Publicerade artiklar på engelska 2015

Under denna rubrik finns artiklar på engelska publicerade i vetenskapliga tidskrifter eller som kapitel i antologier. I princip är alla bidragen kvalitetsgranskade av externa forskare (peer reviewed), vilket borgar för hög akademisk kvalitet. Endast i undantagsfall är artiklarna möjliga att ladda ner, men kan alltid beställas från IFN eller respektive förlag/tidskrift.

Published articles in English 2015 (Reference formatted list)

Oxford Handbook of Swedish Politics

The Swedish Macroeconomic Policy Framework

Lars Calmfors

This chapter describes the monetary and fiscal policy frameworks in Sweden and analyses how they were established as well as current challenges. Sweden provides a good example of how deep economic crisis, in interaction with independent thinking by…

Oxford Handbook of Swedish Politics

Voter Turnout

Richard Öhrvall

For several decades, Sweden has had a relatively high voter turnout, both in relation to the first half of the 20th century and in comparison with other countries. Still, even in this high-turnout context substantial differences in turnout can be found when comparing…

The EU's Role in Fighting Global Imbalances

Superentrepreneurship and Global Imbalances: Closing Europe’s Gap to Other Industrialized Regions

Magnus Henrekson och Tino Sanandaji

Entrepreneurs perform a central function in today’s decentralized market economies by innovating and exploring new ways to organize factors of production. They are consequently widely believed to play an important role in economic growth. The attention afforded…

The EU's Role in Fighting Global Imbalances

The EU and Global Imbalances

Antonina Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, Moa Mårtensson, Lars Oxelheim och Thomas Persson

When the Treaty of Maastricht took effect on 1 November 1993, it established a Common Foreign and Security Policy for the European Union (EU). The fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War had opened up new prospects for a uniting Europe to play a more…

Journal of Mathematical Economics

Network Games with Incomplete Information

Joan de Martí och Yves Zenou

We consider a network game with strategic complementarities where the individual reward or the strength of interactions is only partially known by the agents. Players receive different correlated signals and they make inferences about other players’…

European Economic Review

Agglomeration, City Size and Crime

Carl Gaigné och Yves Zenou

This paper analyzes the relationship between crime and agglomeration where the land, labor, product, and crime markets are endogenously determined. Our main theoretical findings are the following: (i) better accessibility to jobs decreases crime in the short run but…

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Sensitivity to Shocks and Implicit Employment Protection in Family Firms

Carl Magnus Bjuggren

In this study I find that employment in family firms is less sensitive to performance and product market fluctuations. I show this by investigating aggregate fluctuations at the industry level as well as idiosyncratic firm level shocks. By differentiating between…

Journal of the European Economic Association

Political Selection in China: The Complementary Roles of Connections and Performance

Ruixue Jia, Masayuki Kudamatsu och David Seim

Who becomes a top politician in China? We focus on provincial leaders—a pool of candidates for top political office—and examine how their chances of promotion depend on their performance in office and connections with top politicians. Our empirical…

Handbook of Income Distribution, Vol. 2

Long-Run Trends in the Distribution of Income and Wealth

Jesper Roine och Daniel Waldenström

This chapter reviews the long-run developments in the distribution of personal income and wealth. It also discusses suggested explanations for the observed patterns. We try to answer questions such as: What do we know, and how do we know, about the distribution of…

Journal of Law, Economics and Organization

Trust, Leniency and Deterrence

Maria Bigoni, Sven-Olof Fridolfsson, Chloé Le Coq och Giancarlo Spagnolo

This article presents results from a laboratory experiment studying the channels through which different law enforcement strategies deter cartel formation. With leniency policies offering immunity to the first reporting party, a high fine is the main determinant of…

Economics Letters

The Role of Cultural Leaders in the Transmission of Preferences

Thierry Verdier och Yves Zenou

This paper studies the population dynamics of preference traits in a model of intergenerational cultural transmission with cultural leaders who compete for oblique socialization. We show that by adding this new channel in the transmission of preferences, i.e.…

Journal of Public Economics

Luck, Choice and Responsibility – An Experimental Study of Fairness Views

Johanna Möllerström, Bjørn-Atle Reme och Erik Ø. Sørensen

We conduct laboratory experiments where third-party spectators have the opportunity to redistribute resources between two agents, thereby eliminating inequality and offsetting the consequences of controllable and uncontrollable luck. Some spectators go to the limits…

Review of International Economics

Multinational Firms and Plant Divestiture

Pehr-Johan Norbäck, Ayça Tekin-Koru och Andreas Waldkirch

Multinational firms not only make acquisitions, but also frequently divest affiliates. Affiliate divestiture is the result of many factors, some internal and some external to the firm. Using detailed confidential survey data of Swedish multinationals, we are able to…

Review of Regional Studies

Market Reach for Retail Services

Johan Klaesson och Özge Öner

Retail is concentrated in areas where demand is high. A measure of market potential can be used to calculate place-specific demand for retail services. The effect of distance on market potential depends on the willingness of consumers to travel for the products they…

Comparative Sociology

How Do Institutions Affect Happiness and Misery? A Tale of Two Tails

Christian Bjørnskov och Ming-Chang Tsai

We generalize the discussion of the relevant determinants of happiness by asking the question if the same factors, more specifically the same institutional factors, affect happiness and misery. Focusing on five formal and informal factors and applying a combined…

Wiadomości Numizmatyczne (Polish Numismatic News)

Coinage Policies in Medieval Sweden

Roger Svensson

The purpose of this study is to analyse which kinds of monetary taxation and coinage policies the minting authorities applied in Sweden in the period 1153–1512. In medieval Europe, old coins were frequently declared invalid and were exchanged for new ones at 􀃀…

B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy

The Dynamics of Offshoring and Institutions

Fredrik Heyman och Patrik Gustavsson Tingvall

Previous research has found that weak institutions can hamper investment and alter patterns of trade. However, little is known about the impact of institutional quality on offshoring. This lack of knowledge is surprising, given that offshoring has become an important…

Journal of Population Economics

Unexplored Dimensions of Discrimination in Europe: Homosexuality and Physical Appearance

Eleonora Patacchini, Giuseppe Ragusa och Yves Zenou

We study labor-market discrimination of individuals with “specific” characteristics in Italy. We conduct a field experiment in two Italian cities: Rome and Milan, by sending “fake” CVs to real ads. We find that there is a strong penalty for…

Journal of Labor Economics

A Dynamic Model of Weak and Strong Ties in the Labor Market

Yves Zenou

The study develops a simple model where workers can obtain a job through either their strong or weak ties. It shows that increasing the time spent with weak ties raises the employment rate of workers. It also shows that when the job-destruction rate or the…

Journal of Business Ethics

Cronyism and the Determinants of Chairman Compensation

Lars Oxelheim och Kevin Clarkson

This study examines determinants of chairman compensation in a supervisory board setting and, specifically, the relationship between chairman and CEO compensation. Using a sample of publicly listed firms in Sweden, the study indicates that chairman…

Oxford Handbook of Local Competitiveness

Local Competitiveness Fostered through Local Institutions for Entrepreneurship

Martin Andersson och Magnus Henrekson

We review and assess the role local institutional framework conditions play in fostering local entrepreneurship. The basic premise is that entrepreneurship is a central driver of economic renewal and change, and that institutions affect both the supply and direction…

Energy Journal

Renewable Electricity Policy and Market Integration

Thomas Tangerås

I analyze renewable electricity policy in a multinational electricity market with transmission investment. If national policy makers choose support schemes to maximize domestic welfare, a trade policy motive arises operating independently of any direct benefit of…

Energy Journal

Now or Later? Trading Wind Power Closer to Real Time And How Poorly Designed Subsidies Lead to Higher Balancing Costs

Johannes Mauritzen

Simulation studies have pointed to the advantages of trading closer to real-time with large amounts of wind power. Using Danish data, I show that, as expected, shortfalls increase the probability of trade on the short-term market, Elbas. But in the period studied…

European Journal of Social Security

Is Welfare Dependency Inherited? Estimating Causal Welfare Transmission Effects using Swedish Sibling Data

Karin Edmark och Kajsa Hanspers

This study tests whether individuals who grow up with parents on welfare benefits are themselves more (or less) likely to be welfare recipients as young adults, compared to individuals who grow up in non-welfare households. Using detailed register-based information…

Journal of Economic Theory

Relaxing Competition Through Speculation: Committing to a Negative Supply Slope

Pär Holmberg och Bert Willems

We demonstrate how commodity producers can take strategic speculative positions in derivatives markets to soften competition in the spot market. In our game, producers first choose a portfolio of call options and then compete in supply functions. In equilibrium,…

Constitutional Political Economy

The Importance of the Political Process on Corporate Tax Policy

Åsa Hansson, Susan Porter och Susan Perry Williams

Few would argue that the difficulty in making legislative changes influences policy decisions and often results in less timely and responsive legislation. Despite this, economic research on corporate tax policy often excludes consideration of the political process.…

Constitutional Political Economy

Constitutional Property Rights Protection and Economic Growth: Evidence from the Post-Communist Transition

Christian Bjørnskov

This paper seeks to estimate the economic growth effect of constitutional provisions for property rights protection. It does so using the unique situation in formerly communist countries in Central and Eastern Europe and the Caucasus where all but two introduced new…

Economics Letters

How Price Spikes Can Help Overcome the Energy Efficiency Gap

Johannes Mauritzen

Using data on Google searches, I suggest that the spiky nature of electricity markets has a strong effect on searching for information on energy efficiency goods. I identify the informational effect by decomposing prices into smoothed and deviation components.

Journal of World Trade

Black Cat, White Cat: The Identity of the WTO Judges

Louise Johannesson och Petros C. Mavroidis

World Trade Organization (WTO) judges are proposed by the WTO Secretariat and elected to act as ‘judges’ if either approved by the parties to a dispute, or, by the WTO Director-General in case no agreement between the parties has been possible. They are…

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Changing the Nexus: The Evolution and Renegotiation of Venture Capital Contracts

Ola Bengtsson och Berk A. Sensoy

We study the evolution and renegotiation of the cash-flow rights that venture capitalists (VCs) obtain in their portfolio companies. When company performance between financing rounds is poor, subsequent contracts contain stronger VC cash-flow rights, and existing VCs…

Energy Journal

Nuclear Capacity Auctions

Sven-Olof Fridolfsson och Thomas Tangerås

We propose nuclear capacity auctions as a means to correcting the incentives for investing in nuclear power. In particular, capacity auctions open the market for large-scale entry by outside firms. Requiring licensees to sell a share of capacity as virtual power…

International Journal of Manpower

Employment Effects of Union-Bargained Minimum Wages: Evidence from Sweden's Retail Sector

Per Skedinger

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the effects of collectively agreed increases in minimum wages for manual workers on employment transitions and hours. Design/methodology/approach – The econometric approach relies on the identification of…

Social Science & Medicine

Globalization, Democracy, and Child Health in Developing Countries

Anna Welander, Carl Hampus Lyttkens och Therese Nilsson

Good health is crucial for human and economic development. In particular poor health in childhood is of utmost concern since it causes irreversible damage and has implications later in life. Recent research suggests globalization is a strong force affecting adult and…

Politics & Gender

Gender Quotas and Ethnic Minority Representation: Swedish Evidence from a Longitudinal Mixed Methods Study

Olle Folke, Lenita Freidenvall och Johanna Rickne

In this paper, we study the ways in which affirmative action for one political minority, gender quotas, impact on intersectional representation. In a quantitative analysis of detailed panel data from 285 Swedish municipal assemblies, the numerical impact of a zipper…

Unexplored Dimensions of Discrimination

Unexplored Dimensions of Discrimination in Europe: Religion, Homosexuality, and Physical Appearance

Eleonora Patacchini, Giuseppe Ragusa och Yves Zenou

This study analyses different forms of discrimination towards individuals in the labor market. In particular, it examines the potential for discrimination of sexual orientation, religion, and physical appearance and weight. The analysis is conducted by means of a…

Swedish Taxation: Developments since 1862

Taxation in Sweden since 1862: An Introduction and Overview

Magnus Henrekson och Mikael Stenkula

This chapter gives an introduction to the development of taxation in Sweden from 1862 to 2013, which is examined right through the volume. The contributions in this volume cover six key aspects of the Swedish tax system: the taxation of labor income, capital income,…

Swedish Taxation: Developments since 1862

Swedish Labor Income Taxation (1862–2013)

Gunnar Du Rietz, Dan Johansson och Mikael Stenkula

This chapter presents annual Swedish time series data on the top marginal tax wedge and marginal tax wedges on labor income for low-, average-, and high-income earners for the period 1862–2013. The tax wedges were initially low and the tax system, proportional.…

Swedish Taxation: Developments since 1862

Swedish Capital Income Taxation (1862–2013)

Gunnar Du Rietz, Dan Johansson och Mikael Stenkula

This chapter describes the evolution of capital income taxation in Sweden between 1862 and 2013, including corporate, dividends, capital gains, interest income, and wealth taxation. To illustrate this evolution, we present annual time series data regarding the…

Swedish Taxation: Developments since 1862

Taxation of Goods and Services in Sweden (1862–2013)

Mikael Stenkula

This chapter presents annual Swedish time series data regarding consumption taxes; that is, the indirect taxation of goods and services, for the 1862–2013 period. As a share of total state tax revenue, consumption tax revenue was high at the beginning of the…

Swedish Taxation: Developments since 1862

Swedish Inheritance and Gift Taxation (1885–2004)

Gunnar Du Rietz, Magnus Henrekson och Daniel Waldenström

This chapter studies the evolution of Swedish inheritance taxation from its inception in 1885 to its abolishment in 2004. The basic principles of the tax, including underlying ideas and ambitions, tax schedules, and rules concerning valuation of assets, liability…

Swedish Taxation: Developments since 1862

Swedish Wealth Taxation (1911–2007)

Gunnar Du Rietz och Magnus Henrekson

The authors study the evolution of Swedish wealth taxation, since its introduction in 1911 until it was abolished in 2007. The rules concerning the valuation of assets, deductions/exemptions, and tax schedules are described and used to calculate marginal and average…

Swedish Taxation: Developments since 1862

Taxation of Real Estate in Sweden (1862–2013)

Mikael Stenkula

This chapter examines the development and role of real estate taxation in Sweden during the period between 1862 and 2010. Real estate has historically been taxed at both the local and state levels in Sweden. The importance of real estate taxation in Sweden is…

Handbook on Trade and Development

Trade Preferences from a Policy Perspective

Maria Persson

Focusing on North–South trade relations, this chapter explores non-reciprocal trade preferences for developing countries, where the preference-receiving developing countries are not expected to make market access concessions to the preference-giving developed…

Journal of Evolutionary Economics

Is the Psychology of High Profits Detrimental to Industrial Renewal? Experimental Evidence for the Theory of Transformation Pressure

Lennart Erixon och Louise Johannesson

The theory of transformation pressure maintains, by reference to cognitive and emotional factors, that productivity and innovation are stimulated by a decline in actual profits. In periods of increasing profits, firms governed by historical relativism, the peak-end…

Scandinavian Economic History Review

Capital Income Taxation of Swedish Households, 1862–2010

Dan Johansson, Mikael Stenkula och Gunnar Du Rietz

This study describes the evolution of capital income taxation, including corporate, dividend, interest, capital gains and wealth taxation, in Sweden between 1862 and 2010. To illustrate the evolution, we present annual time-series data on the marginal effective tax…

Political Science Research and Methods

Partisan Imbalance in Regression Discontinuity Studies Based on Electoral Thresholds

James M. Snyder Jr., Olle Folke och Shigeo Hirano

Many articles use regression discontinuity designs (RDDs) that exploit the discontinuity in “close” election outcomes to identify various political and economic outcomes of interest. One of the most important types of diagnostic tests in an RDD is…

Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics, Vol. 5A

Neighborhood and Network Effects

Giorgio Topa och Yves Zenou

In this chapter, we provide an overview of research on neighborhoods and social networks and their role in shaping behavior and economic outcomes. We include a discussion of empirical and theoretical analyses of the role of neighborhoods and social networks in crime,…

Journal of Econometrics

Revealed Preference Tests for Weak Separability: An Integer Programming Approach

Laurens Cherchye, Thomas Demuynck, Bram De Rock och Per Hjertstrand

We present the revealed preference conditions that characterize the data sets that are consistent with the maximization of a weakly separable utility function. We show that verifying these revealed preference conditions is np-hard. We also present an integer…

International Journal of Industrial Organization

A Dynamic Analysis of Entry Regulations and Productivity in Retail Trade

Florin Maican och Matilda Orth

Quantifying possible inefficiencies stemming from regulation is important to both policymakers and researchers. We use a dynamic structural model to evaluate the role of local market entry regulations in the productivity of retail trade. Our model is flexible with…

Journal of Comparative Economics

Globalization and the Transmission of Social Values: The Case of Tolerance

Niclas Berggren och Therese Nilsson

Tolerance – respecting those who are different – is arguably of particular importance in an era of globalization, where a potential for economic, social and personal development is increasingly a function of interaction with others different from oneself.…

Labour Economics

Sickness Insurance and Spousal Labour Supply

Martin Olsson och Peter Skogman Thoursie

Analysing a reform in the Swedish public sickness insurance, we find that an increased replacement rate for one spouse has a negative cross effect on the other spouse's labour supply. The cross effects are present in the labour supply margins that workers can…

International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences, Second Edition, Volume 16

Networks in Economics

Yves Zenou

We provide an overview on networks in economics. We first look at the theoretical aspects of network economics using a game-theoretical approach. We derive some results on games on networks and network formation. We also study what happens when agents choose both…

Network Science

Static and Dynamic Networks in Interbank Markets

Ethan Cohen-Cole, Eleonora Patacchini och Yves Zenou

This paper proposes a model of network interactions in the interbank market. Our innovation is to model systemic risk in the interbank network as the propagation of incentives or strategic behavior rather than the propagation of losses after default. Transmission in…

Journal of Politics

A Gubernatorial Helping Hand? How Governors Affect Presidential Elections

Robert S. Erikson, Olle Folke och James M. Snyder, Jr.

It is commonly argued that a presidential candidate will be helped in a state by having a governor of the same party in office. However, there is little research to support this claim. To address this question, we use a regression discontinuity design, which allows…

Small Business Economics

An International Cohort Comparison of Size Effects on Job Growth

Michael Anyadike-Danes, Carl Magnus Bjuggren, Sandra Gottschalk, Werner Hölzl, Dan Johansson, Mika Maliranta och Anja Myrann

The contribution of different-sized businesses to job creation continues to attract policymakers’ attention; however, it has recently been recognised that conclusions about size were confounded with the effect of age. We probe the role of size, controlling for…

European Economic Review

Promises, Policies and Pocketbook Voting

Mikael Elinder, Henrik Jordahl och Panu Poutvaara

Do voters respond to political parties׳ promises or to their past actions? We use a suitable sequence of events in Swedish politics to provide the first answer to this question. In the 1994 election campaign the Social Democrats proposed major cuts in transfers to…

European Economic Review

How Urbanization Affects Employment and Social Interactions

Yasuhiro Sato och Yves Zenou

We develop a model where the unemployed workers in the city can find a job either directly or through weak or strong ties. We show that, in denser areas, individuals choose to interact with more people and meet more random encounters (weak ties) than in sparsely…

Energy Journal

Comparison of Congestion Management Techniques: Nodal, Zonal and Discriminatory Pricing

Pär Holmberg och Ewa Lazarczyk

Wholesale electricity markets use different market designs to handle congestion in the transmission network. We compare nodal, zonal and discriminatory pricing in general networks with transmission constraints and loop flows. We conclude that in large games with many…

Measuring Business Excellence

Merciful yet Effective Elderly Care Performance Management Practices

Jannis Angelis och Henrik Jordahl

Purpose – The study aims to compare management practices in private and publicly owned elderly care homes. The demands for cost-effective care combined with emphasis on client experience highlights the importance of appropriate management…

Public Choice

Legitimacy and the Cost of Government

Niclas Berggren, Christian Bjørnskov och David Lipka

While previous research documents a negative relationship between government size and economic growth, suggesting an economic cost of big government, a given government size generally affects growth differently in different countries. As a possible explanation of…

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

The Impact of Entrepreneurship Education in High School on Long-Term Entrepreneurial Performance

Niklas Elert, Fredrik W. Andersson och Karl Wennberg

This paper studies the long-term impact of entrepreneurship education and training in high school on entrepreneurial entry, performance, and survival. Using propensity score matching, we compare three Swedish cohorts from Junior Achievement Company Program (JACP)…

Economics Letters

Consistent Subsets: Computationally Feasible Methods to Compute the Houtman–Maks-Index

Jan Heufer och Per Hjertstrand

We provide two methods to compute the largest subset of a set of observations that is consistent with the Generalised Axiom of Revealed Preference. The algorithm provided by Houtman and Maks (1985) is not computationally feasible for larger data sets, while our…

Journal of Economic Policy Reform

What Matters for Growth in Europe? Institutions versus Policies, Quality versus Instability

Niclas Berggren, Andreas Bergh och Christian Bjørnskov

We study how the quality and instability of institutions and policies affect economic growth in 35 European countries. While stability entails valuable predictability, instability can reflect reforms that offer positive long-run consequences. We construct measures of…

Corporate Governance: An International Review

The Silent Board: How Language Diversity May Influence the Work Processes of Corporate Boards

Rebecca Piekkari, Lars Oxelheim och Trond Randøy

Review of International Economics

Endogenous Product Differentiation, Market Size and Prices

Shon Ferguson

This paper provides a framework to understand how market size affects firms' investments in product differentiation in a model of monopolistic competition. The theory proposes that consumers' love of variety makes them more sensitive to product…

Econ Journal Watch

Yes, There Are Hayekian Welfare States (At Least in Theory)

Andreas Bergh

The neoclassical problem of distortionary taxation and the Hayekian knowledge problem are two different lines of argumentation against government interventions. When it applies, the Hayekian argument against government intervention is stronger than the neoclassical…

Review of World Economics

How to Combine High Sunk Costs of Exporting and Low Export Survival

Joakim Gullstrand och Maria Persson

In endeavouring to explain the empirical puzzle that the sunk costs of exporting are important, but that, at the same time, trade flows do not, on average, survive for very long, this paper explores the concepts of core and peripheral markets. First, it illustrates…

Routledge Handbook of Southeast Asian Economics

Foreign Direct Investment in Southeast Asia

Fredrik Sjöholm


Social Capital and the Family: Evidence that Strong Family Ties Cultivate Civic Virtues

Martin Ljunge

I establish a positive relationship between family ties and civic virtues, as captured by disapproval of tax and benefit cheating, corruption and a range of other dimensions of exploiting others for personal gain. I find that family ties are a complement to social…

Handbook of Game Theory, Volume 4

Games on Networks

Matthew O. Jackson och Yves Zenou

We provide an overview and synthesis of the literatures analyzing games in which players are connected via a network structure. We discuss, in particular, the impact of the structure of the network on individuals’ behaviors. We focus on game theoretic modeling,…

Oxford Handbook of Economic and Institutional Transparency

The Multifaceted Concept of Transparency

Jens Forssbæck och Lars Oxelheim

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