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We produce several types of publications. IFN Working Papers contain research first published by IFN with the intention of publishing in academic journals. Our Working Papers are available for download on our webpage. Other publications can often be downloaded from their respective publisher/source. 

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Economics of Energy & Environmental Policy

Electric Vehicles Rollout: Two Case Studies

We present and discuss evidence on electric-vehicle rollout in The Netherlands and Norway, two forerunners in this area. We demonstrate that the uptake of electric vehicles is essentially driven by fi…
Scientific Article in English
by Fridrik M. Baldursson, Nils-Henrik M. von der Fehr, Ewa Lazarczyk
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Journal of Institutional Economics

Late Colonial Antecedents of Modern Democracy

Some of the most contested questions in political science and political economy revolve around the conditions under which democratization is likely to happen and when democracy becomes a stable instit…
Scientific Article in English
by Christian Bjørnskov, Martin Rode

Scandinavian Journal of Economics

The Impact of Stay-at-Home Policies on Individual Welfare

This paper reports the results of a choice experiment designed to estimate the private welfare costs of stay-at-home policies during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study is conducted on a large and repres…
Scientific Article in English
by Ola Andersson, Pol Campos-Mercade, Fredrik Carlsson, Florian Schneider, Erik Wengström

Foreign Trade Review

Services Trade: The Great Gender Equaliser?

Standing at 24% in 2018, India’s female labour force participation is only half of the global average (48%). At the same time, India has one of the widest gender wage gaps in the world and women are l…
Scientific Article in English
by Louise Johannesson, Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås
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Independent Review

Moral Consensus and Antiestablishment Politics

Populism is a foreseeable reaction against the limited moral conception of society offered by both traditional left and right parties. Traditional parties have effectively rendered many voters homeles…
Scientific Article in English

Enterprise Risk Management: Today’s Leading Research and Best Practices for Tomorrow’s Executives

Foreign Exchange Risk Management

In this essay, we discuss the requirements of a successful management of a company's exposure to foreign exchange risks. We argue that the company's performance is affected by foreign exchange risks a…
Book Chapter
by Lars Oxelheim, Alf Alviniussen, Håkan Jankensgård

Bitcoin: Unlicensed Gambling

Promoters claim that bitcoin is a new type of money, reduces transactions costs by abandoning intermediaries and will become a safe asset that they call “digital gold”. In this book, we dissect these…
by Bob Seeman, Roger Svensson

Journal of Business & Economic Statistics

Who is the Key Player? A Network Analysis of Juvenile Delinquency

This article presents a methodology for empirically identifying the key player, whose removal from the network leads to the optimal change in aggregate activity level in equilibrium [Ballester, C., Ca…
Scientific Article in English
by Lung-Fei Lee, Xiaodong Liu, Eleonora Patacchini, Yves Zenou

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Civic Honesty and Cultures of Trust

Recent work in Cohn et al. (2019) shows that civic honesty and cooperative behaviour captured in a wallet-return experiment varies considerably across the world. Similarly, beliefs about social trust…
Scientific Article in English

American Journal of Epidemiology

Does Prolonged Education Causally Affect Dementia Risk When Adult Socioeconomic Status is Not Altered? A Swedish Natural Experiment on 1.3 Million Individuals

Intervening on modifiable risk factors to prevent dementia is of key importance, since progress-modifying treatments are not currently available. Education is inversely associated with dementia risk,…
Scientific Article in English
by Dominika Seblova, Martin Fischer, Stefan Fors, Kristina Johnell, Martin Karlsson, Anna Christina Svensson, Therese Nilsson, Martin Lövdén, Anton Lager

Journal of Human Resources

Firms and Skills: The Evolution of Worker Sorting

We document a significant increase in the sorting of workers by cognitive and noncognitive skills across Swedish firms during 1986–2008. During this period, worker skill differences between firms incr…
Scientific Article in English
by Christina Håkanson, Erik Lindqvist, Jonas Vlachos
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Journal of Institutional Economics

Economic Freedom and Antisemitism

We examine how variation in antisemitism across countries can be explained by economic freedom. We propose two mechanisms. First, the more economic freedom, the greater the scope of market activities.…
Scientific Article in English

International Journal of Industrial Organization

Determinants of Economies of Scope in Retail

This paper studies the determinants of economies of scope and quantifies their impact on the extensive and intensive product margins in retail. We use a framework based on a multiproduct technology to…
Scientific Article in English

The Far East and Australasia 2021

Timor–Leste: The Economy

Economic growth in Timor-Leste (formerly East Timor) has displayed dramatic volatility since the country´s independence in 2002. The first few years were characterized by negative or extremely low gro…
Book Chapter
by Mats Lundahl, Fredrik Sjöholm

The European Union and the Technology Shift

This book explores the multiple challenges that the global technology shift is posing to the EU. It raises the question of how European societies will mobilize the positive effects of the rapid techno…
by Antonina Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, Karin Leijon, Anna Michalski, Lars Oxelheim

Privatizing Welfare Services

Lessons from the Swedish experiment
Focusing on health care, education, and elderly care, Privatizing Welfare Services draws on extensive research on the consequences of introducing market-based mechanisms to deliver welfare services.

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