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The Research Institute of Industrial Economics obtains its financing from a number of private foundations, organizations and corporations.

Research funding is provided by:

The trade association Almega contributes to financing research on the institute's service sector.

Carl Bennet AB
Carl Bennet AB's role is to support the subsidiaries and associated companies with knowledge and funding, thus enabling the continued development within their respective mandates. CBAB provides R&D to Swedish universities, colleges, and institutions. We develop our businesses with a long-term perspective.

Ericsson AB
Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab explores the future of technology for consumers, enterprises, and sustainable society.

Family Business Network
Family Business Network works for the long-term development of Swedish family businesses over generations – for the family, the company, and Sweden.

Formas, the Swedish research council for sustainable development, promotes and supports research in Environment, Agricultural Sciences, and Spatial Planning. The research comprises basic research, need-driven research, and innovation.

Forte (Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare)
The mission is to promote the accumulation of knowledge in matters relating to working life and understanding social conditions and processes. This is achieved through promotion and support of basic and applied research, identification of important research needs, dialogue, dissemination of information and transfer of knowledge, and promotion of cooperation between researchers both nationally and internationally, particularly in EU programmes.

John Templeton Foundation
The John Templeton Foundation is an American foundation supporting research on subjects ranging from complexity and evolution to creativity and free will. There is a focus on the Big Questions. Through its funding area Individual Freedom & Free Markets, the foundation supports education, research, and outreach projects to promote knowledge about individual freedom, free markets, free competition, and entrepreneurship. 

Länsförsäkringsbolagen Research Foundation
Länsförsäkringsbolagen Research Foundation is a foundation with its own board that was formed in 1994. The purpose, now as then, is to support research that can reduce and prevent damage to society. We support research close to people's everyday security, which is one of the parts of our involvement in the local community.

Nordic Capital Education Foundation
The purpose of the Foundation is to support and promote education and research activities related to business, the venture capital industry or other issues in society related to or relevant to this, and to support and promote economic growth in vulnerable regions and developing countries.

Riksbankens Jubileumsfond
Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) is an independent foundation with the goal of promoting and supporting research in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation is a comprehensive center of philanthropy. With visionary leadership, strategic grantmaking, and world-class expertise, we partner with donors to strengthen the common good locally and globally.

Swedish Energy Agency
The Swedish Energy Agency operates in various sectors of society to create conditions for efficient and sustainable energy use and a cost-effective Swedish energy supply.

Swedish Energy Research Centre
The Swedish Energy Research Centre is a research and knowledge-based company that operates and coordinates energy research. The centre strives to be the natural hub of energy research - a neutral party for the benefit of future energy systems. The centre has extensive experience in energy-related research and development by the companies and research organizations that now constitute the Swedish Energy Research Institute.

Swedish Research Council (VR)
The Swedish Research Council is an authority that develops and finances basic research and information about research of the highest quality in all scientific areas.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
The Research Institute of Industrial Economics obtains about 30 percent of its financing from the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. 

The Kamprad Family Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Research & Charity
The purpose of the Kamprad Family Foundation is to support, stimulate and reward education and scientific research to promote entrepreneurship, the environment, competence, health and social improvement. 

The Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation
The goal of the foundation is to support research within the social sciences, mainly in economic history, economic geography, business administration, economics, and econometrics.

The Johan and Jakob Söderberg Foundation
The foundation mainly supports teaching, education, and research in the areas of medicine, economics, natural science, law, and culture.

The Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation
The purpose of the foundation is to support the care and fostering of children, support education and learning, and support scientific research.

The Ragnar Söderberg Foundation
The Ragnar Söderberg Foundation aims to promote scientific research and scientific education or educational work, especially in the areas of economics, medicine, and legal sciences.

The Sven Svensson Foundation for Numismatics
The Sven Svensson Foundation for numismatics has, in no particular order, the purpose of purchasing items that are missing in the Royal Coin Cabinet’s collection, contributing to the issuance of publications that serve Swedish numismatic research, and supporting researchers in this field.

The Torsten Söderberg Foundation
The Torsten Söderberg Foundation aims to promote scientific research and scientific education or educational work, especially in the areas of economics, medicine, and legal sciences.