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The launch of IFN's new research program "Taxes and Society"

17 February 2023

On 16 February, a kick-off was organized in connection with the launch of IFN's new tax research program "Taxes and Society". The aim was to present the background and design of the new program to specially invited stakeholders and to discuss current and relevant issues in the field. The launch concluded with a panel discussion between Daniel Waldenström, Program Director for "Taxes and Society", Jesper Ahlgren (M), State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance and Klas Tikkanen, Partner at Nordic Capital.

IFN's new tax research program "Taxes and Society" was launched on 16 February through a kickoff event. Nearly 30 specially invited stakeholders were present and first off program director Daniel Waldenström presented the program as in detail followed by Daniel Waldenström, together with Jesper Ahlgren (M), State Secretary and Klas Tikkanen, Nordic Capital, discussing current and relevant issues in the field.

- We are very pleased to have been able to launch this program. Tax issues are important for the economy and they always arouse interest. We are pleased with the launch, the great interest shown and specifically the questions we received from the audience. These are some of the issues that will develop our future work, says Daniel Waldenström, Head of the Tax and Society program.

The Taxes and Society research program will investigate how taxes affect the Swedish economy and examine the situation and functioning of the business sector, for example how the taxation of large and small companies differs or how taxes affect different forms of business ownership or the interaction between labour and capital taxation. The program's research will also address the behavior of workers in terms of how taxes affect their willingness to train, work hard or the distribution of income between households.

Like all research at IFN, the program aims to produce research of high international quality. This is a prerequisite for the success of the program's second objective: to generate new knowledge on the effects of taxes in Sweden and to disseminate this knowledge at seminars, conferences and other contexts where tax issues are discussed.

Regular researchers:

Felicia Doll, Olle Hammar, Magnus Henrekson, Gabriella Massenz, Mikael Stenkula, Daniel Waldenström (Program Director).

Affiliated researchers:

Spencer Bastani, Kristina Karlsson, Paula Roth