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8 May 2024

IFN Researchers receive funding from Jan Wallanders och Tom Hedelius stiftelse and Tore Browaldhs stiftelse

Björn Tyrefors has received funding of SEK 1,700,000 for the research project "The First Long-Term Causal Evaluation of Unconditional Cash Transfers to Poor Families." The project investigates the effect of unconditional cash assistance on low-income earners and the impact of aid and assistance on children. 

Martin Ljunge has been awarded a grant of SEK 200,000 for a research visit abroad. Martin will be a visiting scholar at the University of Toronto, collaborating with Steven Riddiough on a project on immigrants' financial behavior. Martin has also been invited as a visiting scholar at Amherst College by Caroline Theoharides.

3 May 2024

New book: The Borders of the European Union in a Conflictual World

In this open-access book, Lars Oxelheim, one of the editors, and Fredrik Sjöholm, both IFN, together with the other authors, examine the implications for the EU of a radically changed international context characterized by systemic rivalry, competition over norms, and regulations, and growing strategic tension.

8 March 2024

Policy Seminar: Is the Market Economy Culturally Harmful?

IFN arranged a policy seminar on March 7, 2024, entitled “Is the Market Economy Culturally Harmful?”. It featured the presentation of two studies from the research project “Cultures of Trust and Institutions of Freedom”, financed by the John Templeton Foundation. The studies have been carried out and were presented by Niclas Berggren, Associate Professor of Economics at IFN, and Christian Bjørnskov, Professor of Economics at Aarhus University and affiliated with IFN

2 January 2024

Historical Evidence from Patent Records

The study conducted by Thor Berger and Erik Prawitz is published in Journal of Urban Economics. It links the expansion of Sweden's 19th-century railroad network to increased collaborative patents, highlighting reduced travel costs as key to technological collaboration.

21 December 2023

Christmas reading from IFN

Throughout the year, our researchers have contributed significantly to various fields by producing a substantial number of scientific papers. The following is a curated selection of noteworthy papers that were published in prominent academic journals during 2023.

15 August 2023

Global Wealth Report 2023

The Global Wealth Report, in its fourteenth edition, explores how wealth is created, how it varies across regions globally, and how it is distributed among the world’s population. This year’s edition of the Global Wealth Report provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of information available on global household wealth, and Daniel Waldenström, researcher at IFN, is one of its authors.

12 June 2023

Conference: Taxes and distribution policy

IFN:s new research program "Taxes and Society" has organized an international conference. Researchers from other Nordic countries and the US attended the conference in Vaxholm with the purpose to present new research on taxes and distributional issues.

17 February 2023

The launch of IFN's new research program "Taxes and Society"

On 16 February, a kick-off was organized in connection with the launch of IFN's new tax research program "Taxes and Society". The aim was to present the background and design of the new program to specially invited stakeholders and to discuss current and relevant issues in the field. The launch concluded with a panel discussion between Daniel Waldenström, Program Director for "Taxes and Society", Jesper Ahlgren (M), State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance and Klas Tikkanen, Partner at Nordic Capital.

24 October 2022

IFN researcher receives Pearson Prize

Joacim Tåg, Associate Professor at IFN, received a prize for his article "What Prevents Women from Reaching the Top?", written jointly with Professor Matti Keloharju and Professor Samuli Knüpfer (both affiliated with IFN).

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