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IFN leading in research on economic freedom

3 May 2024

In a new bibliometric analysis of research on economic freedom, it emerges that IFN is one of the world's leading research centers in this area. It is primarily IFN researchers Niclas Berggren and Andreas Bergh, as well as Christian Bjørnskov, a Danish researcher affiliated with IFN, who have studied how the degree of market economy explains various important outcomes.

Among other things, they have found that more economic freedom is beneficial for trust among people, economic growth, tolerance, and income equality.

– It is a good rating for IFN as a research environment that this type of institutional research has been able to be created, says Niclas Berggren. It addresses large and important policy questions, crucial for how our societies function.

Berggren is also the editor of the just-published Handbook of Research on Economic Freedom. There, research overviews are presented that clarify the significance of a market economy and a strong, independent judiciary.