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Björn Tyrefors

Associate Professor

Björn Tyrefors received his Ph.D. from Stockholm School of Economics in December 2007. The dissertation work focused on how institutions shape policy using quasi-experimental methods.  After graduation, he held a postdoc. position at the Department of Economics at Århus University and later at the Department of Economics at Stockholm University. He is a researcher at IFN and affiliated with the Department of Economics at the University of Gothenburg.

IFN Researcher

Björn Tyrefors

+46 (0)8 665 4521
+46 (0)70 467 8003
Research interests: Development economics, Discrimination, Economic history, Education, Institutional economics, Labor economics, Political economy

Some questions that Björn tries to answer in his research:

  • Do political institutions cause, for example, policy  economic institutions and development?
  • Grading bias in Swedish schools
  • Empirical tests of the scope of government. Public vs. private providers.
  • What role play incentives for integration of refugees?
  • Is there specific deterence. Evidence form Sweden?
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