Working Paper No. 601

Social Networks and Crime Decisions: The Role of Social Structure in Facilitating Delinquent Behavior

Publicerad: October 21, 2003Antal sidor: 19Nyckelord: Strategic Interactions; Multiple Equilibria; Pairwise-Stable NetworksJEL-koder: C72; K42; Z13

Social Networks and Crime Decisions: The Role of Social Structure in Facilitating Delinquent Behavior Antoni Calvó-Armengol and Yves Zenou

We develop a model in which delinquents compete with each other in criminal activities but may benefit from being friends with other criminals by learning and acquiring proper know-how on the crime business. By taking the social network connecting agents as given, we study the subgame perfect Nash equilibrium of this game in which individuals decide first to work or to become a criminal and then the crime effort provided if criminals. We show that this game always has a pure strategy subgame perfect Nash equilibrium that we characterize. Ex ante identical individuals connected through a network can end up with very different equilibrium outcomes: either employed, or isolated criminal or criminals in network. We also show that multiple equilibria with different number of active criminals and levels of involvement in rime activities may coexist and are only driven by the geometry of the pattern of links connecting criminals. Using the equilibrium concept of pairwise-stable networks, we then show that the multiplicity of equilibrium outcomes holds even when we allow for endogenous network formation.


Framtidens arbetsförmedling


Lars Calmfors, IFN, är en av redaktörerna för antologin Framtidens arbetsförmedling (Fores 2018): "Den största utmaningen idag i svensk ekonomi är den höga arbetslösheten bland utomeuropeiskt födda, personer som saknar gymnasiekompetens, äldre och personer med funktionsnedsättningar". Ett genomgående tema i boken är att det är bättre att genomföra förändringar i små steg som går att utvärdera än att i ett slag göra totala systemförändringar.

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