The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research

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Författare: Magnus Henrekson och Anders LundströmÅr: 2009 Publikation: Small Business Economics Årgång (nr): 32 (1) Sidor: 1–14

The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research Magnus Henrekson och Anders Lundström

The International Award for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research was introduced in 1996, and it is now firmly established as the most prestigious award for outstanding research contributions in this subject area. Thanks to a generous donation from the Swedish entrepreneur Rune Andersson, it has been possible to make a number of changes aimed at strengthening global recognition of the Prize even further: the name is being changed to the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research, the financial side to the Prize is being roughly doubled to 100,000 euros, and the system for nomination, evaluation, and selection of future Award Winners is becoming more structured and transparent. We present here the background to and the organization(s) behind the Award, briefly categorize the winners in the 1996–2008 period, describe the present and the future system for nomination, evaluation, and selection of Award Winners, and discuss the criteria for the selection of Prize candidates and Award-winning contributions.

Henrekson, Magnus och Anders Lundström (2009), "The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research". Small Business Economics 32(1), 1–14.

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