can China Learn from the European Experience?",  Journal of Asian Economics. Accepted January 2007. (A modified version of the article in Chinese was accepted for publication in Journal of Comparative Studies. Accepted April 2007.)


Zenou, Yves, "Spatial Dependence in Local Unemployment Rates" Journal of Economic Geography. Accepted December 2006.

Søberg, Morten, and Thomas Tangerås, "Voter Turnout in Small Referendums", Electoral Studies. Accepted November 2006.

Douhan, Robin, Gunnar Eliasson and Magnus Henrekson, "Israel M. Kirzner: An Outstanding Austrian Contributor to the Economics of Entrepreneurship", Small Business Economics. Accepted November 2006. 

Skedinger, Per, and Barbro Widerstedt, "Cream Skimming in Employment Programmes for the Disabled? Evidence from Sweden", The International Journal of Manpower. Accepted November 2006. 

Heyman, Fredrik, "How Wage Compression Affects Job Turnover", Journal of Labor Research. Accepted October 2006.

Norbäck, Pehr-Johan, and Lars Persson, ''Investment Liberalization - Why a Restrictive Cross-Border Merger Policy can be Counterproductive'', Journal of International Economics. Accepted September 2006. 

Ganslandt, Mattias, and Keith Maskus, "Vertical Distribution, Parallel Trade, and Price Divergence in Integrated Markets", European Economic Review. Accepted June 2006. 

Battu, Harminder, McDonald Mwale and Yves Zenou, "Oppositional Identities and the Labor Market", Journal of Population Economics. Accepted June 2006.

Boschini, Anne, and Anna Sjögren, "Is Team Formation Gender Neutral? Evidence from Coauthorship Patterns", Journal of Labor Economics. Accepted June 2006.

Friberg, Richard, and Mattias Ganslandt, "Exchange Rates and Cash Flows in Differentiated Product Industries – a Simulation Approach",  Journal of Finance. Accepted May 2006. 

Henrekson, Magnus, "Entrepreneurship and the Welfare State: A Reply", Industrial and Corporate Change. Accepted  May 2006.

Svensson, Roger, "Knowledge Transfer to Emerging Markets via Consulting Projects", Journal of Technology Transfer. Accepted May 2006.

Song Yan, and Yves Zenou, "Property Tax and Urban Sprawl. Theory and Implications for U.S. Cities", Journal of Urban Economics. Accepted  May 2006. 

Calvó-Armengol, Antoni, Thierry Verdier and Yves Zenou, "Strong Ties and Weak Ties in Employment and Crime", Journal of Public Economics. Accepted May 2006.

Lindbeck, Assar, "Sustainable Social Spending", International Tax and Public Finance. Accepted May 2006.

Lindbeck, Assar, and Dirk Niepelt, "The Stability Pact – Rationales, Problems, Alternatives", Kyklos. Accepted May 2006.

Lindbeck, Assar, and Sten Nyberg, "Raising Children to Work Hard: Altruism, Work Norms and Social Insurance", Quarterly Journal of Economics. Accepted April 2006.

Ballester, Coratio, Antonio Calvó-Armengol and Yves Zenou, "Who’s Who in Networks. Wanted: The Key Player", Econometrica. Accepted April 2006. 

Edquist, Harald, and Magnus Henrekson, "Technological Breakthroughs and Productivity Growth", Research in Economic History. Accepted March 2006.

Ekholm, Karolina, and Katariina Hakkala, "Location of R&D and High-Tech Production by Vertically Integrated Multinationals",  Economic Journal. Accepted March 2006.

Hakkala, Katariina, "Corporate Restructuring and Labor Productivity Growth", Industrial and Corporate Change. Accepted March 2006.

Oxelheim, Lars, "International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Corporate Performance and Economic Growth", Journal of Finnish Economic Society. Accepted February 2006.

Stennek, Johan, "A New Perspective on Mergers and Acquisitions: Evidence Explained; Policies Prescribed", CESifo Forum, January 2006.

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This book explores how the European Union responds to the ongoing challenges to the liberal international order. These challenges arise both within the EU itself and beyond its borders, and put into question the values of free trade and liberal democracy. 

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