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Frequently asked questions

IFN is a private and independent foundation conducting economic research with high integrity and focusing on the Swedish business sector. We strive to produce policy-relevant research. In a changing world, IFN ensures a fact-based perspective on crucial issues in society.

IFN is a private research institute – what is the difference between state-owned universities and colleges and IFN?

In Sweden, the activities at the universities and colleges are largely financed by government grants. This means that the higher education institutions' activities are governed by the government, such as arranging education in a specific area or with a specific focus. ( Source: Universitetskanslerämbetet). The fact that IFN is a private institute is a strength. Government initiatives and priorities have always played a major role in the focus of economic research. Over the years, IFN has ensured that there is business-related economic research in Sweden.

How are the results of the research presented?

The results of research at the universities and other research institutes- in Sweden and abroad- are presented to get feedback. Works are published in IFN's various publication series. At a later stage, researchers write articles for international scientific journals. 

Within the framework of the so-called academic third task ( communication of research results to society at large), IFN arranges seminars, round tables, etc. The researchers also write Op-Ed- pieces and are interviewed by the media.