The Economics of Electricity Markets

Research papers

Working Papers

  1. Victor Ahlqvist, Pär Holmberg and Thomas Tangerås: Central- versus self-dispatch in electricity markets, IFN WP 1257, 2018
  2. Mahir Sarfati, Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh and Pär Holmberg: Increase-decrease game under imperfect competition in two-stage zonal power markets –​ Part II: Solution algorithm, IFN WP 1254, 2018 
  3. Mahir Sarfati, Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh and Pär Holmberg: Increase-decrease game under imperfect competition in two-stage zonal power markets –​ Part I: Concept analysis, IFN WP 1253, 2018 
  4. Lars Persson and Thomas Tangerås: Transmission network investment across national borders: The liberalized Nordic electricity market, IFN WP 1242, 2018
  5. Mohammad R. Hesamzadeh, Pär Holmberg and Mahir Sarfati: Simulation and evaluation of zonal electricity market designs, IFN WP 1211, 2018
  6. Erik Lundin and Thomas Tangerås: Cournot competition in wholesale electricity markets: The Nordic power exchange, Nord Pool, IFN WP 1191, 2017
  7. Thomas Tangerås and Frank A. Wolak: The competitive effects of linking electricity markets across space and time, IFN WP 1184, 2017 
  8. Mario Blazquez de Paz: Production or transmission investments? A comparative study, IFN WP 1158, 2017
  9. Erik Lundin: Effects of privatization on prices and labor efficiency: The Swedish electricity distribution sector, IFN WP 1139, 2016 
  10. Erik Lundin: Market power and joint ownership: Evidence from nuclear plants in Sweden, IFN WP 1113, 2016
  11. Mario Blaquez de Paz: Auction performance on wholesale electricity markets in the presence of transmission constraints and transmission costs, IFN WP 1098, 2015
  12. Ewa Lazarczyk: Private and public information on the Nordic intra-day electricity market, IFN WP 1064, 2015
  13. Sara Fogelberg and Ewa Lazarczyk: Strategic withholding through production failures, IFN WP1015, 2014
  14. Johannes Mauritzen: What happens when it's windy in Denmark? An empirical analysis of wind power on price variability in the Nordic electricity market, IFN WP 889, 2011
  15. Johanna Rickne: Oil prices and real exchange rate volatility in oil-exporting economies: The role of governance, IFN WP 810, 2009  

Publications in scientific journals

  1. Thomas Tangerås and Johannes Mauritzen: Real-time versus day-ahead market power in a hydro-based electricity market, Journal of Industrial Economics, forthcoming
  2. Shon Ferguson and Mark Sanctuary: Why is carbon leakage for energy intensive industry so hard to find? Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, forthcoming
  3. Pär Holmberg and Andy Philpott: On supply-function equilibria in radial networksEuropean Journal of Operational Research, Vol 271, Issue 3, December 2018, 985-1000
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  6. Fridrik M. Baldursson, Ewa Lazarczyk, Marten Ovaere and Stef Proost: Cross-border exchange and sharing of generation reserve capacity, Energy Journal, Vol 39, July 2018, 57-84 
  7. Thomas Tangerås: Equilibrium supply security in a multinational electricity market with renewable production, Energy Economics, Vol 72, May 2018, 416-435
  8. Edward Anderson and Pär Holmberg: Price instability in multi-unit auctions, Journal of Economic Theory, Vol 175, May 2018, 318-341
  9. Keith Ruddell, Tony Downward and Andy Philpott: Market power and forward prices, Economics Letters, Vol 166, May 2018, 6-9
  10. Anna Grigoryeva, Mohammad R. Hesamzadeh and Thomas Tangerås:Energy system transition in the Nordic market: Challenges for transmission network regulation and governance, Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy, Vol 7, January 2018, 127-146  
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  15. Johannes Mauritzen: Now or later? Trading wind power closer to real-time: How poorly designed subsidies can lead to higher balancing costs, Energy Journal, Vol 36, No 4, 2015, 149-164
  16. Johannes Mauritzen: How electricity price spikes can help overcome the energy efficiency gapEconomics Letters, Vol 134, 2015, 114-117
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