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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how the Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN), collects, uses and stores personal data. IFN is responsible (personuppgiftsansvarig) for the treatment described in the text. The privacy policy is updated and upgraded continuously.

Please contact us at for more information.

What are personal data processed?

  • Information provided in connection with registration for events, ordering of printed material, or by filling out a form issued by IFN.  In these cases, name, contact details, and in some cases, employer and title are stored. 
  • Information about persons with a valid interest in IFN's activities: This may apply to contact information for politicians, journalists, or others who, due to their standing in society and the job market, are expected to be interested in IFN's activities.
  • Videos and images were taken in conjunction with activities organized by IFN: Publishing of videos and photographs is linked to IFN's publishing certificate (utgivarbevis) and is in accordance with the Press Freedom Regulation. Films and images are only used for publishing related to the subject and/or activity only (unless otherwise agreed).
  • Employees and external service providers: IFN stores information that is required by law.
  • Details for job candidates: The documents submitted by the person applying for a position, their name and contact details, are stored. All these data are stored separately from other records.

How are personal data processed?

  • Personal data are stored for internal use only. Personal data are only accessible to persons responsible for the current registry, or mailings based on this registry.
  • Personal data are used exclusively for the purpose for which they were gathered. The information is never disclosed to third parties, except for services used by IFN to communicate information.
  • Personal data are stored only for as long as required. This applies to the purpose for which they were gathered. Job applications will be deleted within two years unless otherwise agreed.
  • Some data may be stored for an extended period. Personal data can be stored longer to meet legal requirements. Personal data for employees may be saved for historical reasons.

Your rights

  • Extracts from the registry: You are entitled to request and receive registry extracts regarding the personal data stored about you by IFN.
  • Deletion of data: You are entitled to request deletion of personal data not required to be stored by law. If you unsubscribe from IFN’s mailing list and otherwise are unrelated to IFN's activities, all information will be deleted immediately.
  • Amendments: If IFN stores incorrect information, you are entitled to request that it be corrected.


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