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Activities 2008

IFN organizes seminars open to the public. Topics for these are derived from the IFN research. The audience is typically comprised of senior decision makers, experts, and opinion leaders in relevant disciplines.

Research seminars

Brown bag seminars


Workshop on "Testing Trade Models with Labor Market Heterogeneity"

On December 5–6, 2008, IFN, The Leverhulme Centre for Research on Globalisation and Economic Policy and CIBER at Michigan State University arranged a workshop on globalization and labor markets. Trade models with heterogeneous firms have been a major focus of research for the past decade. More recently, some trade theorists have begun to enrich these models by incorporating heterogeneity in the labor market as well. Such research holds the potential to uncover connections between the nexus of worker and firm decisions with characteristics of the global environment. The idea of the workshop was to bring together a small group of theorists who are working on such models with empiricists who are familiar with matched worker-firm data sources.

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Workshop on Market Structure, Ownership, and Firm Performance in East Asia

IFN invited international researchers working on foreign direct investment in East Asia for a two-day workshop in Stockholm on October 24–25, 2008. East Asia is a major receiver of FDI and the participants discussed how these inflows of foreign multinational firms affect producer concentration, productivity, exports, employment and other important economic factors. The focus was on the development in six East Asian countries: China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

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Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research

At a seminar on 23 October 2008, IFN and its partners FSF and Nutek launched the Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research. The award, which will be given annually, honors outstanding research contributions furthering our understanding of the role and importance of entrepreneurship and small business development.

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Workshop on Privatization

IFN invited international researchers working on the economics of privatization to a two-day workshop in Stockholm, June 16-17, 2008. Privatization is broadly defined and includes theoretical and empirical perspectives on topics such as contracting for government services, public procurement, voucher systems, public-private partnerships, and the sale of government-owned companies.

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Nordic workshop on electricity economics (NOREL)

The overall purpose of this two-day workshop in Stockholm, June 9-10, was to stimulate cooperation and exchange of knowledge among Nordic researchers contributing to the field of electricity economics.

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IFN Stockholm Conference 2008  

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