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  • Global Award in the spirit of Schumpeter

    Global Award in the spirit of Schumpeter


    The 2015 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research has been awarded to Professor Emeritus Sidney G. Winter, The Wharton School, and University of Pennsylvania. At the ceremony in Stockholm Winter received 100,000 euros and a sculpture by Carl Milles. Among other things, he was awarded the prize for his studies of how technological change within companies influence renewal. In his lecture he explained how progress involves long series of changes and improvements to products and processes – all based on previous experience.

  • GDP has flaws, and needs to be modernized

    GDP has flaws, and needs to be modernized


    GDP is problematic as a measure of growth, but this does not mean that GDP is useless, explained Professor Diane Coyle, University of Manchester, in a seminar organized by IFN May 7. Coyle said that GDP is insufficient as a measure and what is probably needed is a dashboard of indicators. At the seminar, she mentioned a number of existing alternative measures, including Social Progress Index, which was created in 2014.

  • Swedish Taxation – a greatly valued story

    Swedish Taxation – a greatly valued story


    In the brand new book Swedish Taxation (Palgrave Macmillan, New York), Magnus Henrekson and Mikael Stenkula (editors) take a historical approach to taxation. Swedish Taxation examines the development of taxation in Sweden since 1862.

    This historic tax project has been headed by Mikael Stenkula, IFN. Additional participants in the research team are Gunnar Du Rietz, Dan Johansson, Magnus Henrekson and Daniel Waldenström. The taxes studied are tax on work, capital, property, inheritance and gifts, goods and services and real estate.

  • Optimum transparency – a dream or reality?

    Optimum transparency – a dream or reality?


    Transparency and the difference between accurate and more information in corporate communications, was the subject of a half-day conference organized by the FAR, IFN, Nasdaq and Transparency International Sweden. Professor Sidney Grey, co-author of the book Oxford Handbook of Economic and Institutional Transparency, was a speaker at the event. In the final panel discussion, the participants agreed that the current scope of corporate information should not increase but should focus more on societal development.

  • Modern school policy did not create the Finnish miracle


    On Wednesday a new book Real Finnish Lessons: The True Story of An Education superpower authored by Gabriel Heller Sahlgren, an affiliate of IFN, was launched by the Centre for Policy Studies, London. In the book Heller Sahlgren shows that it is primarily socio-economic and historical factors that gave rise to the results in Finnish schools, for example the PISA surveys. The most important lessons for Sweden and other countries, he says, are in the fields of educational culture and teaching methods.

  • Research on Entrepreneurship Rewarded with 100.000 Euros

    Research on Entrepreneurship Rewarded with 100.000 Euros


    The 2015 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research is awarded to Professor Sidney Winter, Deloitte and Touche Professor Emeritus of Management at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Global Award is the leading international award in entrepreneurship research with a prize amount of 100 000 Euros. Professor Winter is awarded for his profound understanding of dynamic competition, how a company's ability to assimilate innovations creates various technological opportunities and the mechanisms driving competence building in firms. The Global Award is presented by the Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and IFN.

  • Round table conference on energy

    Round table conference on energy

    2015-04 13

    On Monday the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN) organized a roundtable discussion about energy in cooperation with the German CESifo . The starting point was the EEAG Report 2015,  chapter 2 with the title "The European Energy Conundrum: Power Failure". Professor John Driffill, Birkbeck College at the University of London, one of the report's authors, initiated the discussion. Among the almost 25 participants were Catherine Areskoug Mascarenhas, head of the European Commission Representation in Sweden, Martina Högberg, Deputy Director, Ministry of the Environment and Energy, and Mats Persson, Vice President Trading, Fortum.

  • Lars Calmfors new affiliated researcher

    Lars Calmfors new affiliated researcher


    Professor Lars Calmfors has been appointed to head a new independent labor market council, (arbetsmarknadsekonomiskt råd, AER), which has been formed on the initiative of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. The Council will make assessments of the labor market and annually present a report on the subject. AER will have three additional members, one of whom is Per Skedinger, IFN. The other is Ann-Sofie Kolm, Stockholm University and Tuomas Pekkarinen VATT and University of Helsinki.

    As of April 1st, Lars Calmfors, professor at the Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University, is affiliated researcher at IFN. Calmfors has held numerous public and academic assignments, including as chairman of the Swedish Financial Policy Council.

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Research Fellow

Per Hjertstrand

Research interests: Applied and non-parametric econometrics, production- and consumption analysis

Among the questions that Per Hjertstrand tries to answer with his research:

  • Is it possible to test whether firms maximize profits and minimize costs? If so, how are these hypotheses tested?
  • What kind of and how much information about preferences of individuals, households and firms can be found in consumption and production data?

IFN Newsletter

Newsletter 1-2015

Private equity: transformation or tax evasion?

By Martin Olsson and Joacim Tåg

Recent IFN research reveals that short-termist behavior is not widespread among private equity firms, and that tax evasion is not what really generates returns for investors. In addition, the researchers have found that routine and off-shoreable jobs, or jobs that have survived thanks to aggressive labour unions, are prime targets for layoffs after buyouts.

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The Oxford Handbook of Economic and Institutional Transparency

Most recent book


Edited by Lars Oxelheim, IFN and Lund University and Jens Forssbaeck.

The publication is divided into three broad themes. The first section addresses transparency in different areas of economic policy. The second covers institutional transparency and explores the role of transparency in market integration and regulation. The third focuses on corporate transparency.

Global Award

Research on entrepreneurship




The Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research is the foremost global award for research on entrepreneurship.This Prize is awarded annually with a prize sum of EUR 100,000.

IFN in cooperation with Entreprenörskapsforum and Vinnova are the principals of the award.

Professor Sidney Winter, Professor at University of Pennsylvania, is the winner of the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research 2015. He will receive the award at a ceremony on May 20, in Stockholm.

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