On-going projects

Innovations in the Hospitality Sector

This study focuses on the types, implementation and location of innovation in the hospitality sector.

Project manager: Özge Öner

Mikaela Backman, Jönköping International Business School and Johan Klaesson, Jönköping International Business School

In this project, we will first work on the identification of innovation in hospitality sector, compatible with international scientific and policy frameworks. In the second stage we will collect detailed data for Swedish hospitality sector by surveying a broad reference group, which will not only enable us to analyze innovation in Swedish hospitality sector, but will also provide other researchers that are in need for this kind of data with the missing key for their empirical research. At the third and final stage of the project, we will quantitatively analyze the innovative efforts in the Swedish hospitality sector and the returns to these efforts. 

The three major issues addressed are (1) WHAT? What type of innovations take place in the hospitality sector? What are the differences between innovations in the hospitality sector compared to other industries in Sweden? (2) HOW? How are these innovations implemented by actors of different types and sizes in the Swedish hospitality sector. How does firm characteristics influence innovation activities in the hospitality sector? How does features in the economic environment influence innovation activities in the hospitality sector? (3) WHERE? Is there a geographical pattern for innovative firms and establishments in the Swedish hospitality sector?

The project is funded by BFUF - the R&D Fund of the Swedish Tourism & Hospitality Industry.  

Time Period: 2015-2017.

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