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Workshop: Cultures of Trust and Institutions of Freedom

18 October 2022

At the end of September 2022, 16 scholars from different disciplines and countries came together in the Old Town of Stockholm to present and discuss new research on trust and institutions. They were all united in a quest to explore how social science can help us better understand what is needed for modern societies to function well, both economically and socially.

A large theme of the workshop was the effects of economic freedom. How does it affect economic growth, conflict, crime rates, happiness, and prosocial behavior? Another dominant theme was how trust can be formed. Other exciting papers concerned women’s representation and corruption, the effects of twitter conversations on gender-based violence, racism as rent-seeking, and discrimination in the Czech school system.

The workshop was organized by Niclas Berggren and Christian Bjørnskov as part of a research project financed by the John Templeton Foundation.

Read the full report from the workshop.