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Conference: Taxes and distribution policy

12 June 2023

IFN:s new research program "Taxes and Society" has organized an international conference. Researchers from other Nordic countries and the US attended the conference in Vaxholm with the purpose to present new research on taxes and distributional issues.

In January 2023, IFN launched the research program "Taxes and Society". This research program aims to increase knowledge about the importance of taxes.

As part of the launch, a two-day conference was organized in Vaxholm outside Stockholm. The conference brought together around twenty researchers from several countries with the purpose to present and discuss new research.
The presentations included both theoretical and empirical research on a variety of topics such as migration and taxes, property taxes, and global wealth distribution.

Taxes finance public welfare and infrastructure and are redistributed between groups in the population. At the same time, taxes affect both individuals and organizations when it comes to decisions about investments, savings, labor supply, and education and career choices.
The research program "Taxes and Society" will focus on studying the importance of taxes for the functioning of the business sector. There will also be studies on how taxes affect workers' behavior and decisions.

Read more about the program here.