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Thor Berger


Thor Berger defended his dissertation Engines of Growth: Essays in Swedish Economic History at Lund University in 2017, which was awarded the Gino Luzzatto prize and the dissertation prize from the Swedish Economic History Society. He is currently a Pro Futura Scientia Fellow XVI at the Swedish Collegium, Uppsala University, and associate professor at the Department of Economic History, Lund University.

Affiliated Researcher

Thor Berger

Lund University and Uppsala University
Research interests: Digitalization, Economic growth, Economic history, Innovation, Technological change, Urban and regional economics

Some of the questions Thor Berger tries to answer in his research:

  • How does technological change affect growth, inequality and the labor market?
  • Does the rate of intergenerational mobility change over time, and what determines differences in mobility across and within countries?
  • What determines the long-run rate of innovation globally, nationally and locally?
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