Publicerade artiklar på engelska 2013

Under denna rubrik finns artiklar på engelska publicerade i vetenskapliga tidskrifter eller som kapitel i antologier. I princip är alla bidragen kvalitetsgranskade av externa forskare (peer reviewed), vilket borgar för hög akademisk kvalitet. Endast i undantagsfall är artiklarna möjliga att ladda ner, men kan alltid beställas från IFN eller respektive förlag/tidskrift.

Published articles in English 2013 (Reference formatted list)

Research on Economic Inequality, Volume 21: Health and Inequality

Income Inequality, Health and Development – In Search of a Pattern

Therese Nilsson och Andreas Bergh

There is an on-going debate as to whether health is negatively affected by economic inequality. Still, we have limited knowledge of the mechanisms relating inequality to individual health and very little evidence comes from less-developed economies. We use individual…

Annals of Economics and Statistics

The Short- and Long-term Effects of School Choice on Student Outcomes – Evidence from a School Choice Reform in Sweden

Verena Wondratschek, Karin Edmark och Markus Frölich

This paper evaluates the effects of a major Swedish school choice reform. The reform in 1992 increased school choice and competition among public schools and led to a large-scale introduction of publicly funded private schools. We estimate the effects of school…

Violence Against Women

When Does Intimate Partner Violence Continue after Separation?

Petra Ornstein och Johanna Rickne

Over their lifetime, approximately 10% of all women become victims of postseparation stalking or assault. We use a nationally representative survey of separated Swedish women to examine whether men who strive to control their partners during their relationships are…

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Effects of Compulsory Schooling on Mortality: Evidence from Sweden

Martin Fischer, Martin Karlsson och Therese Nilsson

Theoretically, there are several reasons to expect education to have a positive effect on health. Empirical research suggests that education can be an important health determinant. However, it has not yet been established whether education and health are indeed…

China Economic Review

Labor Market Conditions and Social Insurance in China

Johanna Rickne

This paper provides micro-level evidence on the relationship between labor market conditions and social insurance participation among Chinese industrial firms. I find that the increased scarcity of labor over this period was a quantitatively important driver of…

International Tax and Public Finance

A Continuous Model of Income Insurance

Assar Lindbeck och Mats Persson

In this paper we treat an individual’s health as a continuous variable, in contrast to the traditional literature on income insurance, where it is assumed that the individual is either able or unable to work. A continuous treatment of an individual’s…

Small Business Economics

The Evolving Domain of Entrepreneurship Research

Bo Carlsson, Pontus Braunerhjelm, Maureen McKelvey, Christer Olofsson, Lars Persson och Håkan Ylinenpää

Research on entrepreneurship has flourished in recent years and is evolving rapidly. This article explores the history of entrepreneurship research, how the research domain has evolved, and its current status as an academic field. The need to concretize these issues…

Legal and Economic Principles of World Trade Law

Legal and Economic Principles of World Trade Law: National Treatment

Gene M. Grossman, Henrik Horn och Petros C. Mavroidis

The primary objective of most trade agreements is to restrain members' use of trade policies for protectionist purposes. But it would be pointless to restrict the application of border instruments without regulating the possible use of domestic policies for…

Legal and Economic Principles of World Trade Law

Why the WTO? An Introduction to the Economics of Trade Agreements

Gene M. Grossman och Henrik Horn

The purpose of this study is to present to readers with limited training in economics the perspective that most international trade economists bring to the study of trade agreements. It focuses on the main approach in the literature, which sees these agreements as…

Journal of Economics and Business

Globalization of Monitoring Practices: The Case of American Influences on the Dismissal Risk of European CEOs

Lars Oxelheim och Trond Randøy

This study examines globalization of monitoring practices by focusing on how American (U.S.) influences on European firms impact the dismissal risk for these firms’ CEOs. Specifically, we argue that the stronger short term orientation of the…

Energy Journal

Dead Battery? Wind Power, the Spot Market, and Hydropower Interaction in the Nordic Electricity Market

Johannes Mauritzen

It is well established within both the economics and power system engineering literature that hydropower can act as a complement to large amounts of intermittent energy. In particular hydropower can act as a “battery” where large amounts of wind power are…

What Can We Learn from Economic Reforms in Greece and Sweden?

Product Market Reforms and Incentives to Innovate in Sweden

Harald Edquist och Magnus Henrekson

The chapter is about product market reforms and incentives to innovate in Sweden. The authors suggest a number of reforms to enhance economic developments in Sweden, including increased government support for venture capital in early-stage funding and increased…

Economics Letters

Production Hierarchies in Sweden

Joacim Tåg

I study the internal organization of firms using Swedish occupation data. The empirical patterns match the theoretical predictions of Caliendo and Rossi-Hansberg (2012) and are similar to the patterns observed in French data by Caliendo et al. (2012).

Econ Journal Watch

The Ideological Migration of the Economics Laureates: James M. Buchanan and Bertil Ohlin

Niclas Berggren


Voter Turnout and Political Equality: Testing the ‘Law of Dispersion’ in a Swedish Natural Experiment

Mikael Persson, Maria Solevid och Richard Öhrvall

According to the ‘law of dispersion’, the level of inequality in political participation is higher when voter turnout is low. We empirically test this hypothesis by evaluating levels of voter turnout in the 2010 Swedish election to the Västra…

Journal of Industrial Economics

Venture Capitalists and the Patenting of Innovations

Simona Fabrizi, Steffen Lippert, Pehr-Johan Norbäck och Lars Persson

We model patent-signaling by informed venture capitalists to incumbent acquirers of developed innovations. We show that, to signal, venture capitalists develop more patents with higher impact than incumbents would. A tightening of patenting requirements by the patent…


Untangling the Relationships Among Growth, Profitability and Survival in New Firms

Frédéric Delmar, Alexander McKelvie och Karl Wennberg

The performance of new firms is important for economic development but research has produced limited knowledge about the key relationships among growth, profitability, and survival for new firms. Based on evolutionary theory, we develop a model about how new firms…

Asian Development Review

Foreign Firms and Indigenous Technology Development in the People’s Republic of China

Fredrik Sjöholm och Nannan Lundin

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is currently promoting indigenous technology development through support of Chinese firms and, arguably, by restricting operations of foreign multinational firms. This policy seems to overlook the impact of foreign firms on…

Journal of Theoretical Politics

Elections and Reform: The Adoption of Civil Service Systems in the U.S. States

Michael M. Ting, James M. Snyder, Jr, Shigeo Hirano och Olle Folke

Most government bureaucracies in developed countries use civil service systems. What accounts for their adoption? We develop and test a model of bureaucratic reforms under repeated partisan competition. In the model, two political parties composed of overlapping…


Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden

Ola Andersson och Håkan J. Holm

This paper experimentally investigates free-riding behavior on communication cost in a coordination game and finds strong indications of such free-riding. Firstly, the subjects wait for others to send a message when communication is costly, which does not happen when…

Journal of World Trade

In the Shadow of the DSU: Addressing Specific Trade Concerns in the WTO SPS and TBT Committees

Henrik Horn, Petros C. Mavroidis och Erik N. Wijkström

The article argues that focusing only on disputes formally raised in the World Trade Organization (WTO) Dispute Settlement system underestimates the extent of trade conflict resolution within the WTO. Both the Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS)…

Journal of Development Studies

Foreign Ownership and Employment Growth in a Developing Country

Robert E. Lipsey, Fredrik Sjöholm och Jing Sun

Many developing countries would like to increase employment in the formal sectors. One way to accomplish this goal may be to encourage the entrance of foreign firms. We examine employment growth in Indonesian plants taken over by foreign owners from domestic ones. We…

Journal of Economic Theory

Supply Function Equilibria: Step Functions and Continuous Representations

Pär Holmberg, David Newbery och Daniel Ralph

In most electricity markets generators must submit step-function offers to a uniform price auction. These markets are often modelled as simpler pure-strategy Supply Function Equilibria (SFE) with continuous supply functions. Critics argue that the discreteness and…

Energy Policy

A Reexamination of Renewable Electricity Policy in Sweden

Sven-Olof Fridolfsson och Thomas Tangerås

Green certificates are the main instrument for promoting renewable electricity (RES-E) in Sweden. But certificates cover only a limited share of total RES-E production. Under partial coverage, crowding out may arise whereby costly new RES-E replaces inexpensive old…

Journal of International Trade & Economic Development

Trade Facilitation and the Extensive Margin

Maria Persson

The literature on trade facilitation has mostly focused on implications for trade volumes. However, recent theoretical contributions have emphasized that trade costs – such as transaction costs related to crossborder trade procedures – affect…

Research Handbook on Governance of the Internet

Network Neutrality and Network Management Regulation: Quality of Service, Price Discrimination, and Exclusive Contracts

Nicholas Economides och Joacim Tåg

We compare four approaches to network neutrality and network management regulation in a two-sided market model: (i) no variations in Quality of Service and no price discrimination; (ii) variations in Quality of Service but no price discrimination; (iii) variations in…

European Journal of Political Economy

Political Preferences and Public Sector Outsourcing

Mikael Elinder och Henrik Jordahl

Given the intensive and ideologically charged debate over the use of private contractors for publicly funded services, it is somewhat surprising that many social scientists have preferred to explain government outsourcing by the pursuit of economic efficiency.…

Asian Economic Papers

Improving the Lot of the Farmer: Development Challenges in Timor-Leste during the Second Decade of Independence

Mats Lundahl och Fredrik Sjöholm

Large segments of the rural Timorese population survive on subsistence farming characterized by simple production methods and low output. Broad-based improvements in Timorese living standards require increased agricultural output. This article discusses what…

Public Choice

Identity and Redistribution

Erik Lindqvist och Robert Östling

This paper models the interaction between individuals’ identity choices and redistribution. Both redistributive policies and identity choices are endogenous, and there might be multiple equilibria. The model is applied to ethnicity and social class. In an…

Journal of Economics and Management Strategy

Employee Compensation in Entrepreneurial Companies

Ola Bengtsson och John R. M. Hand

Despite the central role played by human capital in entrepreneurship, little is known about how employees in entrepreneurial firms are compensated and incentivized. We address this gap in the literature by studying 18,935 non-CEO compensation contracts across 1,809…

Journal of International Economics

Institution-Driven Comparative Advantage and Organizational Choice

Shon Ferguson och Sara Formai

The theory of the firm suggests that firms can respond to poor contract enforcement by vertically integrating their production process. The purpose of this paper is to examine whether firms' integration opportunities affect the way contract…

RAND Journal of Economics

Mixed Strategies in Discriminatory Divisible-good Auctions

Edward J. Anderson, Pär Holmberg och Andrew B. Philpott

We introduce the concept of an offer distribution function to analyze randomized offer curves in multiunit procurement auctions. We characterize mixed-strategy Nash equilibria for pay-as-bid auctions where demand is uncertain and costs are common knowledge, a setting…

Journal of Institutional Economics

Does Religiosity Promote Property Rights and the Rule of Law?

Niclas Berggren och Christian Bjørnskov

Social and cultural determinants of economic institutions and outcomes have come to the forefront of economic research. We introduce religiosity, measured as the share for which religion is important in daily life, to explain institutional quality in the…

Industrial and Labor Relations Review

Competition, Takeovers, and Gender Discrimination

Fredrik Heyman, Helena Svaleryd och Jonas Vlachos

Theories of taste-based discrimination predict that competitive pressures will drive discriminatory behavior out of the market. The authors analyze how firm takeovers and product market competition affect firms’ gender composition and gender wage gap using…

Journal of International Business Studies

On the Internationalization of Corporate Boards: The Case of Nordic Firms

Lars Oxelheim, Aleksandra Gregorič, Trond Randøy och Steen Thomsen

This study investigates the internationalization of corporate boards, using a sample of 346 non-financial listed Nordic firms during 2001–2008. Given a high level of international activity, these firms have surprisingly few foreign directors. The…


Does Economic Freedom Foster Tolerance?

Niclas Berggren och Therese Nilsson

Tolerance has the potential to affect both economic growth and wellbeing. It is therefore important to discern its determinants. We contribute to the literature by investigating whether the degree to which economic institutions and policies are market-oriented is…

Review of Economic Design

Sealed Bid Auctions versus Ascending Bid Auctions: An Experimental Study

Christer Andersson, Ola Andersson och Tommy Andersson

This paper considers two multi-item auction formats (ascending and sealed bid) which both identify the minimum Walrasian equilibrium prices and where truthful preference revelation constitutes an equilibrium. Even though these auction formats share many theoretical…

Journal of Development Economics

International Migration, Imperfect Information, and Brain Drain

Vianney Dequiedt och Yves Zenou

We consider a model of international migration where skills of workers are imperfectly observed by firms in the host country and where information asymmetries are more severe for immigrants than for natives. Because of imperfect information, firms statistically…

Journal of Urban Economics

Spatial versus Social Mismatch

Yves Zenou

The aim of this paper is to provide a new mechanism based on social interactions, explaining why distance to jobs can have a negative impact on workers’ labor-market outcomes, especially ethnic minorities. Building on Granovetter’s idea that weak ties are…

Public Choice

Is There an Incumbency Advantage or Cost of Ruling in Proportional Election Systems?

Che-Yuan Liang

This paper investigates the effects of political representation on electoral outcomes at the party and coalition levels in proportional election systems using data from Swedish local government elections. There are two notions of representation, namely, to hold seats…

Industrial and Corporate Change


Tino Sanandaji och Peter T. Leeson

Existing studies of entrepreneurship focus on entrepreneurs whose individual contribution to wealth creation is typically trivial: self-employed persons. This article investigates entrepreneurs whose individual contribution to wealth creation is enormous:…

Industrial and Corporate Change

The Choice of Organizational Form by Closely-Held Firms in Sweden: Tax Versus Non-Tax Determinants

Karin Edmark och Roger H. Gordon

This article makes use of individual data from 2004 to 2008 on owners of closely held businesses in Sweden to estimate the role of both tax and non-tax determinants in the choice to be a closely held corporation (CHC) versus a proprietorship. Although lower-income…

Industrial and Corporate Change

University Entrepreneurship and Professor Privilege

Erika Färnstrand Damsgaard och Marie C. Thursby

This article analyzes how institutional differences affect university entrepreneurship. We focus on ownership of faculty inventions, and compare two institutional regimes, the United States and Sweden. In the United States, the Bayh–Dole Act gives universities…

Industrial and Corporate Change

Institutions and Venture Capital

Josh Lerner och Joacim Tåg

We survey the literature on venture capital and institutions and present a case study comparing the development of the venture capital market in the United States and Sweden. Our literature survey underscores that the legal environment, financial market development,…

Industrial and Corporate Change

Entrepreneurial Commercialization Choices and the Interaction between IPR and Competition Policy

Joshua S. Gans och Lars Persson

This article examines the interaction between intellectual property protection and competition policy on the choice of entrepreneurs with respect to commercialization as well as the rate of innovation. We find that stronger intellectual property protection makes it…

Industrial and Corporate Change

Entrepreneurship, Institutions, and Economic Dynamism: Lessons from a Comparison of the United States and Sweden

Pontus Braunerhjelm och Magnus Henrekson

The purpose of the research endeavor published in this Special Section is to further our understanding of the extent, character, and orientation of entrepreneurial activity in today’s wealthy countries. This is done by means of several detailed studies of…

Journal of Banking & Finance

Real Exchange Rate Adjustment in European Transition Countries

Florin Maican och Richard J. Sweeney

In single-equation tests, real exchange rates show mean reversion for nine of 10 Central and Eastern European transition countries for the period January 1993 to December 2005. Because of the shift from controlled to market economies and accompanying crises, failed…

Applied Economics

FDI, Taxes and Agglomeration Economies in the EU15

Åsa Hansson och Karin Olofsdotter

This article provides an empirical analysis of the impact of tax differentials and agglomeration economies on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The article departs from most previous work on FDI and tax competition in a number of ways. First, it incorporates several…

Applied Economics

Publicly-Funded R&D Programs and Survival of Patents

Roger Svensson

I apply a survival model to a detailed data set of Swedish patents to estimate how different financing factors affect the likelihood of patent renewal. Since the owners know more about the patents than potential external financiers, there is a problem of asymmetric…

Journal of Population Economics

Childcare Costs and the Demand for Children—Evidence from a Nationwide Reform

Eva Mörk, Anna Sjögren och Helena Svaleryd

Exploiting the exogenous variation in user fees caused by a Swedish childcare reform, we are able to identify the causal effect of childcare costs on fertility in a context in which childcare enrollment is almost universal, user fees are low, and labor force…

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