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Each paper presentation is given 40 minutes (3 papers have 30 minutes) which includes comments and questions from the audience.  

Updated May 31, 2023

Wednesday, June 7 

19:00 Informal dinner at the restaurant of Waxholms Hotell (conference venue)

Thursday, June 8

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant

08:40–08:50 Registration

08:50–09:00 Welcome address


09:00–09:40 Andreas Ravndal Kostøl: "Missing Work: Elasticities with Dynamic Optimization Frictions" (with Andreas Myhre, Mark Whitmeyer and Matthew Merkle)

09:40–10:20 Jukka Pirttilä: "Migration and Tax Policy: Evidence from Finnish Full-Population Data" (with Salla Kalin, Ilpo Kauppinen and Kaisa Kotakorpi)

10:20–10:40 Coffee


10:40–11:10 Spencer Bastani: "Taxation of Housing in a Mirrleesian Context when Urban Land is Scarce" (with Sören Blomquist, Luca Micheletto and Khayyam Tayibov)

11:10–11:40 Håkan Selin: "Explaining Benefit Take-Up Behavior – The Role of Incentives and Habits" (with Olof Rosenqvist) 

11:40–12:10 Olle Hammar: "The Global Distribution of Human Capital and Total Wealth" (with Daniel Waldenström)

12:10–13:20 Lunch in the hotel restaurant


13:20–14:00 Kaisa Kotakorpi: "Which Income Comparisons Matter to People, and How? Evidence from a Large Field Experiment" (with Xiaogeng Xu, Satu Metsälampi, Michael Kirchler, Peter Matthews and Topi Miettinen)

14:00–14:40 David Agrawal: "A New Approach to Evaluating the Welfare Effects of Decentralized Policies" (with William H. Hoyt and Tidiane Ly) 

14:40–15:00 Coffee 


15:00–15:40 Claus Thustrup Kreiner: "Micro vs Macro Labor Supply Elasticities: The Role of Dynamic Compensation" (with Henrik Kleven, Kristian Larsen and Jakob Søgaard)   

15:40–16:20 Gabriella Massenz: "The Anatomy of Tax Responsiveness: Evidence from Dutch Closely Held Corporations' (with Nicole Bosch)  

16:20–17:00 Marius Ring: "Financial Frictions and the Non-Distortionary Effects of Delayed Taxation" (with Spencer Bastani and Andreas Fagereng)

18:30 Meeting in the lobby for a group photo

18:45–21:45 Dinner during a boat trip in the archipelago

21:45– Informal bar in the conference lounge at the hotel

Friday, June 9

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant


09:00–09:40 Annette Alstadsæter: "Who Owns Offshore Real Estate? Evidence from Dubai" (with Bluebery Planterose, Gabriel Zucman and Andreas Økland)  

09:40–10.20 Tuomas Kosonen: "Paying Moms to Stay Home: Short and Long Run Effects on Parents and Children" (with Jon Gruber and Kristiina Huttunen)   

10:20–10:40 Coffee and check-out                               


10:40–11:20 Wojciech Kopczuk: "Accounting for Business Income in Measuring Top Income Shares: Integrated Accrual Approach Using Individual and Firm Data from Norway" (with Annette Alstadsæter, Martin Jacob and Kjetil Telle) 

11:20–12:00 Joel Slemrod: "External Validity in Empircial Public Finance" (with Rex Hsieh and Gerardo Sanz-Maldonado)  

12:00–12:40 David Seim: "The Limited Effects of Eliminating Employment Protection"  

12:40–12.45 End of the conference, closing remarks

12:45–14.00 Lunch in the hotel restaurant

14:10− Taxi to the airport (for those who fly back on Friday, June 9; we will try to coordinate the ordering of taxis)


14:15/15.00 Boat trip to Stockholm for those who will stay in or travel onwards from Stockholm