The Industrial Institute for Economic and Social Research – A Survey of its Activities


Origin, Status, and Working Procedures

Economic and social development up to the middle 1930's made apparent the need for an institution devoted to survey and research work on industrial problems and on general economic and social problems of importance to industry. An important aspect of this development was the economic, social, and political transformation which in many different ways made demands on private enterprise that had previously, been largely unknown. It was felt, too, that activities of this type might lead to a wider knowledge of the industrial sector of the economy, outside industry circles as well. This, in the long run, could be to the advantage of society in general. For effective survey and research work, such a research institution would have to be closely connected with Swedish industry and its organizations.


Aktuell forskare

Gabriel Heller Sahlgren Ph.D.

Ämnesområden: Hälsa, privatiseringar, skattefinansierade tjänster, utbildning

Några av de frågor Gabriel Heller Sahlgren försöker besvara i sin forskning:

  • Vad krävs för att skolmarknader ska fungera?
  • Hur reagerar aktörer inom skolväsendet på ekonomiska incitament?
  • Skillnader mellan vinstdrivande och icke-vinstdrivande skolor.


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