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IFN in the Press

IFN researchers are regularly interviewed by the media. International press clippings are found here, whereas Swedish and Scandinavian press clippings are found on our Swedish website.

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18 April 2024

Why the stockmarket is disappearing

Alexander Ljungqvist, Lars Persson and Joacim Tåg, suggest that the disappearance of markets may reduce public support for business-friendly government policies, as voters benefit less from corporate profits.

The Economist

3 July 2023

Euro discussion returns due to weak Swedish krona

Swedish krona or Euro? Lars Calmfors, researcher at IFN, who investigated whether Sweden should join the single European currency on behalf of the government in the 1990s, in interviewed in Sveriges Radio, and says that he is in favour for economic reasons. 


Sveriges Radio

1 May 2023

Podcast: Maternal Mortality, Race and Income

The maternal mortality rate in the US is three to four times higher than in comparable rich countries. Moreover, it is much higher for African American women than for white women, as well as for low-income African American women. How does this come about? Petra Persson, affiliated researcher at IFN, discusses this in the podcast Econofact.


29 March 2023

That’s how long inflation can eat your salary increase

Negotiations on a new wage agreement between Swedish trade unions and employers within the  industry department are in full swing. The agreed wage increases will set the level for the rest of the labor market in Sweden. Lars Calmfors, researcher at IFN, told SVT that wage increases probably will be far from inflation.


27 March 2023

V and MP lift abandoned food tax, accused of bias towards the wealthy

Spain has recently eliminated the food VAT, and Coop’s CEO has also suggested a similar proposal to the Minister of Finance. But Daniel Waldenström, professor at IFN,  says to SVT that reducing food VAT is not an effective way to assist the poorest and should not be prioritized.

Time News

6 August 2022

Mehr Steuern, weniger Arbeit

Daniel Waldenström, IFN, and Spencer Bastani, affilitadt to IFN, are referred to in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Franfkurter Allgemeine Zeitung

9 June 2022

A Life Worthwile

Magnus Henrekson, IFN, writes about the importance of jobs in Quillette.


18 April 2022

The brave new world of Swedish education

Magnus Henrekson's and Johan Wennström's book Dumbing Down: The Crisis of Quality and Equity in a Once-Great Shool System – and How to Reverse the Trend, is reviewed in The Critic.

The Critic

27 October 2021

Power and Possums

Magnus Henrekson, IFN, is interviewed in ABC National Radio's podcast Counterpoint.

Counterpoint/ ABC Radio National

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