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Melinda Suveg


Melinda Suveg completed her Ph.D. at Uppsala University in fall 2021 with her dissertation titled Finance, Shocks, Competition and Price Setting. Melinda’s research focuses on firm dynamics with a special interest in how the micro behavior of firms affects the macroeconomy. Melinda works with microdata as well as quantitative models.

IFN Researcher

Melinda Suveg

08 665 4555
Research interests: Industrial economics, Industrial organization, Innovation, International economics, International trade, Macro economics, Monetary economics, R&D

Some of the questions Melinda Suveg tries to answer in her research:

  • How is firms’ price-setting behavior affected by policy rate changes and increased concentration in their industries?
  • Do firms with more volatile input costs charge higher markups as a hedge against input cost shocks?
  • How do firm-level changes affect aggregate output, inflation, and productivity?
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