Wage Policies and the Integration of Immigrants

Policy Paper No. 86

Författare: Simon Ek and Per SkedingerNyckelord: Integration of immigrants; Minimum wages; Wage policiesAntal sidor: 31Publicerad: May 29, 2019JEL-koder: J08; J31; J38; J50

Wage Policies and the Integration of Immigrants Simon Ek and Per Skedinger

Detta är en längre version av en artikel publicerad i antologin Integrating Immigrants into the Nordic Labour Markets, Calmfors. L. och Sánchez Gassen, N. (red.), Nordiska ministerrådet, Köpenhamn, 2019.

Most Nordic countries struggle with the integration of low-skilled immigrants. Relying on research from primarily the Nordics, we discuss to what extent minimum wage reductions can improve labour market prospects for immigrants, whether unskilled and low-pay jobs serve as stepping stones to more qualified and higher-paid jobs and how wages of incumbent workers would be affected by lower minimum wages. We argue that targeted minimum wage reductions aimed at new, previously non-existing jobs and increased differentiation of minimum wages according to experience provide an appropriate balance between the conflicting goals of high employment and low wage inequality. 

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