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Research career at IFN

IFN wants to reach future researchers interested in high-quality research with major relevance for the Swedish industry and trade.

There are several ways to become a researcher in economics. Firstly, by beginning doctoral studies and during the thesis work being associated with IFN. Secondly, by starting work as a research assistant at IFN and subsequently apply for doctoral studies. Choosing this way, you often get inspiration at IFN on the subject for the thesis. Thirdly, receiving a postdoc position at IFN.

Most of the time, a researcher works at IFN for several years. Many IFN researchers have been appointed a university professor or pursued a career as an expert in the private or public sector.

The research at IFN focuses on five areas/research programs: Economics of Entrepreneurship, Firm Competitiveness, Sustainable Energy Transition, Institutions, Markets and Enterprise, and Taxes and Society.

IFN is one of Sweden’s leading research institutes within the field of economics. Currently, we have about 30 researchers with doctoral degrees researching within the programs above. 

IFN is a private and non-profit foundation. This we perceive as strength. Public sector grants and priorities have always played a large role in deciding the direction of Swedish economic research. In contrast, since 1939, the institute has ensured the existence of industry-specific economic research in Sweden. For example, we were among the first to study the link between entrepreneurship and economic growth.

IFN offers a work environment with plenty of time for research, strong administrative support, and excellent collaboration with the business community.