Ex Post Merger Evaluations and Strategic Pre-Merger Investments

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Författare: Richard Friberg, Pehr-Johan Norbäck och Lars PerssonÅr: 2012 Publikation: Journal of Competition Law and Economics Årgång (nr): 8 (4) Sidor: 831–848
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We present a model that warns against a mechanical comparison of pre- and postmerger prices. The starting point of the article is that both the seller and the buyer take into account how the acquisition price is affected by pre-merger investments. We derive conditions under which the selling of a firm triggers overinvestment by both the acquirer and the target. Under Cournot competition, linear demand, and quadratic investment costs, we show that these incentives to overinvest can lead to a lower price in a post-acquisition duopoly than in an ongoing triopoly. This finding suggests a backward-looking efficiency defense in the merger control.

Friberg, Richard , Pehr-Johan Norbäck och Lars Persson (2012), "Ex Post Merger Evaluations and Strategic Pre-Merger Investments ". Journal of Competition Law and Economics 8(4), 831–848.

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