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  • Stock options for a better business climate

    Stock options for a better business climate


    On Tuesday, Liberalerna (the Liberals) organized a seminar in Parliament: "Stock options - the possibility for co-workers to become co-owner?" Magnus Henrekson, IFN, was part of a panel that discussed ideas about the business climate in general and stock options in particular. The Incentives commission's (Incitamentsutredningen) proposal for stock option rules was criticized by all four speakers. The panel also included Annika Linde, SUP 46, Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist, Swedish Venture Capital Association and Knut Frängsmyr, Klarna.

  • Lessons from the German labor market

    Lessons from the German labor market


    Arbetsmarknadsekonomiska rådet (Labor Economic Council) with Lars Calmfors, IFN, as chairman, unveiled on Thursday a report: "The German Labor Market Miracle: An Assessment". In the report Professor Michael C. Burda of Humboldt University in Berlin, analyzes how labor market reforms and changes in wage formation in Germany have affected employment.

  • Aviation is important to business!

    Aviation is important to business!


    The link between air travel and economic activity is very strong, explained Shon Ferguson, IFN, and Richard Forslid, Stockholm University, in the SNS report "Flyget och företagen” (Aviation and business) which was presented on Tuesday. They show that a municipality with half as much distance to the airport has 50 percent higher production. The study also shows that knowledge-intensive industries (such as IT and finance) are most dependent on aviation.

  • Funding of research about genetic influence on the economy

    Funding of research about genetic influence on the economy


    David Cesarini, IFN and New York University, has been awarded over SEK 6 million from the Ragnar Söderberg Foundation to study how millions of genetic markers related to various economic and social behaviors and attitudes. Sven Oskarsson, Uppsala University, is coapplicant. Studies led by the two researchers have begun to identify genetic associations with behavioral outcomes such as educational attainment, personality and subjective well-being.

  • One-size doesn't fit all EU countries

    One-size doesn't fit all EU countries


    Within the framework of the EU project FIRES a first IFN-working paper has been published by Niklas Elert, IFN, and Selin Dilli, Utrecht University. In their study they have examined how 21 European countries and the United States cluster in entrepreneurial and institutional dimensions. The results reveal six country clusters, or entrepreneurial regimes. The main implication is that different reform strategies are appropriate to promote entrepreneurship and economic growth in European countries in different clusters.

  • Philippe Aghion awarded € 100 000

    Philippe Aghion awarded € 100 000


    The 2016 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research is awarded to Professor Philippe Aghion, Collège de France and previously at Harvard University. Global Award is the most prominent international award in entrepreneurship research with a prize sum of € 100 000. Professor Aghion, who has been one of the World’s most influential scholars in economics during the last two decades, is awarded for his analyses of the importance of innovation for business development.

  • New study: ADHD, impulsivity and entrepreneurship

    New study: ADHD, impulsivity and entrepreneurship


    On Wednesday Johan Wiklund, Syracuse University, presented the study "ADHD, Impulsivity and Entrepreneurship" at IFN in Stockholm. "Johan Wiklund is one of the world's most successful entrepreneurship scholars", said Niclas Berggren, IFN, when introducing Wiklund who is currently studying if individuals diagnosed with ADHD are less or more prone to become entrepreneurs.

  • New Report: Create fairness between generations!

    New Report: Create fairness between generations!


    On Tuesday Harold James, Professor of History and International Affairs, Princeton University, presented the 2016 EEAG Report and a chapter about intergenerational fairness in today’s Europe. Mats Persson, Professor of Economics at Stockholm University, commented on the report. This was followed by a discussion moderaterad by journalist Paulina Neuding. The topics veered from the many asylum seeking immigrants and unemployment among European youth to retirement benefits, and what these developments will mean to the society of tomorrow.

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Research Fellow

Thomas Tangerås

Research interests: Electricity markets, telecoms, political economics and regulation.

Among the questions that Thomas Tangerås tries to answer with his reserach:

  • How well do electricity markets perform?
  • What is the role of policy process for market performance?

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Newsletter 2-2015


Promise voters to pad their wallets, and they will listen

By Henrik Jordahl

Do pork barrel politics really change voting behavior? IFN researchers measured the effect of high-profile pledges on child care in Swedish elections – with surprising results, writes Henrik Jordahl.

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Understanding Entrepreneurship – Definition, Function, and Policy

Entrepreneurship 2016.jpg

Understanding Entrepreneurship by Magnus Henrekson and Mikael Stenkula, IFN, is designed as a core textbook for undergraduate and graduate courses in entrepreneurship. It is also suitable reading for undergraduate courses in economics and economic history.

The book provides a comprehensive description of entrepreneurship, and explores how it plays 
a decisive role in creating growth, employment and prosperity.

Global Award

Research on entrepreneurship




The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research is the foremost global award for research on entrepreneurship.This Prize is awarded annually with a prize sum of EUR 100,000.

IFN in cooperation with Entreprenörskapsforum and Vinnova are the principals of the award, in cooperation with the donor, Stockholms Köpmansklubb.

Professor Philippe Aghion, Collège de France, is the winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2016. He will receive the award at a ceremony on May 10, 2016, in Stockholm.

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