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Author(s): Martin Andersson, Lina Bjerke and Charles KarlssonYear: 2017 Title: Geographies of Growth: Innovations, Networks and Collaborations Chapter: 1Editor(s): Charles Karlsson, Martin Andersson and Lina BjerkePublisher: Edward ElgarCity: Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA Pages: 1–15
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Today we can observe an increasing spatial divide as some large urban regions and many more medium-sized and small regions face growing problems such as decreasing labour demand, increasing unemployment and an ageing population. In view of these trends, this book offers a better understanding of the general characteristics and specific drivers of the geographies of growth. It shows how these may vary in different spatial contexts, how hurdles and barriers to growth in different types of regions can be dealt with, how and to what extent resources in different areas can develop, and how the potential of these resources to stimulate growth can be realized.

Andersson, Martin, Lina Bjerke and Charles Karlsson (2017), "Introduction". Chapter 1, pp. 1–15 in Charles Karlsson, Martin Andersson and Lina Bjerke, eds., Geographies of Growth: Innovations, Networks and Collaborations. Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.

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