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Policy Paper No. 75

Labour Markets in Finland and Sweden:<br> A Swedish Perspective

Policy Paper
Skedinger, Per (2016). “Labour Markets in Finland and Sweden:
A Swedish Perspective
”. IFN Policy Paper No. 75. Stockholm: Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN).

Per Skedinger

This is an English version of the article  ”Työmarkkinat Suomessa ja Ruotsissa – ruotsalainen näkökulma”, published in Talous & Yhteiskunta, no 2, 10–17, 2016, issued by the Labour Institute for Economic Research, Helsinki.

Labour market institutions in Finland and Sweden have many features in common. The many similarities have inspired a joint Finnish-Swedish research project on the effects of these institutions. Finland has experienced a prolonged economic downturn and Sweden’s system of wage bargaining has been suggested as a model for Finland. Aggregate wage formation has worked well in Sweden, but relative wage formation markedly less so and the effects of local bargaining are not clear.     

Link to the article in Finnish

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