78. Arbetslöshetsersättningen i Sverige: Motiv, regler och effekter

Anders Björklund and Bertil Holmlund

77. Household Market and Nonmarket Activities (HUS) – A Pilot Study

Anders Klevmarken

Economic analysis of household micro behavior, data collection for a longitudinal data base and development of statistical methods for collection and analysis of micro data are the three general purposes of the HUS-project. A pilot study was carried out…

76. Differential Patterns of Unemployment in Sweden

Linda Leighton and Siv Gustafsson

75. The MOSES Manual, Part 1, How to Run the MOSES Model

Fredrik Bergholm

74. On the Optimal Rate of Structural Adjustment

Gunnar Eliasson

73. Measuring the Duration of Unemployment: A Note

Anders Björklund

72. The Micro Initialization of MOSES

James W. Albrecht and Tomas Lindberg

71. Technology, Pricing and Investment in Telecommunications

Tomas Pousette

70. Optimization under Nonlinear Constraints

Leif Jansson and Erik Mellander

In this paper a timesaving method is proposed for maximizing likelihood functions when the parameter space is subject to nonlinear constraints, expressible as second order polynomials. The suggested approach is especially attractive when dealing with…

69. Relative Competitiveness of Foreign Subsidiary Operations of a Multinational Company 1962-77

Anders Grufman

68. Payroll Taxes and Wage Inflation: The Swedish Experiences

Bertil Holmlund

67. Computable Multi-Country Models of Production and Trade

James M. Henderson

66. Electronics, Economic Growth and Employment – Revolution or Evolution

Gunnar Eliasson

The "new electronics technology" in its various manifestations has been very much in the limelight during recent years. It has been associated with future mass unemployment or scary visions of a Brave New World, a grand discontinuity in economic and…

65. Comparative Advantage and Development Policy 20 Years Later

Anne O. Krueger

64. The ISAC Model: Structure, Implementation and Stability

Leif Jansson, Tomas Nordström and Bengt-Christer Ysander

63b. General Equilibrium without an Auctioneer

James W. Albrecht, Bo Axell and Harald Lang

In order to construct a theory of general equilibrium without an auctioneer we extend models of "search market equilibrium" to incorporate general equilibrium considerations. The model we treat is one with a single product market and a single labor…

63a. General Search Market Equilibrium

James W. Albrecht and Bo Axell

In this paper we extend models of “search market equilibrium” to incorporate general equilibrium considerations. The model we treat is one with a single product market and a single labor market. Imperfectly informed individuals follow optimal strategies…

62. Missing Variables and Two-Stage Least-Squares Estimation from More than One Data Set

Anders Klevmarken

In a situation when no single sample inc1udes all the endogenous variables of a simultaneous equation model but there are two (or more) non-overlapping samples and each variable is included in at least one, then it is possible to pool the data and…

61. Var står den nationalekonomiska centralteorin idag?

Bo Axell

60. Stabilization and Growth Policy with Uncertain Oil Prices: Some Rules of Thumb

Mark Sharefkin

Interdisciplinary European Studies

The European Union and the Return of the Nation State


This book explores the complex and ever-changing relationship between the European Union and its member states. The recent surge in tension in this relationship has been prompted by the actions of some member state governments as they question fundamental EU values and principles and refuse to implement common decisions seemingly on the basis of narrowly defined national interests.

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