Competition in TV-Distribution – A Framework and Applications to Sweden

Policy Paper No. 19

Författare: Mats Bergman och Johan StennekAntal sidor: 99Publicerad: 27 november 2007

Competition in TV-Distribution – A Framework and Applications to Sweden Mats Bergman och Johan Stennek

This report investigates how well competition in the TV-industry works, primarily focusing on distribution. For this purpose we suggest a framework of analysis and, at the same time, we apply this framework to the Swedish market.

Even if our focus will be distribution services, we will need to paint a broader picture, including contents providers, channels, pay-TV operators, advertisers, viewers and other market participants. While our assessment is primarily based on economic analysis of the market, we also aim to integrate the economic analysis with the traditional methodology of competition law. We will therefore go into some details of how the relevant markets should be defined. The report concludes with an in-depth investigation of three current issues in the Swedish market.

Aktuell forskare

Roger Svensson

Ämnesområde: Entreprenörskap,FoU-politik, immateriella rättigheter, penningpolitik och subventioner i näringslivet.

Några av de frågor Roger Svensson försöker besvara i sin forskning:

  • När är det effektivt att staten stöder innovativa företag och entreprenörer?
  • Hur bör immateriella rättigheter utformas så att de blir samhällseffektiva?

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