Henrik Jordahl

Internationella publikationer

Artiklar i internationella vetenskapliga tidskrifter

Perspectives on public sector outsourcing: Quasi-markets and prices, CESifo Economic Studies, kommande.

Management practices and the quality of primary care (med Jannis Angelis och Anna Häger Glenngård), Public Money & Management. Länk

Outsourcing public services: Contractibility, cost, and quality (med Fredrik Andersson och Jens Josephson), CESifo Economic Studies. Länk

The right look: Conservative politicians look better and voters reward it (med Niclas Berggren och Panu Poutvaara), Journal of Public Economics, 146 (February), 79-86, 2017. Länk

Promises, policies and pocketbook voting" (med Mikael Elinder och Panu Poutvaara), European Economic Review 75 (April), 177-194, 2015. Länk  IFN Newsletter

Merciful yet effective elderly care performance management practices" (med Jannis Angelis), Measuring Business Excellence, 19 (1), 61-69, 2015. Länk

Political preferences and public sector outsourcing" (med Mikael Elinder), European Journal of Political Economy, 30, 43-57, 2013. Länk

Merged municipalities, higher debt: On free-riding and the common pool problem in politics" (med Che-Yuan Liang), Public Choice, 143 (1-2), 157-172, 2010. pdf

The looks of a winner: Beauty and electoral success (med Niclas Berggren och Panu Poutvaara), Journal of Public Economics, 94 (1-2), 8-15, 2010. pdf

The political opinions of Swedish social scientists (med Niclas Berggren och Charlotta Stern), Finnish Economic Papers, 22 (2), 75-88, 2009. Artikel  Supplement

Education Returns of Wage Earners and Self-Employed Workers: Rejoinder (med Panu Poutvaara och Juha Tuomala), Economics of Education Review, 28, 648, 2009. Länk

Education Returns of Wage Earners and Self-Employed Workers: Comment (med Panu Poutvaara och Juha Tuomala), Economics of Education Review, 28, 641-644, 2009. pdf

Faces of Politicians: Babyfacedness Predicts Inferred Competence but Not Electoral Success (med Panu Poutvaara och Niclas Berggren), Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 45 (5), 1132-1135, 2009. pdf

Trust and Growth: A Shaky Relationship (med Niclas Berggren och Mikael Elinder), Empirical Economics, 35 (2), 251-274, 2008. pdf

Inequality and Trust in Sweden: Some Inequalities are More Harmful Than Others (med Magnus Gustavsson), Journal of Public Economics, 92 (1-2), 348-365, 2008.  pdf

An Economic Analysis of Voting in Sweden, Public Choice, 127 (3), 251-265, 2006. pdf  Erratum

Free to Trust: Economic Freedom and Social Capital (med Niclas Berggren), Kyklos, 29 (2), 141-169, 2006. pdf

Optimal Utilitarian Taxation and Horizontal Equity (med Luca Micheletto), Journal of Public Economic Theory, 7 (4), 681-708, 2005. pdf

Does Free Trade Really Reduce Growth? Further Testing Using the Economic Freedom Index (med Niclas Berggren), Public Choice, 122 (1-2), 99-114, 2005. pdf

Central Bank Conservatism and Labor Market Regulation (med Stefan Laséen), European Journal of Political Economy, 21 (2), 345-363, 2005. pdf


Böcker och kapitel i böcker

Economic Inequality, i Svendsen, G. T. och Svendsen, G. L. H. (red.), Handbook of Social Capital. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, 2009. Länk till Working Paper-versionen "Inequality and Trust".

Essays on Voting Behavior, Labor Market Policy, and Taxation. Doktorsavhandling, Uppsala universitet, Economic Studies 61, 2002.



V politice na fyzické kráse záleží (med Niclas Breggren och Panu Poutvaara), Trade-off, 1(2), 58-62, 2016. Länk


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