China's Reformed Economy

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Författare: Assar LindbeckÅr: 2007 Publikation: CESifo Forum Årgång (nr): 8 (1) Sidor: 8–14

China's Reformed Economy Assar Lindbeck

It is easy to identify China’s main economic achievements in connection with the country’s transition to a new economic system: a GDP growth rate perhaps as high as 9 to 10 percent per year since around 1980; an eightfold increase in per capita income; and a fall from 50 to 10 percent of the share of the population living in “absolute poverty”. This last category is then defined as individuals living on less than one dollar a day. However, it is also important to be clear about the resource costs connected with China’s rapid growth path as well as lingering, and in some fields increasing, social problems.

Lindbeck, Assar (2007), "China's Reformed Economy". CESifo Forum 8(1), 8–14.

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