174. The Investment Funds System Reconsidered

Jan Södersten

173. Comparative Statics in Dynamic Programming Models of Economics

Harald Lang

172. Comparative Statics in Dynamic Programming Models with an Application to Job Search

James W. Albrecht, Bertil Holmlund and Harald Lang

This paper presents a technique for qualitative comparative statics analysis in dynamic programming models. Let the value function v be the fixed point of a contraction mapping which depends differentially on some exogenous parameter theta. Then the…

171. Industrial Targeting: Defensive or Offensive Strategies in a Neo-Schumpeterian Perspective

Gunnar Eliasson

This paper introduces an experimental economy with boundedly rational agents that compete with local, and largely incommunicable industrial knowledge, in an international market environment with more or less unbounded, commercial opportunities.…

170. Economic Growth and the Dynamics of Wage Determination: A Micro Simulation Study of the Stability Consequences of Deficient Variation in Factor Prices and Micro Structures

Gunnar Eliasson and Thomas Lindberg.

Swedish Manufacturing Industry is said to be technologically and commercially in good shape. While Swedish wage levels were higher than in all industrial countries in the mid-70s, wages - expressed in international currencies - have now dropped to a…

169. How Do New Technologies Fare under Different Institutional Rules?

Pavel Pelikan

168. Hur påverkas industrin av ökade elpriser?

Tomas Pousette

167. The Economics of Unemployment Insurance: The Case of Sweden

Anders Björklund and Bertil Holmlund

166. Market and Nonmarket Service Production in Swedish Households

Anders Klevmarken

Working Paper No. 166 is published as "Market and Nonmarket Service Production in Swedish Households" (author: Anders Klevmarken) in Gunnar Eliasson (ed.), The Economics of Institutions and Markets, IUI Yearbook…

165. Företagens tillväxt i ett historiskt perspektiv

Lars Jagrén

Working Paper No. 165 is published as "Företagens tillväxt i ett historiskt perspektiv". In Johan Örtengren, Thomas Lindberg, Lars Jagrén, Gunnar Eliasson, Per-Olof Bjuggren and Lotta Björklund (eds.), Expansion,…

164. Schumpeterian Innovation, Market Structure and the Stability of Industrial Development

Gunnar Eliasson

163. Policies for Labor Market Adjustment in Sweden

Anders Björklund

162. Exchange Rate and Related Economic Exposures: A Theory for Management Strategy and Information Needs

Lars Oxelheim and Clas Wihlborg

161. Sweden’s 'Underground Economy'

Edgar L. Feige

160. The Wage Policy of a Firm when Recruitment is a Wage Dependent Poisson Process and Wages are Downward Rigid

Nils Henrik Schager

The paper contains an analysis of a firm's optimal wage and recruitment policy, when the dynamic labor supply to the firm is specified as a Poisson distributed flow of job-applicants, whose reservation wages are distributed in a fairly general way.…

159. The Effects of Unemployment Compensation in General Equilibrium with Search Unemployment

Bo Axell and Harald Lang

In this article it is shown that when the effects of an increase in unemployment subsidies are studied in a general equilibrium framework, unemployment increases far less than in a "partial-partial" model, or may even decrease.

158. Institutions, Self-Organization, and Adaptive Efficiency: A Dynamic Assessment of Private Enterprise

Pavel Pelikan

157. Assessing the Decline of Wage Dispersion in Sweden

Anders Björklund

156. Innovative Change, Dynamic Market Allocation and Long-Term Stability of Economic Growth

Gunnar Eliasson

Market competition is central to innovative activity, the diffusion process and macro-economic productivity growth. Productivity growth at all levels comes about through institutional reconfiguration in response to the ongoing market process. Stable and…

155. The Formation of Incentive Mechanisms in Different Economic Systems

Pavel Pelikan

When studying incentives in different economic systems, traditional comparative economics focuses on comparing incentives within markets to incentives within hierarchies. Advantages of the former are treated as advantages of private enterprise, and…

154. International Competition, Productivity Change and the Organisation of Production

Gunnar Eliasson

The modern manufacturing firm competes with product quality improvements rather than cost efficient production of simpler products. R&D spending, marketing, availability of spare parts and service facilities, customs designs, etc. embody the product…

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The European Union and the Return of the Nation State


This book explores the complex and ever-changing relationship between the European Union and its member states. The recent surge in tension in this relationship has been prompted by the actions of some member state governments as they question fundamental EU values and principles and refuse to implement common decisions seemingly on the basis of narrowly defined national interests.

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