On-going projects

Shopping for Change

The project aims at investigating the importance of the retail sector for urban and economic development in Sweden. 

Project manager: Özge Öner

Johan Klaesson, Jönköping International Business School and IFN

Using extensive geo-coded microdata over time we apply spatial analysis to identify welfare effects (employment, urban and rural development, and place attractiveness). The effects emanate from the scale of retailing at different geographical levels in Sweden (e.g. neighborhood level, urban and rural municipalities, and functional regions).

We take a holistic point of view to identify the role of retailing for (i) local labor markets, (ii) urban and rural development, and (iii) place attractiveness. In order to accomplish such a goal, we build our empirical design on economic theory and exploit big data to apply a series of quantitative methods for Swedish regions, municipalities, and even for neighborhoods of major retail markets.

Some of the specific questions addressed:

  1. What are the employment opportunities and net employment effects associated with retail development in a municipality or a region in Sweden?

  2. What are the systematic variations in retail development and performance in rural and urban regions? How do differences in infrastructure shape the urban-rural dichotomy for retail markets?

  3. What is the relationship between “place attractiveness” and consumption possibilities in municipalities and regions in Sweden?


The project is financed by The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council.

Time Period: 2016-2018.



Öner, Özge, Johan Klaessonoch and Olga Pugatšova (2017). En vitbok om: Kommunernas detaljhandelsmarknader - uppgång och fall? Report, IFN and The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council. Länk

International cooperation

Visiting researchers

Collaborating with others is essential for IFN as a research institute. Our researchers co-author articles with colleagues from other institutes, and many also teach at various universities and colleges.

As part of our extensive program of guest researchers, leading international researchers visit the institute. The visitors present and pursue their research as well as interact and cooperate with researchers at IFN.

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