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Published articles in English 2011 (Reference formatted list)

Journal of World Trade

The WTO Dispute Settlement System 1995–2010: Some Descriptive Statistics

Henrik Horn, Louise Johannesson och Petros C. Mavroidis

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the busiest state to state court nowadays. It is a rarity in international relations since it includes compulsory third-party adjudication and a permanent second instance court. This paper aims to shed light on the actual use of…

World Economy

To B(TA) or Not to B(TA)? On the Legality and Desirability of Border Tax Adjustments from a Trade Perspective

Henrik Horn och Petros C. Mavroidis

This paper addresses two fundamental questions concerning environmentally motivated border tax adjustments (BTAs), when viewed from a trade policy perspective. First, under what conditions can WTO Members lawfully impose such measures? This issue is addressed in…

Asian Development Review

South–South FDI and Development in East Asia

Robert E. Lipsey och Fredrik Sjöholm

This paper attempts to measure the size of South–South foreign direct investment (FDI) in developing East Asia and the trends in it, the characteristics of the investing countries, and the investments themselves. It also summarizes the findings of studies in…

Scandinavian Economic History Review

Parallel Development? Productivity Growth Following the Diffusion of Electric Motors and ICT

Harald Edquist

This paper investigates labor productivity growth and the contribution to labor productivity growth in Swedish manufacturing during the diffusion of electric motors and ICT. The paper distinguishes between technology-producing, intensive and less intensive…

The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics

Make-or-Buy Decisions and the Manipulability of Performance Measures

Fredrik Andersson

The make-or-buy decision is analyzed in a simple framework combining contractual incompleteness with the existence of an imperfect but contractible performance measure. Contractual incompleteness gives rise to two regimes, identified with make and buy. The…

Journal of Regional Science

Neighborhood Effects and Parental Involvement in the Intergenerational Transmission of Education

Eleonora Pattacchini och Yves Zenou

We analyze the intergenerational transmission of education focusing on the interplay between family and neighborhood effects. We develop a theoretical model suggesting that both neighborhood quality and parental effort are of importance for the education attained by…

Review of World Economics

Exploring the Duration of EU Imports

Wolfgang Hess och Maria Persson

The objective of this paper is to perform an empirical description and analysis of the duration of EU imports from the rest of the world. Toward this aim, we employ a rich data set of detailed imports to individual EU-15 countries from 140 non-EU exporters, covering…

Behavior Genetics

On the Sources of the Height-Intelligence Correlation: New Insights from a Bivariate ACE Model with Assortative Mating

Jonathan Beauchamp, David Cesarini, Magnus Johannesson, Erik Lindqvist och Coren Apicella

A robust positive correlation between height and intelligence, as measured by IQ tests, has been established in the literature. This paper makes several contributions toward establishing the causes of this association. First,we extend the standard bivariate ACE model…

Review of Income and Wealth

Can Investment in Intangibles Explain the Swedish Productivity Boom in the 1990s?

Edquist, Harald

In the early 1990s the Swedish economy experienced a severe economic and financial crisis which resulted in a substantial GDP decrease. Even though the crisis was not a complete surprise for many economists, almost no one expected that the Swedish economy would be…

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Is the Importance of Religion in Daily Life Related to Social Trust? Cross-Country and Cross-State Comparisons

Niclas Berggren och Christian Bjørnskov

We look at the effect of importance of religion in daily life on social trust, defined as the share of a population that thinks that people in general can be trusted. We make use of new data from the Gallup World Poll for 109 countries and 43 U.S. states. Our…

The Manchester School

How Should Research Performance Be Measured? A Study of Swedish Economists

Magnus Henrekson och Daniel Waldenström

Billions are allocated annually to university research. The increased specialization and international integration of research and researchers has animated the need for comparisons of performance across fields, institutions and individual researchers. However, there…

Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

The Burden of Proof in Trade Disputes and the Environment

Henrik Horn

The WTO leaves discretion over environmental policies to its members, but requests that a fundamental non-discrimination principle is respected: National Treatment (NT). The provision seeks to prevent protectionist use of domestic policy instruments, requesting that…

Journal of Economic Surveys

Government Size and Growth: A Survey and Interpretation

Andreas Bergh och Magnus Henrekson

The literature on the relationship between the size of government and economic growth is full of seemingly contradictory findings. This conflict is largely explained by variations in definitions and the countries studied. An alternative approach – of limiting…

Man is by Nature a Political Animal

Testosterone and the Biology of Politics: Experimental Evidence from the 2008 Presidential Election

Coren Apicella och David Cesarini

European Economic Review

Formation and Persistence of Oppositional Identities

Alberto Bisin, Eleonora Patacchini, Thierry Verdier och Yves Zenou

We develop a dynamic model of identity formation that explains why ethnic minorities may choose to adopt oppositional identities (i.e. some individuals may reject or not the dominant culture) and why this behavior may persist over time. We first show that the…

Journal of the European Economic Association

Errata Corrige: Are Muslim Immigrants Different in Terms of Cultural Integration?

Alberto Bisin, Eleonora Patacchini, Thierry Verdier och Yves Zenou

We are thankful to Michael Lundholm and Mahmood Arai for pointing us towards a coding error which invalidates the regressions in our paper. Correcting the code leads to a decrease in sample sizes, though much smaller than Arai et al. (2011) claim based on their…

Nordic Economic Policy Review

Comment on Skedinger: Employment Consequences of Employment Protection Legislation

Assar Lindbeck

Nordic Economic Policy Review

Employment Consequences of Employment Protection Legislation

Per Skedinger

This article surveys the literature and adds to the evidence on the impact of employment protection legislation on employment. While stringent employment protection contributes to less turnover and job reallocation, the effects on aggregate employment and…

Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal

Endogenous Growth Through Knowledge Spillovers in Entrepreneurship: An Empirical Test

Frédéric Delmar, Karl Wennberg och Karin Hellerstedt

Endogenous growth theory suggests that technological knowledge stimulates growth, yet the micro-foundations of this process remain obscure. Knowledge spillover theory posits that growth is contingent on the technology dependence of industries, forming the landscape…

Independent Review

Fiscal Illusion and Fiscal Obfuscation: Tax Perception in Sweden

Tino Sanandaji och Björn Wallace

Do voters tend to underestimate the costs of government spending? Several features of its tax system make Sweden unusually well suited for testing the proposition that voters systematically misperceive the price tag of new government programs.


Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Regional Development: National and Regional Perspectives

Firm Growth, Institutions, and Structural Transformation

Magnus Henrekson och Dan Johansson

American Political Science Review

Patronage and Elections in U.S. States

Olle Folke, Shigeo Hirano och James M. Snyder Jr.

Does control of patronage jobs significantly increase a political party’s chances of winning elections in U.S. states? We employ a differences-in-differences design, exploiting the considerable variation in the dates that different states adopted civil service…

Small Business Economics

Entrepreneurship and the Theory of Taxation

Magnus Henrekson och Tino Sanandaji

A review of the literature on firm taxation reveals that the economics of entrepreneurship has not sufficiently been taken into consideration. We discuss how this affects conclusions derived from standard models of capital taxation when applied to entrepreneurial…

Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance

Corporate Financial Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment

Jens Forssbaeck och Lars Oxelheim

Financial market incompleteness and (partial) segmentation of financial markets internationally may endow some firms with a financial advantage which can be exploited through foreign direct investment. We argue that this advantage appears as a distinct…

Review of Economics and Statistics

Common Trends and Shocks to Top Incomes: A Structural Breaks Approach

Jesper Roine och Daniel Waldenström

We use newly compiled top income data and structural breaks techniques to estimate common trends and breaks in inequality across countries over the twentieth century. Our results both confirm earlier findings and offer new insights. In particular, the division into…

RSCAS Policy Papers 2011/02

Some Thoughts on the DSU Negotiations

Henrik Horn och Petros C. Mavroidis

Journal of Development Economics

Search, Migration, and Urban Land Use: The Case of Transportation Policies

Yves Zenou

We develop a search-matching model with rural–urban migration and an explicit land market. Wages, job creation, urban housing prices are endogenous and we characterize the steady-state equilibrium. We then consider three different policies: a transportation…

The Future of Foreign Direct Investment and the Multinational Enterprise

FDI and the Role of Financial Market Quality

Jens Forssbaeck och Lars Oxelheim

In this chapter we analyze the role of financial factors in the underlaking of cross-border acquisitions. We discuss financial firm-specific advantages as drivers of these acquisilions as well as the role of the development of the home financial market in exploiting…

Games and Economic Behavior

Social Interactions and Spillovers

Antonio Cabrales, Antoni Calvó-Armengol och Yves Zenou

The aim of this paper is to provide a tractable model where both socialization (or network formation) and productive efforts can be analyzed simultaneously. This permits a fullfledged
equilibrium/welfare analysis of network formation with endogenous productive…

Japanese Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 53, 2010

Climate Change and the WTO: Legal Issues Concerning Border Tax Adjustments

Henrik Horn och Petros C. Mavroidis

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the legal possibility for WTO Members to use trade remedies in the form of BTAs/BCAs against other WTO Member, without pronouncing on the policy question concerning the desirability for such schemes.

Canadian Journal of Economics

Multinationals, Cross-Border Acquisitions and Wage Dispersion

Fredrik Heyman, Fredrik Sjöholm och Patrik Gustavsson Tingvall

We examine the impact of cross-border acquisitions on intra-firm wage dispersion using a detailed Swedish linked employer-employee data set including data on all firms and about 50% of the Swedish labour force with information on job-tasks and education. Foreign…

Journal of Economic Geography

Search, Wage Posting and Urban Spatial Structure

Yves Zenou

We develop an urban-search model in which firms post wages. When all workers are identical, there is a unique wage in equilibrium even in the presence of search and spatial frictions. This wage is affected by spatial and labor costs. When workers differ according to…

Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade

Subsidizing Away Exports? A Note on R&D-policy Towards Multinational Firms

Pehr-Johan Norbäck

In this paper, I investigate whether instead of strengthening home-based production, government R&D-subsidies can induce R&D-intensive firms to locate production abroad. Investigating firm-level data on Swedish MNEs, however, I find no evidence of such…

Journal of Economic Literature

Three book reviews

Andreas Bergh, Lars Persson, Per Skedinger och Joacim Tåg

(i) François Lévêque and Howard Shelanski, (eds.), Antitrust and Regulation in the EU and US: Legal and Economic Perspectives (Cheltenham, UK, and Northamprton, MA: Edward Elgar, 2009), reviewed by Lars Persson and Joacim Tåg (Vol.…

Journal of Public Economics

The Futile Quest for a Grand Explanation of Long-Run Government Expenditure

Dick Durevall och Magnus Henrekson

This paper carries out a critical reappraisal of the two contending theories purporting to explain long-run government spending: Wagner's Law and different variants of the ratchet effect. We analyze data spanning from the early 19th century until the present day…

History of Economic Ideas

Perspectives on the Success and Early History of the Industrial Institute for Economic and Social Research (IUI)

Magnus Henrekson

The Industrial Institute for Economic and Social Research (Industriens Utredningsinstitut, IUI) was founded in 1939. In less than ten years, IUI grew from a small survey bureau to a leading research institute focused on microeconomic research relevant to industrial…

International Journal of Managerial Finance

Exchange Rate Regime Shift and Price Patterns

Niclas Andrén och Lars Oxelheim

The financial crisis starting in 2008 made many European countries opt for a change of exchange rate regime. The choice of price measure as an entry requirement to the European Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and as input in the monetary policy decision process…

Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies

Foreign Direct Investment and Growth in East Asia: Lessons for Indonesia

Robert E. Lipsey och Fredrik Sjöholm

Foreign direct investment (FDI) has been important in the growth and global integration of developing economies. Both Northeast and Southeast Asia, especially the latter, have been part of this development, with increasing inflows of FDI and greater foreign…

Financial Contagion: The Viral Threat to the Wealth of Nations

The Origins and Resolution of Financial Crises: A Policy Dilemma

Lars Oxelheim, Clas Wihlborg och Finn Østrup

Handbook of Philosophy of Social Science

Social Networks

Joan de Martí och Yves Zenou

Journal of Regional Science

Rural-Urban Migration and Unemployment: Theory and Policy Implications

Yves Zenou

We develop a regional model where, in the city, unemployment prevails because of too high (efficiency) wages, while, in the rural area, workers are paid at their marginal productivity. We characterize the steady-state equilibrium and show that it is unique. We then…


Historical Trust Levels Predict the Current Size of the Welfare State

Andreas Bergh och Christian Bjørnskov

Economic Policy

Ethnic Identity and Labour Market Outcomes of Immigrants in Europe

Alberto Bisin, Eleonora Patacchini, Thierry Verdier och Yves Zenou

We study the relationship between ethnic identity and labour market outcomes of non-EU immigrants in Europe. Using the European Social Survey, we find that there is a penalty to be paid for immigrants with a strong identity. Being a first generation immigrant leads…

Energy Journal

Strategic Forward Contracting in the Wholesale Electricity Market

Pär Holmberg

This paper analyses a wholesale electricity market with supply function competition. Trade in the forward and spot markets is represented by a two-stage game, and its subgame perfect Nash equilibrium (SPNE) is characterized. It is verified that increased forward…

Journal of Institutional Economics

The Interaction of Entrepreneurship and Institutions

Magnus Henrekson och Tino Sanandaji

Previous research, notably Baumol (1990), has highlighted the role of institutions in channeling entrepreneurial supply into productive, unproductive, or destructive activities. However, entrepreneurship is not only influenced by institutions – entrepreneurs…

American Economic Journal: Applied Economics

The Labor Market Returns to Cognitive and Noncognitive Ability: Evidence from the Swedish Enlistment

Erik Lindqvist och Roine Vestman

We use data from the Swedish military enlistment to assess the importance of cognitive and noncognitive ability for labor market outcomes. The measure of noncognitive ability is based on a personal interview conducted by a psychologist. We find strong evidence that…

Children and Youth Services Review

Planned Treatment and Outcomes in Residential Youth Care: Evidence from Sweden

Erik Lindqvist

A recurring theme in evaluations of Swedish residential youth care is that treatment is often unplanned. Using a data set of teenagers placed in youth care in 1991 (N=357), we show that planned treatment — in the sense of a known expected duration of treatment…

Labour Economics

Job Contact Networks and the Ethnic Minorities

Harminder Battu, Paul Seaman och Yves Zenou

Using data from the UK Quarterly Labor Force Survey, this paper examines the job finding methods of different ethnic groups in the UK. Our empirical findings suggest that, though personal networks are a popular method of finding a job for the ethnic minorities, the…

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