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Effects of School Choice

In this project, we test how the option to choose between different schools has affected students’ results. Do school choice and competition between schools lead to better results for all through better quality in all schools, and through a better match between students and schools? Or are there also losers from school choice? School choice in Sweden was widely increased in 1992 when a reform allowed students and parents to choose between different municipal, as well as independent, schools. Previous research has shown that competition from independent schools has led to better results in all schools. However, the effect of school choice between municipal schools has not been evaluated to the same extent, even thought this part of the reform may also have had substantial effects.

Project manager
Project participants
Verena Niepel, ZEW

Markus Frölich, University of Mannheim

The project was financed by The Swedish Research Council and the Jan Wallander and Tom Hedelius Foundation.