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New book on Bitcoin

7 July 2021

Bitcoin is neither money, a financial asset nor digital gold. Instead, it should be seen as an open Ponzi scheme, argue Roger Svensson, IFN , and Bob Seeman, the authors of the new book Bitcoin: Unlicensed Gambling.

The book gives a historical background to Bitcoin. The authors also use economic theory about money and financial assets to analyze whether the cryptocurrency meets the conditions and functions of money and assets. Svensson and Seeman also provide decision-makers with policy recommendations: Governments should regulate and tax bitcoin as gambling.

Roger Svensson is a senior research fellow and associate professor of economics at IFN. His research focuses on historical monetary systems, monetary policy, innovation economics, and government interventions to influence innovation and research and development. Bob Seeman is an entrepreneur and technology, legal, and business advisor.


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