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  • IFN researchers discussing the job market

    IFN researchers discussing the job market


    On Tuesday, November 17, three renowned IFN-researchers participated in public seminars: Professor Lars Calmfors, Professor Magnus Henrekson and Associate Professor Per Skedinger. The subjects were wages, employment and changes in society overall. The massive current of refugees and the opportunities for newcomers to find jobs were discussed from different viewpoints at all three seminars.

  • Prize for article on globalization and tolerance

    Prize for article on globalization and tolerance


    Once a year, the Rector of the University of Economics in Prague awards prizes to the faculty for best publications. This year Niclas Berggren, research fellow at IFN, was awarded second prize in the category journal articles. Berggren is affiliated to the Department of Institutional, Environmental and Experimental Economics (KIE) at the University of Economics. The article for which the prize was awarded, ”Globalization and the Transmission of Social Values: The Case of Tolerance”, was written by Niclas Berggren and Therese Nilsson and was published in the Journal of Comparative Economics.

  • IFN researchers about tax reforms

    IFN researchers about tax reforms


    Magnus Henrekson, IFN, and Åsa Hansson, Lund University and affiliated to IFN, addressed today, at a TCO seminar, the need for tax reforms. Magnus Henrekson primarily advocated a tax code that does not "punish" those who want to invest in new growing businesses and not large public firms. He also pointed to the need for Swedish employee stock options. Åsa Hansson proposed the reintroduction of property tax ­-- a progressive and locally decided tax. She also advocated a reduction of the capital tax and that the VAT is raised.

  • Henrik Jordahl new member of Research Council

    Henrik Jordahl new member of Research Council


    Associate Professor Henrik Jordahl, Director of IFN's research program The Economics of the Service Sector, has been appointed to the Council for Research Issues at the Swedish Competition Authority. The Council consists of 12 members, and is chaired by Director-General Dan Sjöblom. The Council is responsible for the Authority's evaluation of research applications. The Council should also stimulate research in the competition and public procurement area.

  • Research seminars every week at IFN

    Research seminars every week at IFN


    Academic seminars are held at IFN on Wednesdays at 10–11.15 a.m. At these meetings researchers from IFN and other institutions and universities present their recent research. Visitors are welcome!
    Prior to today's seminar Ola Andersson, IFN, greeted researchers Daniel Halvarsson, Ratio, and Patrik Tingvall, Södertörn University. They presented a study entitled "Asymmetric Effects on Firm Performance from Employing Mismatched Workers".

  • New Public Management in Swedish schools – cherished by Left and Right

    New Public Management in Swedish schools – cherished by Left and Right


  • New book about the welfare state

    New book about the welfare state


    Andreas Bergh, IFN and Lund University, has revised and updated the book The capitalist welfare state (Studentlitteratur) which now is published in a fourth edition. Any news in the book? "In this edition I investigate the causal link between institutions and prosperity. I study for-profit companies in the welfare sector and address new research on problems in the Swedish school system and the importance of trust for the Swedish success," explains Andreas Bergh.

  •  Kick-off for EU project on entrepreneurship

    Kick-off for EU project on entrepreneurship


    Early September researchers involved in the EU project Fires met in Berlin. The project involves nine research institutions in as many countries, IFN is one and London School of Economics is another. The researchers' task is to – based on solid research – propose policies that can make Europe more entrepreneurial. The projects will end in 2018. In Berlin entrepreneurs from several countries participated, including Birgitta Stymne Göransson, Chairman of Medivir AB.

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Research Fellow

Matilda Orth

Research interests: Industrial organization and applied microeconomics.

Among the questions that Matilda Orth tries to answer with her research:

  • What is the role of entry regulations for profitability, productivity and market structure in retail trade?
  • How does entry of large (”big-box”) stores affect productivity and exit of incumbents?

IFN Newsletter

Newsletter 2-2015


Promise voters to pad their wallets, and they will listen

By Henrik Jordahl

Do pork barrel politics really change voting behavior? IFN researchers measured the effect of high-profile pledges on child care in Swedish elections – with surprising results, writes Henrik Jordahl.

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Swedish Taxation: Developments since 1862


In Swedish Taxation (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015), Magnus Henrekson and Mikael Stenkula examine the development of taxation in Sweden since 1862. By taking the long view on the evolution of tax policies they explain how Sweden developed the highest tax-to-GDP ratio in the world, until the beginning of the 2000s.

Global Award

Research on entrepreneurship




The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research is the foremost global award for research on entrepreneurship.This Prize is awarded annually with a prize sum of EUR 100,000.

IFN in cooperation with Entreprenörskapsforum and Vinnova are the principals of the award.

Professor Sidney Winter, Professor at University of Pennsylvania, was the winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2015. He received the award at a ceremony on May 20, 2015, in Stockholm.

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