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Pioneering Research on Venture Capital Rewarded with
100 000 euros

The 2010 recipient of the world’s most prestigious Award in entrepreneurship research, the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research, was announced today. Josh Lerner, Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking at Harvard Business School, will receive 100.000 euros for his influential contributions to the field of entrepreneurship research.

- Josh Lerner is best known for his pioneering research on venture capital but he has also made several important contributions in the area of entrepreneurial innovation, patents and open-source project development, says Professor Magnus Henrekson, member of the Award committee.

- His research has served to extend and improve our understanding of one of the engines of modern economic growth. Those insights have also had considerable impact on the design of public policies, Professor Henrekson continues.

The official motivation for the 2010 Award further emphasises Lerner’s contributions as having changed the way scholars, practitioners and policy-makers think about financing of new high-value enterprises, innovation and entrepreneurship. In a series of brilliant publications, appearing in top-ranked academic journals and books in economics and finance, Lerner has been instrumental in shaping the modern analysis of venture capital-backed entrepreneurship.

The Award will be presented at an Award ceremony in Stockholm in May. The organizations behind the Prize are the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum, the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the Research Institute of Industrial Economics. For further information please visit www.e-award.org.

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