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Mats Hammarstedt

Mats Hammarstedt is a professor of economics with a focus on labor economics at Linnaeus University. He has studied integration of the foreign born. He has also studied discrimination against different groups in different markets and how factors such as ethnic background, age, disability and sexual orientation affect opportunities in the labor market, the housing market and in school. Mats Hammarstedt has also studied self-employment determinants and economic effects due to refugee immigration.

Affiliated Researcher

Mats Hammarstedt

Linnaeus University
+46 (0)77 228 80 00
+46 (0)730 619 194
Research interests: Discrimination, Entrepreneurship, Integration, Labor economics

Some of the questions Mats Hammarstedt tries to answer in his research:

  • Labor market integration of the foreign-born
  • Discrimination against different groups on different markets
  • Self-employment and its determinants
  • Housing segregation and its labor market consequences
  • Life satisfaction and job satisfaction among different groups
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