Current projects

Institutions for Tolerance, Freedom and Growth

A good society is characterized by, e.g., tolerance, freedom and growth. Tolerance, because tolerance implies respect for minorities and a basis for co-existence, even if people differ in various dimensions. Freedom, because freedom enables people to make their own decisions about how to lead their lives and to conduct experiments in living. Growth, because growth brings with it greater opportunities for the realization of preferences, no matter what those preferences look like, without risking conflict by taking from some and giving to others. The idea of this project is to widen our knowledge about how these three outcomes – tolerance, freedom and growth – can be achieved by focusing on institutions as possible determinants. In other words, the research question is how laws, rules and norms, and the political, economic and social systems to which they give rise, affect fundamental values in society.

Project director: Niclas Berggren

Project participant: Niclas Berggren

Sponsor: Johan och Jakob Söderbergs stiftelse (2019–2020)

International cooperation

Visiting researchers

Collaborating with others is essential for IFN as a research institute. Our researchers co-author articles with colleagues from other institutes, and many also teach at various universities and colleges.

As part of our extensive program of guest researchers, leading international researchers visit the institute. The visitors present and pursue their research as well as interact and cooperate with researchers at IFN.

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