Henrik Jordahl

Internationella publikationer

Artiklar i internationella tidskrifter med peer review

Outsourcing public services: Contractibility, cost, and quality (med Fredrik Andersson och Jens Josephson), CESifo Economic Studies, kommande.

Management practices and the quality of primary care (med Jannis Angelis och Anna Häger Glenngård), Public Money & Management, kommande. Working paper

The right look: Conservative politicians look better and voters reward it (med Niclas Berggren och Panu Poutvaara), Journal of Public Economics, 146 (February), 79-86, 2017. Länk

Promises, policies and pocketbook voting" (med Mikael Elinder och Panu Poutvaara), European Economic Review 75 (April), 177-194, 2015. Länk  IFN Newsletter

Merciful yet effective elderly care performance management practices" (med Jannis Angelis), Measuring Business Excellence, 19 (1), 61-69, 2015. Länk

Political preferences and public sector outsourcing" (med Mikael Elinder), European Journal of Political Economy, 30, 43-57, 2013. Länk

Merged municipalities, higher debt: On free-riding and the common pool problem in politics" (med Che-Yuan Liang), Public Choice, 143 (1-2), 157-172, 2010. pdf

The looks of a winner: Beauty and electoral success (med Niclas Berggren och Panu Poutvaara), Journal of Public Economics, 94 (1-2), 8-15, 2010. pdf

The political opinions of Swedish social scientists (med Niclas Berggren och Charlotta Stern), Finnish Economic Papers, 22 (2), 75-88, 2009. Artikel  Supplement

Education Returns of Wage Earners and Self-Employed Workers: Rejoinder (med Panu Poutvaara och Juha Tuomala), Economics of Education Review, 28, 648, 2009. Länk

Education Returns of Wage Earners and Self-Employed Workers: Comment (med Panu Poutvaara och Juha Tuomala), Economics of Education Review, 28, 641-644, 2009. pdf

"Faces of Politicians: Babyfacedness Predicts Inferred Competence but Not Electoral Success" (med Panu Poutvaara och Niclas Berggren), Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 45 (5), 1132-1135, 2009. pdf

"Trust and Growth: A Shaky Relationship" (med Niclas Berggren och Mikael Elinder), Empirical Economics, 35 (2), 251-274, 2008. pdf

"Inequality and Trust in Sweden: Some Inequalities are More Harmful Than Others" (med Magnus Gustavsson), Journal of Public Economics, 92 (1-2), 348-365, 2008.  pdf

"An Economic Analysis of Voting in Sweden", Public Choice, 127 (3), 251-265, 2006. pdf  Erratum

"Free to Trust: Economic Freedom and Social Capital" (med Niclas Berggren), Kyklos, 29 (2), 141-169, 2006. pdf

"Optimal Utilitarian Taxation and Horizontal Equity" (med Luca Micheletto), Journal of Public Economic Theory, 7 (4), 681-708, 2005. pdf

"Does Free Trade Really Reduce Growth? Further Testing Using the Economic Freedom Index" (med Niclas Berggren), Public Choice, 122 (1-2), 99-114, 2005. pdf

"Central Bank Conservatism and Labor Market Regulation" (med Stefan Laséen), European Journal of Political Economy, 21 (2), 345-363, 2005. pdf


Böcker och kapitel i böcker

"Economic Inequality" i Svendsen, G. T. och Svendsen, G. L. H. (red.), Handbook of Social Capital. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, 2009. Länk till Working Paper-versionen "Inequality and Trust".

Essays on Voting Behavior, Labor Market Policy, and Taxation. Doktorsavhandling, Uppsala universitet, Economic Studies 61, 2002.



"V politice na fyzické kráse záleží” (med Niclas Breggren och Panu Poutvaara), Trade-off, 1(2), 58-62, 2016. Länk


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