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Elina Bryngemark


Elina Bryngemark is an empirical economist with a background in environmental and energy economics. She received her PhD from Luleå University of Technology. She has been a guest researcher at the University of British Columbia in Canada and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Austria. Her current research explores behavioral responses to epidemic risks and top-down control policies.

IFN Researcher

Elina Bryngemark

Research interests: Behavioral economics, Covid-19, Pandemic, Risk management

Some questions Elina Bryngemark tries to answer with her research: 

  • How do people’s behavioral reactions influence the evolution of an infectious disease outbreak through feedbacks on pathogen spread? Does variation of pathogen risk across time and space affect self-protective behavior?
  • How are people’s behaviors during an infectious disease outbreak moderated by the pronounced uncertainties and frequent policy changes that are characteristic of novel epidemics?